Friday, March 8, 2013

It's coming... Soon

Think SPRING, yes that time of the year where the flowers begin to peak their heads from the cold hard ground to let us sigh a breath of relief from the winter's cold. SPRING FORWARD in just 2 more days clocks will go forward an hour and all will make those mad dashes trying to remember if we got all our clocks adjusted and how to re set the one in our cars! The light months are near us, so very close now. As New England and the Midwest and the East Coast are probably with sore backs and now are putting on mittens as a standard routine there, they are more than ready for the warmth I can imagine. Even in Florida the chill has gone beyond silly as we have had to abandon flip flops for jeans and sweatshirts for the cold front of late. Oh yea, bring on spring. We love the light months, the birds singing in the trees and the lateness of light to enjoy all the sounds and sights and warmth in the gentle air.
Just maybe once this cold weather is over, folks will get to feeling good again, and the "crud" of 2012-2013 will be gone gone gone. As we hear of more and more folks who just cannot shake the bugs they have had since Christmas and the holidays. It seems to have hit so many hard, and the last place you want to go is to a doc or a hospital where the germs are almost visible. The sneezes and coughs and wheezes on the plane made for want of masks and rubber gloves just in case! It's been a rough year for that bug, for weather, for the kiddies who now are having to make up snow days. I do believe that even they got sick of the white stuff; only so many snowmen you can make in a year I was told by a 12 year old before that too gets old!
 Some folks got very creative in the snow of 2013 though, and yet many were on hazardous roads getting to patients, to those jobs that require you to show out and show up caring for others in blizzard conditions. Some just like to show off their abilities behind the wheels it seems and often rescue those who are caught in the snow drifts. But those first responders, those of Crossroads Hospice, Guardian Angel Hospice and Comfort Keepers and so many others around the country were out there doing what they do best... Caring for each other on the roads and in the streets and caring for those they serve. I do believe that they are now thinking SPRING... and I hope it is a beautiful one.
 Passion, beautiful moments and a time for spring in the light... A season of new beginnings. A time to dance in the light. Think Spring friends, it's right around the corner...

Walk in beauty,



oshkosh said...

Good morning to everyone!!! The "crud" is here again----had it 4 months ago in November. Sooo just resting, eating, and drinking orange juice, along with reading and reflecting. I just had clock in car set!!! May leave it as it is, and just remember I have an extra hour every day. Seems reasonable to me, when I have a watch with the correct time------
Enjoyed the flowers---:)

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for the reminder that Spring wil be here soon even though it was 20 degrees this morning and the snow hills are still piled high. It is supposed to get in the 40s today and over the next few days. I just know there are some lovely flowers just waiting under those heavy snow piles to feel that sunshine.
I think I heard those Spring birds this morning when I was coming in. It was still dark and I think they are watching for the early sunshine also. I know I am soooo ready for Spring and to feel the Sunshine warm on my skin again. It has been a long, cold and snowy winter for sure.

Osh, hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

Yeah - It's Friday ☺ It's Friday and I have 1Hr 20Min before I get off. Needing this weekend right now. Have a wonderful evening friends. /Sandy♥