Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Optimism, it's the best...

When you sit with the above picture for a bit; you realize that even when you are on your back, you have a great view... Those optimists, it's at time the best way to see life! The view can be amazing, the sights like no other even if laying flat on your back. An optimist will find the good, will put on those rose colored glasses while telling you of color on a cloudy day. The silver lining might just be seen before anyone else has looked up.

Some will say the turtle has it made; they can just pull their head in and be right at home. The T.v,. bowl of popcorn all just a head move away from them after moving steady and slow through their destined path. Wherever they go, there they are!

One doesn't have to see the glass half full, half empty in regards to optimism. An optimist can just cup their hands together with gratitude while knowing they will hold all that they need to drink well. They can just be, be in the moment and be all that they are. Just as you tend to your garden, you tend to your soul, your heart, your mind. We cultivate optimism with great gratitude.

We are only limited by our imaginations by the ways we live our lives, work our dreams, live our dreams, chase our rainbows in making possible what others say is impossible. All that is needed is all that is within each person in their own light, their own unique way.  Plant seeds, cultivate your inner garden well, tend to it as it allows you to bloom with radiance. Just BE........

 or not, it's truly up to each individual what they feed in their body, soul, mind and spirit.

As for me, and those I spend my time with? I choose kindness, powerful moments, optimism, keepin' it real and knowing that all the colors are scattered here there and everywhere. All those colors just waiting for me to pick up and draw all over life with, my way!

Have a remarkable day, with a glass that is overflowing and a lemon on top!

optimists rock! There is a chill in Florida today... near 70 degrees, guess it's time to break out the sweats and socks for the flip flops! I will look "fly"

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I wish you enough

Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Love the message today and love the photos also. I have been considered a day dreamer and optomist all of my life. That is a good thing I have worn those rose colored many days. I wish for you to always be wearing them also. I just got back from from a clown convetion and there are a lot of colorful rose colored glasses there and it is a good thing

Well, take care friends and have a very peaceful day. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Good to see you Fluff! be well up there and stay warm... the cold has hit, so good you are layered up in the colors!