Wednesday, November 20, 2013

STAND... find your balance

Just imagine trying to find your feet to stand in a bubble... to find your core strength as that bubble tosses you around in water, as your brain is sending messages through your body of "omg this is just the best thing ever while you are laughing so hard you cannot imagine yourself really inside a bubble"!

Finding balance at times may seem just as difficult but it is possible, YOU are more than possible!
As we all must remember at all times to use that creative genius also known as our brain, our imagination, everything is indeed possible... we must be mindful in remembering that those "hiccup moments" are just that. They will pass, just as we sometimes hit a speed bump maybe going a bit too fast, it will shock or surprise us along the road we know as life.

Our eyes, our feelings may not always see or feel it as it is. Balance is everything...
STAND, sit with your back straight and your head high using your core strength with all that you have within you.
Life can sometimes be rough; it can knock us off balance at times... and when that happens,
how we react will often depend on
how we position
You know, how we can immediately react and
"balance" or reset our stand...
kind of like being on a balance beam if you will, it's all about the balance!
Sometimes we stand just like any other day, and if you try this you just might be in for a big surprise.
Have someone help you on this.
Just stand straight and have someone you trust stand in front of you;
then have them take their hand, their forefinger and just press/push against your shoulder...
It probably won't take too much pressure and you will notice you "lose your balance"
Just like that!
Caught you off guard huh?
Now, time to reset your balance I'm thinking.
Focus, feel your feet, on the ground, plant yourself firmly... feel deeply in your stomach and connect the two solidly.
Seat yourself firmly and solidly planted and connected.
ask your friend to try it again.
Solid now right?
That is how you stay balanced, with a stance that is solid.
Then when those moments take you by surprise, you are solid. Things won't disrupt you from your stance so abruptly.
feelin' me here?

The life experiences are meant to "shake us" and to move us in directions sometimes unimagined, and that is ok,
change is all around us.
we can feel and BE in control of those major quakes and unexpected times if we are on solid ground from within... by grounding ourselves and our stance.
Ever been on a boat?
Hit a wave or two and noticed how your stance changes on its' own?
Got your sea legs goin?
Been hiking?
Wake up from a deep sleep and forget where you are?
Walking up hill and notice how your body shifts, you lean into it...
It's all in the stance!
Notice how young ones will
change their focus, change their states,
something just happens
and they are there!
Been on a ladder lately?
Notice how your body changes?
You become more alert in your movements,
more present with each step,
more aware!

If we know deeply from within
that no matter our circumstance
or the cards that are dealt
we can
with amazing grace
through the storms of life
still weather it
without falling down
without losing our stance
securing our stance in our mindfulness

Stand UP
Stand strong
Be the YOU that you choose

Walk In Beauty
author of:
CHRONIC PAIN with John Argent

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