Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's getting close to Thanksgiving!

Here we are the week of Thanksgiving! Gratitude all around as folks are now doing the 'turkey trot' running here there and everywhere as grocery stores fill up, the drawers get looked through for the just perfect recipe! Still others are combing through the internet as they make plans to launch into the stores for those special buys now that stores are opening on the day of Thanksgiving trying to jump ahead of the traditional Black Friday.  Oh what a busy week it is, kicked off with snow storms from the West to the East and ice storms around. The chill of the holidays beings felt by many as they now shift into "the holidays".

The energy is ramping up, emotions are running wild to match with the turkeys holding signs saying "MOOOO" just in case they are chosen for the menu.  People are flocking already like herds in front of stores in tents waiting for Friday... the "main event" of insanity once again. Some seen to have t.v.'s in their tents in front of Best Buy as they gather there; I suppose Best Buy is providing the electricity for that, as a mini community has already formed.

Is it magic in the air or insanity of ritual once again? Has the Thanks of Thanksgiving gone by like days of old? Once a time of gathering, of rituals like the Macy's Day parade, great smells in the home made by a kitchen of wonderment as the "gratitude and thankfulness" added to the aromas that filled the senses.

It seems now we only hear of the "Deep discounts" that are soon to be ours, the many ads that have people already planning to spend what they claim to not have to get something that they either don't really need or want to be thankful for.

Perhaps pizza would be a better choice for the day of Thanksgiving, then there would be less mess, those folks could eat while driving to the store with the best deal, in the car and by pass all need to feel relaxed or thankful for their blessings... It's hard to know.

Gratitude, thanks in giving on this day and the days to come, with no thought of standing in lines, camping in front of stores ... Just the ability to be grateful as aromas fill the senses as memories of times held sacred float the mind and heart. Moving from one moment to the next with complete honesty of gratefulness seems a much better choice to me.
Deep discount? Yes on the ability to just be. 
This year, our own Tarpon Springs High School Band will be marching in the famous Macy's Parade! You can bet I will be watching, it is a tradition, one that I look forward to each year as I count my blessings, as the gratitude pours over me... I am thankful.

 Best of all things to each of you as you begin the preparations for your Thanksgiving, your traditions, your times of great thanks that will carry you through each day.

Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for the words today of the ongoing craziness of some waiting for the day to purchasing all those best buys and not remembering to be thankful or counting their Blessings. I have never been one to do that shopping thing with the crowds that horde the stores. I prefer to do on-line shopping and not worry about if I got the very best deal or not.

The memories to Thanksgivings past can be quite difficult as the days fast approach for those who have lost loved ones. I know it is for me. We just make the best of it and keep on going and counting these blessings.

Ahh the Parades - they are wonderful and surely an exciting tradition. In the past I volunteered for the Detroit Parade Company and spent many Thanksgiving mornings out there on the parade route, in the cold and snow, waiting for it to start so we could begin that 2 mile march to the end. It was an awesome time and good memories. Also, was where Fluffee got started. Love the parades, the floats, music, marchers, bands, dancers and of course Santa Clause in all his Glory has once again come to town. Ho Ho Ho Good memories of past days.
Take care friends, have a wonderful day. We are in the cold and snow flurries here in Michigan so keep warm everyone.

Anonymous said...

and Thank you Doc for once
again reminding us of the true
spirit of this holiday ~
I, for one, refuse to buy into the
hype of bargains and spending money
, I boycott all the Christmas stuff
until December.. it appalls me that Thanksgiving has become a forgotten
holiday by so many ~ the media and shopping gurus have belittled the
true meaning of Thanksgiving ..
in my heart Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday ~
I love the unity of family and friends, the timeless traditions of family time spent around the table, football and parades ..
Our traditions have been altered over the past few years, loved ones are sorely missed, it can be very hard to shake the sadness and silence the loneliness..
As a family, we strive to focus on the happiness of having each other, the gratefulness in knowing our loved ones are with us in each beat of our heart ~ we are grateful for all that once was .. and thankful that we all have the inner strength to keep moving forward ..
Holidays can be such difficult
times , without a doubt..
I wish for all a Thanksgivimg of peace in your hearts, love surrounding you each moment you
breathe and memories of joy and
happiness. my blessings to all
♥ sign me,
hugging my angels,