Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you to ALL WHO SERVE, Veterans Day

Thank YOU ALL, To our Veterans today, this Veterans' Day and all days, thank YOU, "Salute".

 As we take this day to say "thank you" to our Veterans, to those who have and are serving; may we also extend gratitude to them each day for the sacrifices being made as they sign their name on a blank check that never expires paying for the freedom of each of us while knowing it could cost their lives, their comfort, their freedom in doing so.We thank you, we thank your families, your friends, your brothers and sisters in uniform.

Today there are events, parades, speeches across the soils of our lands. Honoring our Veterans.
The U.S. military's first female four-star general will be a grand marshal at New York City's Veterans Day Parade. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody retired last year after a 37-year Army career. Flags will be flying, the marching will be seen as people stand by to wave their flags and scream for our Military voices being heard.

Meanwhile, there will still be Veterans waiting for care in VA hospitals, those wondering if their benefits will ever come through, those who are now diagnosed with PTSD and wondering how to make it back into the world they left for war. WE as a country are preparing for holidays as our Military continues in war, sleeping in bags while someone holds weapons and are on the ready, prepared at all times for the worst of times. Some of those Veterans are right in your neighborhood, sitting in or on the street, unable to find housing or a job, they are now called Homeless, no parade, no Salute.

A hot meal, an odd job offering could be just the thing with a "thank you for your service" to restore self pride and respect.

It is Veterans day. For those who did not sit in their home playing video games called "Black Ops" but were defending our freedoms in real time as we slept safely in our bed. Parades are happening, wreaths are being laid, honoring ceremonies are taking place today. Hospices are pulling out the stops and making special events for those in their communities who have served, as are Nursing Homes, hospitals and others. Special deals are being had for Veterans in restaurants, at shops for free meals, coffee and donuts. It is a day of respect, of gratitude and honoring all who have served our Great Country.

A time to put all else aside, and say "THANK YOU FOR SERVING".

Thank you Veterans. "Salute"

 May you know peace.

Walk in beauty



Anonymous said...

and a huge shout out and
THANK YOU ~ for all the sacrifices our troops, our heroes,
past and present day ~
I cannot imagine the horrors of war.
I cannot imagine the despair and
anguish ~
I hope that life brings to each of you a bit of comfort,
a time of peace,
maybe there will finally be some
comfort in your life ~
in some way, a repayment of sorts for all that you have given to our
country ~
Thank you all from my heart for
my freedom, my life !!
blessings in the wind to
everyone , and many prayers of
gratitude to our Veterans !
sign me, ♥

DrSES said...

thank YOU A, for your beautiful thoughts, words... gratitude at its finest from one who knows..