Monday, March 25, 2013

It's a good day to blow some bubbles

It's a great day to stop at the dollar store and buy a few bottles of bubbles, a good day it is. Bubbles and the blowing of them can make any day a better day and help us to breathe under times of stress, times of joy and also make others look with wonder as we move through the day. Yes it is a grand day for some bubble blowing for those where the cold continues and the snow and ice is forming here in the moment where spring has sprung. Where ole' Phil the groundhog is laughing himself silly and we are looking to make some groundhog stew just to warm up. What were we thinking relying on a groundhog to bring on spring instead of high tech folks who tell us the weather based on those gadgets they use to forecast such things?
Bubbles remind us of better times, fun times, times of wonderment at how those bubbles reflect light and twirl on the breezes as we tried to catch them, to stack them on top of each other and ever so proud of being able to blow them  in the first place. They take us to a place in our hearts that is pure, that is filled with wonder and they force us to use our whole breath in the doing as we breathe in and then exhale hoping for the best of bubbles to emerge. They also are great conversation starters with others as old stories or treasures unfold of Elders, or others as they too remember ways that they created bubbles long ago, the magic that was felt in seeing them float on the wind or chase after them on a spring or summer day.
Let's get out there and make some bubbles... maybe carry them in your car for just that moment when traffic is heavy and you find yourself stuck at that red light for what seems forever...

Blow some bubbles, release some stress or anxiety and enjoy their wonder, their colors, their ability to float where the wind takes them.

Enjoy  the moments, the time, the opportunity to share simple pleasures with others who do not have the courage to do something so wonderful and out of the box.

Inhale all the wonder and the beauty into you and exhale all of the worries the angst the pain as you create wonder and magic in those mystical bubbles.

Walk in beauty,

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fluff said...

Great suggestion Dr. Sherry. I love bubbles as most clowns love bubbles. I do have several different bubble machines and bubble wands. I actually blew bubbles in Sunday School yesterday talking to the children about faith. We can't see the air we breathe or the wind that blows but it exists - just look at the bubbles. Been a busy day for me. Wishing all a grand afternoon.