Thursday, March 28, 2013

Equality for ALL

It's really not complicated. Equality for all people. Now before the Supreme Court, now being talked about, argued about, fought about and in the streets there are protests; those for and against the right to love who you want, marry who you want, be with who you love. Same sex marriage, with the benefits and ability to place a ring on the finger of the one you love and to live in peace, harmony with the one you want. It is really not complicated. It is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that applies to ALL.
Justices are hearing arguments within the great walls as arguments are in the streets on social media sites, and in the news. At times one has to wonder if people have truly lost their minds in a world that has advanced so over the years... as the arguments go from one man and one woman = children who are normal and law abiding citizens and the purpose of marriage is to have children? Well if we look at that as a valid argument then we have to wonder how it is that so many children grow to make such horrible choices and many land behind bars! We also need to realize that it is those married heterosexual couples who are giving birth to gay sons and daughters who are now seeking the same benefit of marrying their partners and then can adopt the many unwanted children that we have in the world!
Seems to make perfect sense to me...

 If in fact we only want heterosexual marriage to then produce offspring, why haven't we banned marriages of those who are 55+ who marry as they do not produce the little ones?
This makes no sense.

We seem to have it all messed up here. When it is about love, and marriage is not something I have ever voted on in my life, nor been asked permission by a couple for or been involved in nor have I wanted to be.
It seems that some people think that their rights and responsibilities extend into the lives and behind the doors of their neighbors... could it be that is why their own lives are in constant disarray?
People choose their clothing they choose their friends, and they choose their partners that they want to spend their lives with. They do NOT choose their sexual orientation. Who in the world would choose to be gay when one has to fight so desperately to be happy and open in a world of bigots and hatred, with others bashing and judging every move?
Really? But, if it were a choice... so what!

    So as the arguments get heard, from the sane to the absurd, and even the ridiculous in the Supreme Court and the fake prophets speak and are followed like blind sheep out there... Anyone with a least bit of common sense which seems to not be so common anymore will realize that EQUALITY is for ALL, not just a select few. There have been folks that are gay since the beginning of time; and at a time were revered to be of two spirits in some cultures and were looked to for guidance, for spiritual enlightenment, and were cherished as everyone else.  We are all the Creators' children, and if lucky we grow to find someone to be loved by and to love.  That is not something anyone has the right to vote on or to weigh in on, it is personal, it is for each to decide and it is within our Creator given blessings to live our lives in hope, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Yet, until it is sanctioned, that ALL ARE EQUAL, those who want their marriages and to enjoy the full sanctity that is upheld by this decision are being shut out of what most that are married enjoy. 

Imagine; your partner is in a wreck, taken to a hospital and you get the phone call and rush to the hospital. YOU are denied because your union is not recognized. You are not allowed bedside or to make those life and death decisions. Imagine; you do not get to file joint returns on your taxes Imagine you cannot get a mortgage together as your marriage is not recognized. IMAGINE you cannot sign important papers on behalf of the one who loves you or that you love when it is most important...

Freedom to love the one you love and who loves you and has your back is pretty basic when you break it down, and has nothing to do with your neighbor or their behaviors or their beliefs or their meaning system.

We are all the Creators children, all are pure and all are worthy of EQUALITY on this soil.
 This is not complicated, this is quite simple, love wins.  As for the jackasses who believe in their core that only heterosexual couples can raise children; what are they saying about all the single women out there, what are they saying about all the sisters, the extended families the Grandmothers who are now finding themselves raising grandchildren as a result of the heterosexual couples who couldn't cut it?
As Ellen Degeneres stated so well, she and Portia have been married for 4 + years now and they are as happy as happy can be and they really do not think it has affected anyone, not even their neighbors as she has asked them all, and not one has been negatively affected by their marriage!

Rather than argue and take their time with their own personal bigotry and hatred, perhaps folks should tend to their own gardens, paint their own canvas, and work to restore or rebuild tenderness and kindness and common sense in our world. The Supreme Court has many more real issues to do battle with.

In this world of smart phones, smart tablets, smart devices, it sure would be nice to think we still have some smart people... who know that we are equal in a loving Creators eyes and arms that are open to hold us ALL EQUALLY.

And wouldn't ya just know, Willie Nelson has even weighed in on this.. yep the modern day prophet our Willie Nelson. Willie said this, "I'd never marry a guy I didn't like" and you can see what he has to say here:   

We have budgets to balance, wounded warriors to take care of and children to teach, Elders to learn from, and others to extend kindness to.

STAND UP, I stand for equality for ALL. not some, not the privileged, but ALL.

      Walk in beauty,

please join me in prayers for our little Peyton now 1 year old who is having horrid seizures and was rushed to the hospital yesterday. His family and Fluff here are worried sick as the little one is struggling ... May he soon be well, Creator please guide physicians in finding the source of this terrible time and heal our little Peyton as you restore his health while holding this family close to you as they wait.


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and for your prayers for baby Peyton. He is doing better today and will be once again working with a new pediatric neurologist to try to find the cause of his severe seizure disorder. He did stop breathing again yesterday during this seizure while in the ambulance. Thank God for the EMTs who brought him back around.
Thank you all, and my friend "A", for keeping this precious one in your prayers. I feel exhausted tonight and grateful I am off work tomorrow! Have a peaceful evening friends /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

I should know better by now than to read this blog late in the evening as I'm relaxing to hit the hay.. yep .. sure as a rock, words to get my mind wandering and pondering and just get me all fired up to do some STOMP ..
I, just saying', am so over all the rhetoric and wasted time and energy on this subject of gay marriage.. it is not my business who anyone chooses to love and be loyal in life with, it is not my business to judge who makes the best families ( obviously not heterosexual marriages ).. should I really be informed of anyone elses personal issues to the extreme of banning personal rights and choices ?? In our society today we pride ourselves as being righteous and smart, brilliant and all knowing .. well, we fall way short of the line when it comes to common sense and decency.. ALL , yes, ALL people are equal.. black, blue, big, small, square , round, bi, gay, whatever...How about we forego the whole 'sanctity' of marriage stuff and stand for the sanctity and union of love, family and the children ?? It's all about personal choice and the right to do so, bigots be banished and exiled from trying to control the world.. In fact, I believe the whole " marriage" word needs to be abolished , along with the outdated and naive puritan ethic it implores.. just sayin'.. I will stand for ALL , and will happily sign an amendment that gives the same equal rights to any couple who freely choose to commit to a life together in good faith.. WHEW..let's move on to the truly vital issues like hunger, poverty, education, and healthcare...
and before I hit the pillow, I will count my blessings, say my prayers, and be very grateful that I have a voice..
special angel prayers for baby Peyton, sure am happy to hear he's feeling a bit better and getting the best of care.. @ Sandy, sure hope you find some much deserved and needed rest.. truly, angels listen and are everywhere you need them to be..peaceful dreams to you.
Thanks Doc for all you do for ALL.. you ROCK !
goodnite y'all, hugging my angels,
♥ sign me, A.

Anonymous said...

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