Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Joys others bring...

 Sometimes folks can get a "kick" out of the joy of others, their lives, their thoughts, their very excitement about life. It doesn't take much to make a person decide to join in on happiness as they hear happiness in the voice of another, or see photos of others, or hear about the enthusiasm of others. I am continually tickled to life when hearing about day to day moments from others, in both the good, the bad the extraordinary times. Friends that I've met along the way; my pal Joe Graff up in Indiana who loves Monday's in a way that I've never known anyone to love... is a perfect example! He likes to "dance on desks or car hoods on Monday's; he is just that excited about life!"
Then there are those who marvel at the first snow like a little child with mittens and a sled as I sit and freeze with the image as today Colorado is getting enough for snowmen in the making!
"If you're happy and you know it... clap your...
Makes me laugh every time I see it!

People can lift us up or attempt to drag us down. At  times they don't ever know that they have just tickled us in ways unimagined as we get to read about their zest, their enthusiasm, their great loves, enjoyments, passion.

Meet my pal Joey Graff, his love of his life Rachel, their son Caleb as they were insane about the "Rocks" last night rooting them on to victory in the cold of cold weather!
The build up to the game began mid-week as I would see posts from Joey boy about the upcoming excitement building for the "Rocks" in Westfield Ind. His posts of "flutterflies fluttering" as he readied himself and Rachel for the excitement had me there in my mind. The victory as now the Rocks are headed for State Championships. Oh my the excitement has hit me here in Florida, the happiness factor is flying from there to here.
I can feel the joys ...
Congratulations Team, Caleb, Joe and Rachel...
Whatever will you do between now and the next game with all that adrenalin?  
Let the party begin:
Rachel has the right idea; put on your favorite shirt, and get the Margaritas going, it's Saturday and time to get HAPPY going! Yep that's what I'm talkin about...

 When we celebrate the joys, the happiness of others, we feel joy within, our own happiness increases. We mirror what we see, what we hear what we feel from and with others. Surround yourselves with those who outshine the sun, feel the heat, be the one who shows that passion, purpose, humor, joy.

Listen to the excitement within you, the joy that exudes from others as you allow it to replace anything that does not serve you well!

Have a joyous weekend.

Rock on Westfield Rocks up there in Indiana, may you be more than you ever imagined on the field and off!

Here's wishing you all a day of sunshine, warmth, snowmen that dance and courage to do those cartwheels that we all remember so well!

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author of
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