Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good bye Winter?

OK, word has it, that spring is in the air... well at least that is what we have been told. I still say that groundhog probably has a bead on his back by now, a handsome bounty on his head and has gone underground by now in fear of this awkward situation he's in from the earlier shadow cast and hope he gave to all around the country of SPRING! Yet, as I hear from folks in Colorado, Michigan, New England, Virginia, and D.C., it sure seems that they did not get the warmth on this last day of winter...  SPRING SPRING SPRING, winter is over!!! Right?

   Where are the crocus, the flowers springing forth to show those new beginnings and the warmth we all love to talk about? New England and Michigan sure would love to see it! Even Florida the sunshine state has gulf waters of 63 degrees and nights in the low 40's (ok I get that there will be no sympathy for that statement)! Especially when today this picture was taken in Michigan, and oh those birds that want to sing the song of spring there, here and just everywhere:
 SPRING: we are lookin for you NOW is a good time to show up... it is the time for new beginnings, for sunshine, for warmth in the air and on the faces of all who have been shoveling the snow, hearing bad news, near awful news while hurting backs and stiff necks and feeling the cold~!
It's time for shorts, flip flops and robins singing along with flowers blooming and good times!
c'mon now spring, we just know you are round the corner, turn the corner already!

   Maybe just maybe we'll see it soon!
Until then, outshine the sun friends, and find a way to be the best you can be and find the warmth within to plant your seeds and nurture you well.
Spring is coming to a neighborhood near you and will be at your doorsteps soon... We can hope and know snow never lasts .... right?

Walk in beauty

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fluff said...

Sorry - no Spring here in Michigan yet. It has been spitting snow all day, very windy and right now a cold 23 degrees. Brrrr - Looks like Spring is a little late down our way. Hmmm - Oh Spring - where are you my friend??? How much I long for you to come back to us soon. We are all waiting.
Wishing you a very peaceful evening. /Sandy♥