Thursday, March 21, 2013

National Social Workers Month!

Let's hear it for those Masters of Social Work, it is their month! Yep Social Workers come in all sizes, flavors, strides across the world of empowering others in their lives; in healthcare hospice care, with children, adults and elders; in advocating for others and empowerment. We find them in the streets, behind desks and on the hill as well. It's their month to be recognized for the work being done for so many. HAPPY SOCIAL WORK MONTH to those who are out there doing some hard work in situations that are sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and filled with trauma. Social workers rock it. Each March we pay tribute to the thousands of social workers that stand strong in the work they do, the impact that is made around the world as a result of their knowledge, their dedication and professionalism and the lives that are made better as a result of their interventions and their dedication:

 March is National Professional Social Work Month and this year’s theme “Social Work Matters” seeks to showcase the impact of more than 642,000 professional social workers in America.
“Social workers weave together the threads of society’s social safety net,” says NASW Executive Director Elizabeth J. Clark, PhD, ACSW, MPH.
 “As the profession of hope, we help people overcome poverty, inequality, insecurity, fear, violence, trauma, loss and pain.  What social workers do and how they do it does matter to our country’s success.”
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social work is one of the fastest growing professions in the country due to an increased need for health and aging related services, as well as child, family and school-based supports.  From 1931 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jane Addams to 2011 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Leymah Gbowe, social workers have been instrumental in achieving civil rights and human rights advances in the United States and across the globe for more than a century.
Although professional social workers are employed in more than 50 different fields of practice, their work in eight core service areas is the most recognized:
 “Social workers believe that a nation’s strength depends on the ability of the majority of its citizens to lead productive and healthy lives,” says NASW President Jeane Anastas, PhD, LMSW. “Every day, social workers help people navigate life’s toughest challenges to find hope and new options for maximum social functioning.” 

Social Work, and those who enter the field and go on to advance their degrees can also be found in private practice, in the world of speakers who hone their specialties in health care, in policy making, in hospice and in executive positions of leadership as they teach, reach and train others in a myriad of ways.  From the bedsides to the the desks to the streets and in front of podiums, social workers are now moving and doing in ways that decades ago were unimagined. Caseloads continue to boggle the mind and resources continue to be stretched as we see salaries less than expected for the remarkable work being done again and again and lives changed.

See a social worker today let them know you appreciate their skills and their work.

Thank you social workers for your dedication, your steps to educate, to advocate, to improve those lives that you enter...
 We appreciate those who stand, those who empower, those who shine a light so that others may see that path.

Remember folks to cast your vote daily, here

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Just as Social Work Matters; this matters and you can help make someone's quality of life better, fuller, richer by voting each day for the win! That's what life is all about, feeling great and helping another or many others in as many ways as possible to be empowered into their own lives...

Have a marvelous day today, as I hear the snow is falling in VA, and New England is cold, Michigan is beyond cold and that groundhog is now hiding from the wanted poster that is now circulating since after all IT IS SPRING!!!

Best of days to each of you wherever you are and whatever you are doing... here we are almost the end of March in all its wonder.

Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Happy Social Worker Month to you, my favorite Social Worker. Indeed Social Workers make a world of difference is so many lives around the world. I wish a Happy Social Worker month of all those out there doing such a fantastic job.

Yes, it says Spring on the calander but today, on my way to work, it was only 17° and it has been snowy all morning. Not a lot, just some floating flakes in the air. It is only supposed to get to the mid 20s today. I long for the heat of the sunshine on my skin.

Take care friends and have a terrific day /Sandy♥