Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Down The Hallway, The Story of one woman ...

The hallway is calling you... it is engaging folks, pulling them in for what they are calling "the read of 2013/2014". I am just thrilled as I have read reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble this week. I have read emails sent by those I do not know telling me that they just cannot put the book down and feel as though they are right there with Charmaine and I in the office, in the hallway of that magnificent brain of hers.

Down The Hallway is just weeks from being first released, and reviews are being seen already! Of course, so are "bloopers" in the final copy... and I have to tell you I thought I would just have a stroke when told that a couple of paragraphs repeated themselves. I had to at first wonder if an Alter was behind it, wanting to be sure that they were being heard not once but twice!  Only to realize that perhaps it was the final proof, the editor team, or maybe the actual final formatting that just blew away the person behind the scenes... Whatever it was, it was and is being corrected. I did find the where with all to laugh as I imagined an Alter behind it tall in the great scheme of things. One never knows the power of words, of being in the story, of having the words and the message needing to be told.

The BRAIN is remarkable that way; it hasn't seemed to take the reader away from the need to hold tightly to the book, to turn each page with the need to know more, to send emails with questions, with thoughts, with the need to pick the book up from the beginning and start all over again. For that I am deeply humbled and grateful to all. Yes, I do believe this is a book destined for greatness, not because I am the author, but because of the woman that has survived. It is a story of one who has walked the walk of mental illness, a subject that is taboo in our culture, a topic that is both timely and topical in nature. It is a book that will take you on a physical, sensory, emotional journey into the brilliance of the brain, of the wonder of resilience if ever there was, but most importantly it will give another face to this disorder known and DID.  Once known and hailed as "multiple personality disorder"... long ago as we watched those movies called Sybil and the Three Faces of Eve in wonder and in awe... But this is an everyday woman who had the courage, the nerve to seek help under the auspices of grief.

Yes, she was grieving... grieving so much on so many levels that it was amazing. Losing time that could extend for hours or months.  A woman who played a beautiful piano but did not know how as Charmaine... A woman who at one time made a living by driving an 18 wheeler, but had no clue how to drive a stick shift car.  Yes a wonderful woman who survived her childhood as a result of the creativity of her brain that kept her going into adulthood and survived.  Yes this just may be the book that keeps you up late at night and has you talking about it around the office or at the water cooler or over dinner with friends.

This is the hallway that 1 in 10,000 may get stuck in or hide from the world as a result of with that thing now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder and you either do or do not know about ...

Let everyone know, this is your next read, and please take the time to review it on Amazon and all those other places once you've digested it!

Down The Hallway, The Story of one woman's journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder. There are men and women that hold jobs, that walk through their lives trying to make sense of things every day while others say it is not real.
Trust me on this one, I will admit there are those out there who try to "fake it for fame or attention", but IT IS REAL, as real as you and me.

May you have the best of days today... as you move through and out of the hallways and into your life with grace.

Walk in beauty,

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