Saturday, March 16, 2013

More on MS Awareness:

Happy Saturday everyone and everything:
Here's to your health, your best lives and to just everything being as bright as it can be as we raise awareness on MS during a month where many are letting their creative sides get on a roll to raise money for the CURE...
Perhaps you too can get involved, spring is a good time for new beginnings, new thoughts, new times to get invovled; time to get the rags and the soap out, maybe to arrange a car-wash with some tunes blaring and get some high school or middle school kids involved as well!
Perhaps a trip to Cosco or Sam's club to buy candy bars in bulk and then sell them at the work place individually or to all that  you know or convince businesses' places YOU do business at to put them there with a sign, 
Maybe just maybe if we all jump in with a little somethin somethin the more the better, and we can stomp this disease out faster, better, sooner... New trials are now happening and many are willing to try them for a better fuller and more energetic life a more wonderful life.

"MS you better run, cos' we are on your ass in a hot and determined way!"


Walk in beauty friends



Anonymous said...

with a big voice I will shout
MS sucks .. much like cancer and other insidious diseases.. and with the scientific brialliance hard at work I hope for a cure soon... I would like to help with any local fundraiser, I would happily sell candy, wash a car or whatever is needed..
I'll get my mischievious mind rolling to see what I can come up with .. hmmm, perhaps a beach party, or a walk to raise funds ??
I love the idea of pulling together to lend a hand to find a cure...
keep us posted on any ideas..
Wishing everyone a great day,
Happy St. Patrick's day to All..
an Irish blessing for you, my warrior friends..
" May the road rise to meet you,
may the winds be always at your back... the sunshine on your face,
good friends and happy memories
to fill your heart ♥ "
Cheers !

hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

Anonymous said...

Oh A, I sure love your energy! And Dr Sherry- every ounce of you is loved in so very many ways! Again, I thank you for educationg on this dadgum disease, and yes, squirrels are running rampid today! Funny, I went to do my nail job this 96 y.o. guy. Well, I got overheated...- probably because his blood doesn't flow quickly, and he keeps his place at about 90 degrees so he can be comfortable!It's amazing how much it really does ZAP the CRAP out of ya, it's really frustrating, but after having cooled off, I hope to jump start my wires, and get my day going. Again, grateful, appreciate you ever so much, thanks for your encouragement when I need it most, and for your amazing group of warriors! Love, and loved, Laura

fluff said...

Good information Dr. Sherry thank you for your words of wisdom. MS is such a terrible disease but many can work together to try to find a cure. Take care friends and have a peaceful evening. /Sandy♥