Saturday, March 23, 2013

When the skies change

Storms never last do they really? Bad times shift like the winds it seems; through hard times and storms, whether snow, ice sleet or rain, it seems the sun will once again warm us, the storms of life will pass us and we will once again find the strength through the sun's rays and Creators Grace to stand in awe of our world. Spring is here; the darn calendar says it is as snow hits the Midwest and New England is still shoveling, and Virginia had snow on the mountains and in the roads just yesterday. It is time for those new beginnings and for the flowers to peek their heads up and astound us once again with warmth and color. It is surely time for some good news, and some warmth to fill the air and the hearts of so many I'm thinking.  I for one am ready to see the blue skies, to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us, to hear good news, and to see folks doing the right things for the right reasons and speaking their truth while walking their roads and paths. To see the Eagle soar or sit majestically against the blue sky.
 Ready to hear some good news, some unfiltered joy that is filled with laughter that is infectious as much so as these bugs and virus' that have just filled the air and bodies of so many over the last months wearing on the systems and the nerves and the spirit. Ready for those who can,  to choose to make good decisions and not take so deeply from the ones who love without regard of the impact of stupidity and their choices that break the fibers of relationships and families that are left in dismay and wonder and heartaches. Ready for others to step up and step out in holding themselves up with integrity and honor rather than blame others and their childhoods for behaviors that are just wrong and made by choice rather than circumstance.
Life is filled with right, wrong behaviors, rather simple when you think about it. Many if asked will tell you that they have not had the best of childhoods, the best of situations, yet they decided to be better than their past situations or have instead grabbed hold of the love they were given to make their lives more than thought possible. Others choose to associate with those who do wrong and get wrapped up in thinking they can do all that they want and answer to no one. Some use the old expression "Only God Can Judge Me" and think it is a free pass leaving them exempt in their lives. Yet, everyone judges behaviors, everyone judges actions, everyone holds certain actions, deeds, and ways of doing accountable. That is why I am happy that the sky changes, and particularly grateful that the sky is blue. the saddest thing is when I have to go outside and check that for myself after asking someone what the weather is secondary to being lied to so much that I can no longer believe ...
Yes the skies change, people change not only themselves but others based on their behaviors, their credibility, their honor, their very creed.
It is up to each of us to choose the walk we walk and the talk we talk.
One thing is certain, trust is as beautiful as an Eagle in flight. Yet once it is broken it takes a long time to fly again, and it never fly's the same once broken, unless it is the Eagle who is mighty and who still manages to take flight, yet will never be quite the same. So goes it with trust.
When the skies change, we can sit and marvel at the nature of the world we live in. But when we see the choices of people the ways of behaviors and the ways of harm, we sit and hang our heads in dismay, in shock and in hurt of the ways that some will do. We must empower ourselves to realize that what others do is their responsibility, their choice. It is their pie they have chosen rather than the blame that they may place on whoever or whatever situation they now find themselves. And from that point on, if trust is broken, we mourn that, and we learn from it... it is like tearing a wool blanket, it can never be as it was before and that is the saddest thing of it all.

Change is all around us. Be the change you want to see, with grace, integrity and your words and actions. Soar on into your weekend.

 Spring is a time of new beginnings and HOPE on the winds.
    Walk in Beauty


oshkosh said...

Bad decisions, bad choices, and those making 360's from good foundations, to those choices that make one wonder, "Where the hell did that come from" ???? is hard to take and will set us down and cause great wonderment. HOWEVER, though these things affect the whole connectedness of life, I just wanna run my part of the deal, or the wheel, in life, the way you say, DRSES. Honor, integrity, truthfulness, and with swag. LOL Thanks for the REMINDERS, AND THE WISDOM TODAY. Loud thunder, rain, and cold here. On the couch, blanket, fireplace cranked up, and an EXCELLENT book. Have plenty to do, but I will get to it. Learning to take time for "me" which is not so foreign any more, without becoming stagnated and failing to take care of what needs taking care of. That will never happen--too active for that to happen, but gettin smarter on the "refueling"----LOL. Thanks for your words, and the flower---:)----OHOAW---

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. good words today and loved the photo of the eagle. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your wisdom and sharing. I just got home from the shelter - no adoptions today but a cat an dog adopted last night so that was a good night. Have a very nice rest of the weekend and it is in the 40s today so I am happy and the sun is shining.
I hope the sun is shining on your home today. /Sandy♥