Saturday, November 2, 2013

Book Lovers Day is today!

Happy Book Lovers Day
Down The Hallway
The story of one woman's journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder

The rains are falling gently here in Florida, as I have just read a few emails coming in from folks who have been reading the new release of "Down The Hallway". I have grinned so much I have a numb face already this morning!

"Dr. Showalter, thank you for writing this book, but I swear I think I am needing to sleep for a week to catch up. I have not been able to put the book down! I feel as though I was right there with you, I could see it, feel it, and my God it is fabulous. I want you to know I believe this would be a fantastic movie. It surely makes Sybil and the Three Faces of Eve need to step aside! I will tell everyone who will listen to buy it, gift it, now I must get back to it. I have to get to Dr. Hope's office with you all, you might need me! LOL"
Others have been different but similar as they tell me that the book has been "physical", "sensory", "emotional", and touched them deeply while giving a face to what was not well understood on people with multiple personalities except for media. They tell me they have been "breathless", have "laughed so hard they thought they would pee themselves", and have "cried" for a woman so very tormented.  All want to know how she is now, while some have been tempted to read the last chapter after the first to satisfy their hunger for all knowing, but resisted the temptation.  Yes I do believe that Down The Hallway has captured those who are reading.

Mental health, illness, issues come with stigma, come with intrigue, come with questions left unanswered. It seems that Down The Hallway has come at a time when people want to know "the realness" and this book is "keepin it real" at all costs while protecting Charmaine.

Book lovers day, I thought that was everyday!

Interesting while on Sanibel Island I couldn't help but notice the number of people with books in their hands. Only a couple had kindle in one hand, most had a nice thick paperbook, clutched in hand reading. Taking a moment to look at the water rolling in, rolling out. Then back to reading, back to whatever had taken them away even further than the sun and sand they were enjoying.

A great book, a good book, the feel of paper, a great cover.

Enjoy the read always and let others know. Some are just destined for greatness, others for the big screen and all to be enjoyed.

Rain, Saturday, the weekend.  Book Lovers Day!

Down The Hallway, meet Charmaine meet us in the hallway of her brain...  Click here to order!
Have yourself the best of weekends' on this the first Saturday of November... Just BE.

Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I would really love to have the time to sit down and read a book. Right now my busy, non stop life does not allow that. Some day I will and some day "Down the Hall" will be in my book stand. It is rainy here in Michigan for the fourth day. Been pretty soggy here but that is ok as long as the snow stays away for a while longer. Have a peaceful evening my friends. /Sandy♥