Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sometimes you just have to "sit with it"

Ah, there are those times that folks just want to do do do, often to rescue or to just jump and run. It takes all a person can muster in strength to just "sit with it" realizing that there is really nothing more powerful than the ability to be rather than do. It is in those moments in time that we learn the power of being rather than doing, the lesson of of "sitting with it" and listening rather than reacting and running to save or do and we wait and listen and hope and have faith. Often great perspective and learning perhaps even teaching takes place in those times of mastering the age old art of "sitting with it", clarity comes, direction comes, faith grows stronger, hope is restored.
Creator gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason I'm thinkin... and often we can find a bucket to sit in or on as we utilize our eyes and ears to listen well and look closely at all the many blessings, gifts, and truths that are around us. We can witness the changing of tides, the sunrises and setting of suns and colors that paint the skies if we but "sit with it"; we can be there for those who are in need and those who come in times of their own crisis yet not in daily contact and listen if we don't jump and run, if we only "sit with it". There is still goodness to be seen, and often we see it best when we listen well and just "sit with it" and not react to it, yet understand fully the implications of the bigger picture, rather than the narrow clip before us.

 When the student is ready, the teacher will appear is always true and through time has shown itself, usually by hard knocks and a path traveled by one who finds themselves knocked down and then deciding when and if to get up better than before... Learning and moving in ways unimagined, by choices of each step, by associations, by views held and beliefs and desire. Learning to just "sit with it" takes years to master unless you are a child in your own world who marvels at the shoreline and the world around you in your own space and time. We would do well to learn from the little ones, in their own wonder of the world as they are raised with gentleness and love, as they grow into their own people with their own feet that fill shoes then taking their own paths and steps. 
As adults we take our own, having to own the choices we make, the steps we take, the dances we dance, hopefully savoring each moment, each sunrise and sunset along the way, learning when to leap into it or when to "sit with it".
May you find that wheels are best for riding like the one above, for joyous noise, for beauty.
Living your word, loving your life.
Never mistake the ferris wheel for the hamsters wheel and running round and round in the same circle of life and thoughts and mistakes and friends and loops...
Sometimes it is a great thing to find a bucket, and just "sit with it"... then find some sand and build you a sand castle and have a bit of fun.
If it is not ok today, that just means it's not yet ok, but once you "sit with it" perhaps a plan will be made for OK to be just around the corner or on the next wave.

 Prayers goin UP for those who may need them today.

May you walk in beauty,



fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Such good and fitting words today and yesterday both. So many stressors in the world today and the last week was extremely stressful for me with many life things happening. Sometimes, it is good to just sit down long enough to get that energy to get back up and get moving again. Wherever life takes us and whatever we do we need to know that we can keep on going and we have those who love and support us. I wish you a grand and uplifting day. It was good to see you "A" on the comment yesterday. Miss you. Hope you are feeling all better now. Always good to see our friends here. Have a lovely day everyone. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

hellooooooo !!
such true and thoughtful words today , as always, I will say ..
"sit with it "
three simple words yet full of such insight and not as easy to do sometimes as it may seem.. our first knee jerk reaction may be an overwhelming feeling of 'WHAT AM I GOING TO DO' .. full of panic and desperation.. in fact, there is often not much to DO, not much more than roll with the punches, one baby step at a time and "sit with it".. and that is often difficult to say the least, especially when the things that knock you down are totally out of our realm of control..
The little ones.. with their innocence and wonder intact.. how smart they are and many times the best of all teachers. The wisdom keepers are also full of the insight and experience to know the answers , as they have most surely walked every path imaginable ..
and somehow haved survived with amazing strentgh and grace..
Doc, you have touched my heart deeply with your words today..
I am proud to be able to say I have learned this lesson wellthrough the past few years , with thanks to a few most trusted and compassionate folks helping me to light my path.. I hope many peeps read today and find the truth spoken .. bouncing back from trying times, deep sorrows and darkest moments takes a whole lot of hard work.. we often need to dig deeper than ever thought possible and keep believing in all the good and great things that remain in our lives..today, I will surely 'sit with it ' and smile at knowing that there is always hope for a better day ahead..
and Fluff, thanks for being here too, it is always great to hear from our gentle warriors who share our lives here...
Thanks again Doc, for all you do for so many folks.. we are blessed by you..
hope I didn't ramble too much .. must be feeling better I guess..
happy day to everyone !!
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

Anonymous said...

Just sit with it, good advice I am thinking. Before panic sits in just sit with it and develop a plan to continue with what you have been thinking or doing. Problems can be hopefully resolved without jumping and running and trying to solve it while you are upset. Always be with the truth and know you can solve the problem with much help and prayers. Step up to the plate and be the adult you think you are, listen and learn. Things will work out for those who work for some peace of mind. Thanks Dr. SES for the words of wisdom. Blessings to all