Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Down The Hallway, I'm filled with gratitude

The day before Thanksgiving... I am thankful today, I am thankful each moment for life; my life with each breath. As I started the day with coffee, sitting here listening to the wind and noticing the change of temperature, I opened emails. I was just filled with gratitude when I realized I had an email from CHARMAINE. 

Yes, Charmaine has read Down The Hallway and now has written! I realized I was holding my breath as I read her words, thinking also that this was "that moment" of finding out what she thought. I've had several emails from readers who wanted to know if I had sent a copy to her, if I thought she would like the book, "if if if". The day before Thanksgiving, and here I sit with my coffee, ready to find out!

Down The Hallway the story of one woman's journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder. That one woman, Charmaine... this is her letter:

Dear Doc,
I just sat and held the book when it got here, running my fingers over the picture of the hallway. I read, I cried, I laughed, I nodded thinking "oh yes, she got it right". I would reread on JR, Charie and the other Alters actually missing knowing they were there, and most of all, I sighed over and over as I remembered our journey together. You asked me did you do the book justice. did all I was hoping and more so that others might read and do what I am doing which is nod and say "omg someone gets it".

To be heard and be believed is all a REAL Dissociative Identity Disorder person wants; to not be doubted or treated like a fake. Sadly those that do fake to get TV shows or for attention ruin it for those of us that are real and live through this nightmare. Thank you for the journey and thank you for doing the book. My prayer is and always has been that someone will read this story and understand a little better and not judge so quickly just because we are not like you. And that they understand a little better what brought us to where we were or are; being DID. And that those that are really DID know they are not alone and there is hope. I think you gave that in the book.

The walk down the hallway with you is forever etched in my head and my heart. I was amazed you were willing to do it, touched that you stayed by my side and relieved that you were with me. I can still feel you double squeezing my hand to let me know you were here with me and I had not gotten lost in the hell of the hallway. I thank you from the depths of my heart.  It was a hard journey for both of us; you as the observer and me seeing what I had hidden all these years but we made it through and as you told me, I did something no one else did for me. I saved me. I could not have made that journey without your ever present guidance. Thank you.

Thanks Doc. I will treasure this book and our work together. Hopefully I will see you very soon so we can sit face to face and talk and you can see how much I have grown in spirit. And thank you for the stain glass image reminding me that I might have been in pieces but am whole now and shining brightly and with beauty...not as before but as a new beauty.


Charmaine has spoken on the hallway. I am honored, I am more than because she was.

 For those who have asked about Charmaine, for those who have read and re-read the book, now you know she too read it. (More than once) i think ...

I am filled with gratitude.

Time to get busy in the kitchen, I think I'm beginning to smell winter in all its splendor.

Walk in beauty,

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Anonymous said...

well now, you must have jumped over the moon and back when you read the letter from Charmaine !!
Her words touched and moved me ~
It makes my day to know that she is more than okay ! she sounds as is
she is a true warrior and survivor
S T O M P !!
congratulations to the both of you !
and also thank you for sharing the amazing story with us !
Blessings are out in this
too chilly and windy Florida day,
yep, the smell of winter is in the air !! Happy Thanksgiving to all !
sign me.. ♥
hugging my angels, A.