Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bit chilly today...

Ah, but a good day to think spring, to see yourseslf on the waters edge or perhaps ready to board for a day on the beauty of the waters if only in your mind! A day for the boat to take you away to places where there are no troubles, no drama, no pressure zones and just relaxation and a world from stress and demands. A day or many days of peace and worry free days with the salt air to cleanse out from all the daily worries of the world, of those who come to you with their own issues and attitudes and often news that boggles the brain along with hurting the heart. Yes wouldn't it be wonderful if the spring of our season found us with the warmth of the wind and a time and opportunity that was ours?
A time to kick back and not have to take the tylenol or dry the tears for the behaviors and choices of others or the heartaches now faced along with fears of the unknown... Life in all its wonder along with its uncertainties as folks look over their shoulders and wonder why or if. Such little words with so large a meaning and yet the rear view mirror is not a great place to spend a lot of time as going backwards never really accomplishes much in the grand scheme of things. Hind sight is always 20/20 yet does no good when sitting in a world of wonder and sorrow of the day. Lessons learned and foundations built doing the best one can or could at the time, yet then watching as glass houses are created on those foundations knowing full well that they will crumble or shatter with choices made against all advice and counsel. We live in a fast paced world, in a world of wonder and often a time of seeing the writing on walls, yet are often helpless to intervene during times of things happening. Trust is shattered, lies are too many to count and then when shit hits the fan, many are left too devastated to think straight. But think they do, and it is usually the thought of "why didn't we see this coming" or "what did we do wrong". Many fail to realize that it is not them, but the person who came to them with the truth after the fact, the person who lied that is responsible for bad choices that has chosen the lies in the first place. It is a sad time for those who placed such love and trust and investment in others to then be sitting or standing in the dust or the pain of such hurt. It is a horrible feeling to feel as you are not worthy of the truth; and then try to find your balance in a time of such disequilibrium. It is likened to trauma, to sudden and unexpected death in many ways and it is hard to re-establish balance after such shock from another's doings. It takes time, faith, hope and great patience.... It also takes work; hard work on the person who has done the harm to another or many others with a sincere and utter desire to make things right once again.  We are all works in process, yet those who want and need others will blow up someone's phone asking forgiveness, those who know they have done wrong will do whatever it takes to find the courage to admit their wrong doings and find the humility to "come clean" even if it means emptying their closets from the time of their youth just to prove their worthiness.
Trust: we all earn it, and yet once it is broken it can be repaired, yet I wonder will it ever be as it once was, when whole.

The skies are blue with some grey in them today the winds are kicking up and it's hard to believe it is truly spring, yet it is! It is a time of new beginnings of new hope and sunny skies. It is a time for new things, new and exciting times, yet for so many it is a grief filled time, a time of shock, a time of great sadness with many who today are shaking their heads and hoping they awoke from a nightmare, yet found it was their reality. And for them my heart is heavy, my thoughts surround those who awoke knowing that their lives are changed now and that their loss is hurting them beyond words. I pray them all peace.

Many talk of world peace, of everyone getting along, yet many families cannot sit across the table together and look into each others eyes. What has happened to families, to truth and honor, integrity and good times... to laughter and silliness and knowing that love is the chosen language and that we have each others backs and that the only threat out there is crossing the street on a busy day.

C'mon people we must learn, we must strive for excellence and remember that we are at our best when we stand strong in truth honesty and honor.  When we hold people accountable, as children, adults and Elders striving to be their best as they walk through their days and talk to one another about things as they see them.

It's a good day, a chilly day to accept that we are not responsible for the behaviors nor actions of others, yet the actions and behaviors of others can affect all.

Walk in Beauty



fluff said...

Good Tuesday Morning Dr. Sherry. Good words today. I can only say "Spring Take me Away - Please" It is pretty chilly here in SE Michigan again today and very cloudy and supposed to sprinkle. Take care friends and have a tremendous day! /Sandy♥

Irene M said...

Frozen Ice Scream, here
Where is Spring warmth?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sherry, the words in your blog today as hit me like a ton of bricks. Trust, trust, without trust what else do we have. As you said trust thrown away will be hard to get back. You are right so much of thinking as I have thought what did I do wrong and what can I do to make it right?? My heart is aching and there are sleepless nights ahead. My issue is the one person I would always love and still do has knocked the bottom out of my world. I cannot understand what has happened in my life for it to go so wrong. I look back at the things that was given to the loved one and the trust I had. Gone, In the back of my mind I see that what was given was never acknowlegged no phone calls no real live thank you, I guess it was something that was taken for granted, ask and you shall receive. I see things that is yet to come and it seems so horrible, one who thinks everything is going to be alright not even thinking they have to work to make it alright. Lives can be ruined with the wrong decisions and going in the wrong direction. Sometimes one thinks they are right all of the time and make their wrong decisions. I am troubled right at this time and wondering if my trust will ever come back. Hoping for prayers from your bloggers.Thank you, sorry I am going on and on saying about the same things.