Monday, November 4, 2013

Sauntering into Monday

One step at a time... It's Monday, you can either dive into it, saunter into it, or just cruise along enjoying it. It's your call! However you do it, it will be YOURS to own, to call yours with moments you see, things you do, words you speak. Feelings are often likened to the tides, they come... they go. Moments often go to quickly as we are adjusting now to the darkest of nights ready for bed at 8pm and adjusting to the change of times. The cold weather has found many around our lands, fireplaces are getting their first work outs, furnaces are being turned on once again, folks are even chopping wood to prepare for a long winter.  The warmth of summer and those who longed for the chill in the air will soon be saying "bring on summer" as we move closer to the chill or that snow that some seem to love so much.  While pretty on a postcard, lovely in pictures shared, that is something I do not miss at all. As I remember the speaking engagement that took me to the cold states and the ice on the windshield with no scraper, I was lucky to remember the old credit card scraper trick in order scrape the windshield! Ah yes, now I feel that chill at 60 degrees when I have to find my sweats here in the sunshine state, and hear from a beloved friend in CO of the snow that swirls and twirls along with a pal in Wounded Knee that already suffered the October snows that rendered all hell breaking loose there. I cannot imagine.

So for today, as you saunter, dance, stroll into your day; visualize a walk on the beach, toes in the sand, the warmth of the day that will give you that all over feeling that is good. Hold on to it tightly, let it wash over any other feeling that does not serve you well. May it warm you on these days and nights that find you cuddled in a blanket now thinking of what is to come.

These dark months can take a toll on the emotions, the feelings of the mind, heart and spirit.  For so many it is a hard time we are approaching, it brings up so many things for them. It just may be that so many are unable to do the things they could of been doing with more light, more warmth, more good feelings.

Do those things that make you feel good, that bring you joy. Dance, sing, make joyous noise and keep the lights on at home. 

Visualize something or somewhere that brings you a smile to your face, happiness to your heart and hold on tight to that which is good.
Soar, in your mind feeling the wind on your face as you remember gratitude above all else.

 May you have a wonderful week with an attitude of great gratitude.

Walk in beauty,

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