Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Choctaw Nation was filled with beautiful People

The bluest of skies, the darkest of nights with stars that you could just about touch... yes Choctaw Nation was filled with spirit and beautiful people there. The room filled with folks from Durant OK, all the way to Arkansas some driving 3 hours to spend a day with others, to refuel and to restore themselves. Breakfast was served with fresh fruit and muffins by lovely women of Choctaw Nation as they began to gather, their kindness and generosity of spirit felt by all. The coffee was good, the mood was set, and as people entered it was clear that many knew each other in the city of Durant.
 Yes, I felt welcomed as did all who came to a day of "Care for the Caregivers" and the time seemed to pass so very quickly on that day. From Educators, to counselors, nurses, caregivers, to Durant's Finest of the Police Department and more. They came, and I hope they enjoyed their day as much as I felt blessed by their presence and our brief time of sharing time with each other. During a break I had walked outside and wouldn't ya just know it, a Hawk landed not so far from where I was sitting! Just sat for a bit and looked at me before once again taking flight... and in that moment I gave thanks to all that has ever been,, all that was happening in that moment and all that is yet to be. 
From those who take care of the Elders, to those who take care of the youth, the women who have known abuse, to those who are hungry, to those who need understanding and tools for coping with all that they need to cope with, to those who are educating children and those children with special needs, to those who are educating future nurses, and those who are in higher education at Southeastern University, to those who are protecting and serving, to those in Fire and emergency to those who are in Choctaw Nation and walking the walk and talking the talk... I thank you for taking time from your day to spend it with me.
I hope you stopped at the dollar store and bought you some bubbles! Imagine all those cars, now equipted with bubbles just to amaze others at the stop lights! 
Yep guess that will give the towns and counties something to talk about and a few smiles to boot.
I do believe I brought some of that Oklahoma chilliness home with me though, as the sunshine state is having a cold front pass through here. I had to smile as I was in my heavy jacket and jeans leaving and saw a man in shorts t shirt and flip flops in Choctaw Nation! I loved talking to so many there, loved seeing those in their shirts and jackets that said where they work, with emblems of Choctaw Nation on them. I told many I would like to make a "trade for their shirt/jacket" during the day! One gentleman over heard that conversation I was having with a woman and said, "please ladies just don't do it here" as we talked about her shirt! Too funny was that!
After the end of a long day, I was given the most beautiful brown jacket by my hostess; she let me know it was from Tiffany! It has the emblem of Choctaw Nation District 10 on it;  I am just honored and haven't taken it off since landing home, I will wear it with honor, and I thank you so much Tiffany! Yet, you did not let me give you anything!!! I hope you will enjoy the book though that I sent for you.
woo hooo
Now I shall wait for the others in the mail... haha 
 My heart is full, my gratitude basket is overflowing as today I sit in reflection of the efforts of Brenda McGuire aka (Osh) and her beautiful hosting of me while there. From the time that plane sat down, until the time I was ready to walk through the door to board on the return flight, I was overjoyed, was spoiled beyond words. I look forward to returning to Choctaw Nation and those there that are doing remarkable work.
Yakoke, wado to all who made this an outstanding trip, and to Brenda McGuire, thank you for being one of the most generous and remarkable women I have had the joy of knowing. I sure did meet some outstanding folks, including these people there... boy I sure would like to have traded Dr. Pat Nation for that jacket she had on that day!
Being presented with a Durant Police Department Patch by David Houser,
I am honored!

Oh I had a most wonderful time
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry. It was so good to read your words. Missed you and I know you were having a wonderful time there in Choctaw Nation. I know that many there were Blessed with your words and presence. I just know someday I will be able to be in your audience here in Detroit area where your touch and words are so very needed. I loved the photos and what grand people were there. Loved hearing about the Hawk coming down to visit for a minute. I love hawks, they remind me so of my husband. I feel his presence when I see one. Bless you and have a very peaceful evening. I hope your cold spell there in Florida will bring some warmth again soon. Take care

Anonymous said...

and a warm welcome home to our
chilly sunshine state !! I do believe you brought this crisp air home with you .. not a bit surprised to hear you were blessed by a visit from " hawk" .. signs of our truest blessings sure make the moments even more special.. sounds as if Choctaw Nation received you in the finest manner and I know the folks who met with you felt your words in their hearts, and lots of food for thought put forth for all ..
you are certainly deserving of the royal treatment you received, I'm sure you'll be invited back soon. I hope Osh is truly proud of all she accomplished with her hard work reaping many rewards for the folks in her community that she cares so deepply for.. It is apparent that her warrior spirit guided her well, and STOMP she proudly displays !!
welcome home
Doc.. all you do for so many people all of the time, everywhere and anywhere you go .. YOU are very much appreciated and respected.
yes, love you, we do !!
it is an honor to be a warrior of gentle spirit.. thanks to you !
hugging my angels,♥
sign me, A.

Anonymous said...
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