Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Attitude of graitutde and the sky is blue!

After doing a bit of "just sitting with it", I am so thankful that the sky is blue. Yesterday was liquid sunshine here and the cold front again has moved in, gentle winds and a bit of chill to remind us once again that yes the sky is blue and yet we are not quite ready to call it warm in the sunshine state! The birds are singing though, their song is brilliant and the day is filled with stories and promises and a desire to enjoy each breath... if we want to.
The rainbow and the song of being what happens "over the rainbow" resound in my memories, the thoughts of standing in the middle of that rainbow and or painting my own with colors and with the after the storm looking for it fill the day as now the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. Looking for those puffy white clouds has yet to show me any, but I'm sure they too are on the way.

A friend in Colorado has offered to send a truck filled with snow to me, should I be wanting to feel and experience the same "brrr" and true cold weather that is experienced out west, so kind and good to have such wonderful friends.  Next I will be getting offers from that Osh in OK and Choctaw Nation to send the next Tornado packaged in a box just so I can feel some wind, but I think that is just too kind of each of them, and sure wouldn't want them to stand in harms way to try and package either or spend that kind of money on shipping costs, so I will have to decline the offers... Instead I'll stay in my jeans until time to break out the shorts and flip flops, it should be just about any day now.
The sun is showing great promise of a warm up and feels wonderful to the face and the skin... I do believe that is what I'm feeling between the layers of the hoodie I'm wearing out here as the 4 leggeds run with wild abandon around the chilly looking water of the pool! Sure hope there are no plops or splashes as today they just might freeze before I find the courage to make that saving leap into the water to get them out if a slip should happen!
Arent you just happy as can be that the sky is blue? The many shades, textures, and wonderful shades of blue that if only we take the time to look up we can see and admire...
     It is truly amazing the many things we can see if we take the time to just look up... to hold our heads up, to walk with mindful purpose along our paths. Even in times when we feel knocked down, worn down, torn down... LOOK UP, Stand up, place one foot in front of the other, roll on, and remember to look up, to stand in the light that beams from within you and to spread that light to others in times of greatness and in times of darkness.
Shine on.

Prayers goin UP today for those who know who they are.

Storms never last... and often there are remarkable rainbows after those storms that are life changing if we only look, if we dig deep into our hearts and souls for the courage to move through it... Somewhere after all, over the rainbow, blue birds, all birds fly...  After all, as Patti Labelle sings it, IF birds can fly over the rainbow... then tell me, why, oh why can't all of US? SOAR ON FRIENDS
    HHave a rainbow soul inspiring day wherever you are and whatever you are doing as you taste the wind, feel the wonder and move into your magic.
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for the uplifting words, photos and song today. I will join the others and send you a bit of our Michigan weather. This morning it is 21° and we had a surprise snow blizzard. They freeway was extremely icy this morning. Seems to be clearing up now but still cloudy. Surely looking for the sunshine and blue skies here. How about if we make a trade for a few days Florida weather and I'll send a few days Michigan weather your way ~~ LOL I do wish each of you some warm sunshine on your skin and rainbows in your sky today.
Special Hello to my friend "A" - so nice to see your words yesterday. Have a terrific day. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

oh goodness Fluff, no no no ... I wouldn't want you to spend any money on shipping and so I respectfully decline the generous gift along with that of Colorado's EE, Osh's OK, and out in KS too... but I so thank you for your thoughts of me always...
Be safe and please stay real warm, sending you hugs on the sun's rays and wishing you spring and robins to sing to you!

Anonymous said...

such generous offers from all your friends to share snow,and lovely winter cold weather LOL.. we will share warm and sunshine filled thoughts and blessings any day !!
loved hearing 'somewhere over the rainbow '.. moves me each time I listen...
always have believed in that place in time, I know it exists.. and the blessings abound all around us to show it's true !!
It was a pleasure to be here today .. wishing all a sweet dream filled night.. and a fantastic rest of the week..
Thanks everyone.. you are all very
special friends..
blessings in the breezes~
hugging my angels, ♥ sign me,