Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Saturday, you sure look good to me!

Happy Saturday to everyone and just everything! The sun is shining and there is a crispness in the air, it's the day before we run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find all the clocks and SPRING FORWARD, trying to remember how to set them and hope they all match in time!
Would that they were all as smart as computers and Iphones and they would it themselves, yet some still need the hand and eye coordination and the hope that we have it just right. Always a bit comical how the microwave and stove top are always at least one minute off by the time you get finished isn't it?
Time... seems to fly by each year we are blessed to enjoy this thing called life; with its ups and downs and even those rare and special times where it all seems in a beautiful balance.  Remember those times where time just either stood still or took forever to get through a day or week? Seems those are among the many things we miss these days; time seems to go by so very quickly and often leave us wondering where did the time get to. Many are already saying they do not like the time change, others are blaming Obama for it. As for me, I love the light, the changing of light, the longer evenings of light... I welcome it, I cherish it, I say, "bring it on".  That thing known as spring won't be far behind it, as already I'm witnessing growth where there has been the brown of the ground, song birds singing in the early morning as they now seem more joyous somehow. I welcome the greening of the leaves and the plants ready to jump up for all to notice and admire their beauty and the warmth to fill our senses and warm our faces until late in the evening hours.
As I watch squirrels this morning playing the round about on the trees it seems they too are happy, maybe they know it is soon time for the warmth and the light to return. They are indeed with bushy tails today after last nights cold air here.  Warmth plans to return to the sunshine state today, just in time for all those on spring break who will undoubtedly throw caution to the winds and jump in the gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean as they hit Florida for a grand time. We'll recognize them in their short shorts and t shirts while heading to the beach and then taking the plunge! Only folks from up North would hit the waters with such joy in this chilly weather and water... Ah, the joys of youth I suppose...
The night life will be lively with those here on spring break, the roads a bit more congested making their way to the fast food and the stores that sell beer and soda.  We pray them safety and a bit of common sense as we know that spring break is no longer for the faint of heart and often not known for common sense around the country. We hope they get it, understanding their is some potent crap out there that doesn't mix with partying and living it up if you want to live through it.  The Police Department has already been sending out those warnings on television of the zero tolerance and letting folks know that they will not put up with recklessness.  Let's hope those on spring break watch a bit of television before they hit the beaches and bars.
We can hope, we can pray, and we can get out and enjoy this most spectacular day, yet some are still digging out from the snow out west, Colorado and in Detroit and New England. But they will be out, if only to clear a path to the car, while others use this day to snuggle on couches and restore from a week of running and doing.  Whatever it is and wherever you are, I wish you a day of grace in the being. Just being grateful for all that ever has been, all that is, and all that is yet to come.  
 Those majestic dolphins have been being seen here in the Gulf of Mexico, just doing what they do best... capturing the hearts of those who see them and feel their energy. I'm thinkin that they too know spring is on the way! Just can't wait to get myself in that water soon, that healing water of the gulf where so many dolphins swim and send such healing energy that we all can benefit from. Today I hope you surround yourself with something that makes your heart sing, your soul feel beautiful and that you relax into it. Prayers goin up to those still fighting this awful "crud" virus that is circulating from one coast to the other, may you all feel just "yippy skippy" real soon. I hope you see something or many someone's who will just take your breath away today!

 It is a wonderful world!
 Walk in Beauty,


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Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Loved the message, words, photos and especially the song by my favorite artist, Louie Armstrong, who sings it here. Thank you for the uplift. Just got home from the shelter. No adoptions today but a few applications. I hope everyone is having a good day. It is a little cloudy but 46° so that is great. Yep Spring Forward time. Have a wonderful evening friends. /Sandy♥