Friday, March 22, 2013


Say Thanks for thing in the morning and all during your day... So much and so many to be thankful for ~

Let us remember to be grateful for the simple everyday gifts we receive. The gift of a smile, a friend sitting with with us over a cup of coffee, the devotion of a four legged, good books, the beauty of music, the majesty of our gulf waters and the sea life, the winged ones, the very movement of our world. Life is indeed a grand adventure or nothing at all like Helen Keller said oh so long ago ~ STOMP in gratitude and great thanks... for and to all ~ The list is endless. The gifts bountiful. Some, in nature, like the sun, the rain, fog, moonlight, shadows and breezes. Somewhere there is spring, teasing us and wanting to emerge in its glory. Yes there are great gifts to uncover just as beneath the snow, the leaves and hard ground of the earth are those bulbs and green of newness waiting to spring up to delight us.
Some, we give, and many more we receive.
It is easy to move through the day without stopping to really define these as gifts. Some seem so ordinary that we treat them as non events. But, our days are filled with these gifts. The everyday knowledge that we call the place we lay our head at night “home”. Most everyone will admit that they look forward to “going home”, or coming home” at the end of a long day at work, but do we really allow ourselves to know what a gift this is? Do we take it for granted?
Do we appreciate it consciously?
I am, in the moment, aware that not everyone enjoys a roof over their head. A place to return to that one feels safe and familiar.
 Do we go to work feeling that it is a burden, or, know, really know that we are fortunate to have a job that sustains us. That allows us some degree of financial comfort.

We have abundant water, indoor plumbing, a clean bed to sleep in, food on the table, the ability to get back and forth to work. Most of which we take for granted. And yet, so many have none of these comforts. See a man or woman in a uniform today? Be sure and thank them for serving... 
Prayers are surrounding the U.S. Marines and their losses on our soils this week, their families, their corp.
 Let us thank those who serve, those families who spend restless nights wondering, praying and hoping that their loved ones are safe and soon will return home.
  So let’s be about appreciating what we have right here, right now. We need not waste our time coveting that which we have not yet acquired, but rather be thankful for all that we do have.
The ordinary and extraordinary people, comforts, small joys and accomplishments that are ours in this moment.
Let us be filled up with gratitude every day. 

Some days we struggle. Some days are difficult. We witness via social media, through the news, in the streets and lives of others so much that is awful, so much that is beyond our control, so much that invades our senses, so much needless heartache and sorrow. We wonder where has the filter of common sense gone, the moral compass of how people live and govern their lives gone and why.
We see so much that perhaps we have now gotten to the point of thinking more is bad than is good. How very tragic that is.

We wrestle with so many self made crisis in our lives that we often forget to wrap our heads around the enormity of all that we can appreciate that is good in our lives. It is a matter of perspective.
 I cannot ponder the half full glass when mine brims over. I encourage each of us to first be grateful. To keep our focus on the many good and great moments each day holds.

Acknowledge the gifts, say thank you often.
Angst, depression and anger can find little traction in a deeply grateful heart and mind.
Today I wish you awareness of all that you have to be thankful for. I am thankful for each of you that visit here. I appreciate your thoughts, your words, your time.
 I am grateful for the opportunity to write, and for your loyalty in reading. Wado.

I am blessed... pass it on with thanks and gratitude...
Walk in beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry - very thought provoking message today. I thank you for all of your wisdom and knowledge that you share with so many. I hope you have a terrific day - It's Friday ~~ It's Friday Yeah!!! The sun is shining today even though it is still in the 20s at noon. I long to feel the heat of the sun. Take care friends and have an awesome day as you count you many Blessings. /Sandy♥