Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calling all Warriors to Vote for a person in Mobility Awareness Contest!

 Meet Deb Oliver, aka EE from Colorado! A woman of great inspiration and gentle spirit that today I am letting the world know about in hopes you will share her light with all you know, as we cast our votes in the new contest running on the link below! All it takes is a couple of minutes to vote for her each and everyday... Bookmark the page, or visit here to grab the link each day and VOTE VOTE VOTE for her to win a mobility van ... Just click it and you are off and running to make a dream come true and one that will make her life oh so much more easy on the mulitiple trips to physicians that her son drives her to for procedures and follow-ups and painful spinal RFA's where they insert surgical needles into her spine and burn nerves hours away from her home in their old van.

This is a woman of true grit and too many illnesses to list here, yet a woman who gives her wisdom to so many on a daily blog that is inspiring and filled with hope even in days that she resorts to typing with a keyboard on her tummy as pain renders her unable to sit upright in her bed. A woman who now is unable to walk on forearm crutches from one room to the other and instead must use her powerchair to get from one place to the other, and yet maintains a positive outlook on life and its wonder, now trying to figure out how to attach a home-made tripod to the arm of it in order to have a stable way of still taking pictures of the clouds and capturing angels there in the sky. A woman who fights the battles and tells the mountains to move out of her way, and still believes in the goodness of the world in times when it seems the world has gone mad she manages to smile through pain and tears as she gears up for yet another appointment with yet another doctor 50 miles or more away. It may take her a week to rest afterwards and more medication to calm the body afterwards but she is determined, she is faith filled and she is a warrior of great courage, faith, and hope.
She is a mother, a friend, a writer, has been a teacher of little ones and those who the rest of the community did not think could learn. She has written blogs to bring visitors to her little town of Walsenburg CO, that required her to meet folks there and manage to get photos while perched on forearm crutches with her beloved son at her side and then as weak as she could be managed to get back in a worn out van and home to her hospital bed with a smile on her face, knowing she had done something great for the community!
Yes, this is a great thing to do for another, and all it requires is for us to pass it along to others and to vote each day for her.

This is Deb and her new and beautiful 4 legged named Daisy! Daisy was a gift from her friend in NC, a woman named Jill who just knew the best medicine is often in the love of a dog, and made sure to get Daisy to Colorado to both Deb and her son Carl who is her caregiver and get her there she did! Daisy has already made her mark on the hearts of both, she now is the most spoiled little dog in the world I do believe and has brought laughter, joy, and love into a home where she runs from one end to the other and snuggles like no dog has ever snuggled before. She quickly learned to use the power chair as steps where she leaps from floor to the power chair to the hospital bed with a toy in her mouth to Deb! She then proceeds to tell her of her nights sleep with Carl, the tv shows they watched, and the events planned for the day, all the while giving and getting the best of love; yet when pain is heightened it seems she knows just where to lay, just how to be that is soothing and comforting to her human, just the right way and just the right thing to make things as right as they can be. She is also now the traveler, as the many and frequent trips to doctors and tests and procedures are done. She is a faithful little one, and soothing and most comical. A champion for her human, and soon will be with a service dog certificate in order to also "go into those offices" of physicians and show her stuff.
For those that don't know; a person with chronic pain, chronic illness, a person who is now dependent upon a big power chair, a Cancer survivor... trips are ggrueling on a good day. It takes the biggest part of the day, you are talked to, prodded, needles are involved, pain is heightened... and then you have to have someone place you in the front seat of a vehicle and sit for the ride home that takes hours again.
By the time you finally hit home; whatever reserves that are there are gone... just gone. and it takes days to try and restore and recover from it all.
Add to that; they are now with a van that is old, that is outdated and not handicap accessible or fitted for her medical condition and it makes it worst for the both of them.

This is a marvelous opportunity since it is now
May the month of MOBILITY AWARENESS and this contest is underway!

And yes, it is late in the coming and getting votes going, but not too late... 

We together here and everyone you know can make a difference in her and her son's life.

We can do this!!! For a woman who has given much to others in her words, her experience and her "older than dirt wisdom" along the way!


National Mobility Awareness Month is dedicated to showing the world how people with disabilities can live active, mobile lifestyles. Teamed with national spokespeople, Mike Savicki, Ashley Lauren Fisher, Josh Dueck and David Lowell, we support and utilize the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) network of members to help educate the public.

Did you know…

  • People with disabilities constitute the largest minority group in the United States
  • Over 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada have mobility issues
  • One in five elderly have mobility issues
  • You have a 20% chance of becoming disabled at some point in your life if you don’t already have a disability
  • There are mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers and driver rehabilitation specialists in your community dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities
  • Automotive mobility solutions are available for people with disabilities enabling them to enjoy active, mobile lifestyles

I'm hoping you will join me and VOTE each day for a warrior of gentle spirit. Oh the thought of her winning just makes me have goose bumps all over!!!

Here's to you Deb/EE... may the Creator smile on you and get you as many votes as it takes to put you in a mobility van to make your trips safer and much more comfortable for you and your son (and that little spoiled dog too) .
Of course Daisy seems such a sweet and calm name, I had to add to her name cos' she is really a live one; so I did manage to add;
"Daisy Sparkplug" as a real name there, as I have seen videos of her just tearing through the home from end to end in a flash!

May you feel strength in this day Deb and know that many are sending you hope on the wings of votes and Eagles to soar over you.

 VOTE here: *Each day*

Walk in Beauty Friends


fluff said...

Thank you for the information Dr. Sherry, will be casting my vote in the days ahead and hope EE is having a peaceful day and feeling some better. Little Daisy is sure to bring joy to her home and life as most 4 legged furry friends do.

Take care friends and ahve a terrific day. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

I thank you FLUFF and hope you are staying warm and safe there... hold tight to the thought it is really soon to be spring where you are! I'm sure EE is thanking you for the daily votes, please pass it on to all at DMC for her as well. Let's get her mobile...

oshkosh said...

Will do!!!!!

oshkosh said...
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