Monday, March 18, 2013

Got your head in the game?

It's a new week, a new day, a time to "get your head in the game" I'm thinkin! While others may run to catch up, may watch in wonder, may just sit on the sidelines, it is YOUR day... your week, your time of new beginnings!
YOU are the one to put your foot solid on the ground and get your head in the game... as Olivia so aptly showed us here today in a fierce move on the soccer field! 
When we show up and show out, in it to win it, all things become possible, all things become exciting, whether from our chair, our car, our steps in the day... In it to win it, as I was told yesterday by Kamryn after he and his team won the NRV ELITE Championship of March Madness... where he scored 50 points in three games shooting the hoops! He let me know he has found his game again and is on point now, shooting the hoop! Way to go NRV ELITE, congratulations as you strived for excellence with your "head in the game" and your striving for excellence. We can all learn a lesson here, to be in it to win it!
This is our moment, in our work, our life our life's work, in the breaths we take and the breaths that take our breath away in kindness compassion and care. With our head in the game, our game face on, and follow through with hope, belief and authenticity. 
    How's that for form, follow through and authenticity? Live like no one is watching, and follow through as though you are in it to win it!
Life is not a dress rehearsal, go for it as spring is just around that corner, although it is a hard sell to those out in the areas of snow, sleet, rain, and frost today I know! That groundhog is even blushing and trying to not feel too awkward in that prediction made not so long ago I do believe as folks are still bundled up and asking please no more cold weather now!
Yet, we are all winners and all await the warmth, the jonquils in bloom and warm waters to soothe our bodies and our souls as we watch the colors replace the browning of leaves in the world we live in... The tulips are astounding, and the colors are now about to peak from the cold ground, look around as you leap into your week, it is a new day, a new time, a time of new beginnings! It is time for us to kick those bugs that are lingering and zapping energy and making that feeling of hibernation and niffles just go away like the frosts of cold... 
IT IS TIME to just feel good, to turn off the news that depresses, that instills fears and makes ya wonder if the world has gone mad, and to turn on some music, find your dance and enjoy YOU and those that matter to ya.
Remember our friend Joey Graff who lives for Mondays, and the wonderment of dancing on desks and waving at folks in cars in rush hour! I can only imagine the gestures he receives in INDIANA as he jumps about his day on Mondays there!
It's your day friends, get your head in the game, your heart into that attitude of gratitude place
and STOMP... 
Pull out the wading pool and fill it with some water if you have to, put one toe in, and think SPRING... take a grand leap of faith and know that the warm months are just around the corner!
     Let's do this : one or two step style with our feet in the water and our hearts just a pounding while we are just thankful for EVERYTHING, and I give great thanks for all of you!
Prayers goin UP...

Walk in Beauty,




fluff said...

Encouraging words today Dr. Sherry and love the photos of Olivia as she takes aim for the win! Great job Olivia! As far s Spring, I think that Ground Hog, I think he has to be red faced as we are receiving snow again at this very moment and it is extremely cold outside now.
Take care friends and I hope your day is peaceful as you count your many Blessings. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great words Dear one! Olivia is looking to have some great form!! Kam won! KAM WON! Yay!!!! Shawna and Dixie put 153 mies on their bikes,between Sat. & Sun. Bring Spring! Take best care!! Laura

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Wow, Olivia with that form just kicking high. Granny tip toeing into the pool, you can tell by looking at her face it was cold. Cold as it is in Va. looking for more sleet and rain tonight. Go away ground hog, bring Willard Scott back to give us beautiful weather. Look around you Fl. people think Willard is living down there now for the winter. Good man. My 15min. or seconds of fame was when Willard was in Washington at America University and he came to the computer center where I worked with me helping him put on his ground hog suit to deliver the weather as I handed it from the computer to him to report. So much for fame and a great man he is, I may just come looking for him. Kamryn got his head on right and made all of those hoops. WOW what a day. Hope all is well from the creepy crud and will stay well. Blessings to all, and pray for our soldiers and their families. Nite