Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tune IN Tune UP Today to LIFE

It's "tune UP Time Thursday"! We've all heard the old saying, if you keep your car tuned up, oil changed it will keep you on the road. Sounds simple right? Many seem to think that they only need to put gas in the car and it will run forever, forgetting those simple and needed tasks in order to maintain the car they drive. Simple indeed... treat the car well, you won't be stranded on the side of the road! Tune up, regular oil changes and that car will take you where you want or need to go.

Same for each of you, but oh what trouble folks seem to have with that concept. Tune UP FOR LIFE, with regular care, compassion, kindness and notice the change in the quality of your life. Folks are much better at caring or looking to others, defending others than they are for taking care of or tuning up themselves!

It takes desire, time, mindfulness to "tune UP for your own life", your own mission, your own passion in order to be your best self for others. On this Terrific Thursday, it's a great day to shift your focus and change your state. Time to think about "tuning up, tuning in for life... YOUR LIFE.

Just as a fine instrument is cared for, the sound soothes, moves others to tap their feet or get up out of their seat, you too can do that with increased attention to your soul, your body, you own nervous system. Give yourself an oil change, a tune up, a tune in if you will. Make you as important as you make others, stand UP for you with kindness, compassion, excitement and imagination. Get creative, be fluid in your movements with each breath as you remember,

 Sing loud, dance hard, be all the joyous wonder that you can create for yourself in order to be more than you ever dreamed possible.

Tune UP for your life, make it a priority, you are worth it! Listen to music, play music, be the music that fills you up, tunes you up, stands you up.

Write down some tips of things that make you feel in tune with your world, things that make you feel good all over more than anywhere else. Refer to it when you feel less than how you want to feel. Remind yourself often that you want "more", and go for it.
Maintain grace, embrace enthusiasm, anticipate good things like a kid in a candy store.. BELIEVE, HOPE, DREAM, DANCE, SING

 Work to remember, you have all you need within you to reach for all that you desire that lives outside of you. Tune IN and Tune UP Today.

Take best care of you, be kind to you, be outrageous courageous and laugh a lot.

Thursday tips for that long overdue tune up of the soul...

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Walk in beauty,

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