Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday!

Tis' the season to feel the rush, the bustle the hustle as we all watched the news or heard the stories of those who just had to run into the stores on Thanksgiving day, on Black Friday to fight over things they can buy any day of the week! As folks hope for the deal of deals, the madness has begun... The holidays are upon us.

Today though, is the day for those little shops, the small businesses that this country was founded on. Those very businesses that now fight hard to stay in the brick n' mortar store fronts to make it in a world of cyber"ness", in big business where lines stood ready to charge at the first sight of the turn of keys to open the door. Today is the day to shop locally and shop small!

This is a day to take your time, to savor those little shops or take a drive to somewhere and just enjoy the day as you find off the path stores that are waiting to show you all that they have to offer for the holidays... More times than not they will also give you something else... amazing service, gratitude that you have entered their place of business along with a personal touch. That personal touch that is now often missing at those chains, those big time businesses that we often do our shopping while standing in line or looking like deer in the headlights with the swirl and the stress that runs rampant.

It is officially the holiday season: with that comes the holiday stressors that many seem to feel. Never enough time to get it all done, running, doing, events to attend. Those who wish the holiday would just come and go, leaving them at peace or in their own place of discomfort.

For many it now is  a holiday of missing, of longing, of memories that have to sustain them with a missing that hurts the heart, tears that stain the cheeks once again. An empty chair at the table and wondering how in the world they will get through it.

For some the "fa la la" is a sound that is dreaded as they try to muster the strength to just move through the day. They may forget the strength and the angels that are standing by ready to move in reminding them that there is joy to be had if they choose it.

Be gentle with yourself, but do not be afraid to get rough enough with yourself to move from stillness into action.

Take one breath at a time; it helps to know that you are never alone, not really. There are angels around us all the time.

Do what you feel like, not what is expected by others. 

If traditions are too painful as they once were, there are no rules set in stone. Create new and different traditions that make you feel better, more sure of you.

If shopping is too arduous, too stressful. Don't do it.

If you want to laugh? Go to a mall, get a coffee and take a seat somewhere. Then just "watch" as others run here, there, everywhere trying to figure out what it is they are actually doing! It can be quite comical.

Be cautious on self medicating pain, sorrow, grief, sadness. 

Write down your feelings, your thoughts, your reasons to still be grateful for each little thing in your life.

Slow down; there is no fire here, these are the holidays, they come each year and usually create stress in everyone.

Hallmark moments are usually best reserved for Hallmark cards, movies. 

With that said; do what makes you feel best, leave the lights on in your home to brighten things up. If you are not returning home until after dark, consider leaving a radio/t.v. on .... so that you return to light and sound.

Take best care of you as you visit your local businesses today.

Blesssings to all who are going through it, been through it or are up against it. BELIEVE

Walk in beauty,

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oshkosh said...

What a "thought settler" and comical---sit down and watch others in their rush of overspending! A person could be entertained for hours doing that!!!! I'll watch it on TV--LLLOOOLLLL Blessings and Peace to All.