Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sylvia Browne we will miss you here...

Many were as stunned as I to hear that the famed psychic and spiritual teacher, Sylvia Browne died at the young age of 77 last night. She is a best selling author, is probably best known for her appearances on live television where she would speak to strangers in audiences as their loved ones had messages from them who had died.  She was on stages around the world with the audiences filling each seat as each held their breath hoping she would call them out with a special message of a deceased loved one.

Sylvia Browne, she was madly loved, respected or doubted by those wanting to expose her. As I think back, I continue to be struck by her raspy voice, her abruptness when delivering her message at times and her smile. A knowing smile with her head cocked to the side and very very long finger nails that she often used to point with or position "just so" at her mouth.
I do remember her frequent appearances with Montel Williams; their bond, their apparent love for each other as they shared his stage. It seemed she was his spiritual adviser for a long time as she also reached out to an audience who longed for a message from a loved one now gone from sight. She seemed to always hit the mark when she channeled to them. She had been there it seemed, she had that spirit connection I remember thinking long ago.
Now she walks in the next place, I hope she had a peaceful transition. She gave much to millions in our world here.

My deepest condolences for her friends, her family, for those here who looked to her for spiritual advise, for hope, for relief. May you remember her words, her philosophy, her colorfulness as you celebrate her now.

She was instrumental during her life in bringing the lost home, in helping police departments along the way. She was a beacon of hope for those bereft feeling all was lost when she was the vessel for a message that helped them know that a loved one was still there for them. She went through hell here on this earth from those who wanted and made it a mission to discredit her, to spend their time hating her or judging her. She walked through it, made quite a name for herself during it, shook off the hurts and kept true to herself as she rose to the top of it. A known NYTimes #1 bestseller, she did something to get her where she lived well, laughed much and kept going even with the "naysayers".
Sylvia's main beliefs were deeply rooted in the existence of reincarnation. That remained a central theme in her philosophy and she let the world know it held the key to understanding life. She also made a point of  never imposing her values upon anyone. Often, she had been quoted as saying, "Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind." 

Some have dedicated years to "exposing her as less than human or a fraud" but it never stopped her from being who she was. I'm sure the press and those who seemed to enjoy that will have a party now that she has walked on.

Who knows? Westboro freaks may even want to boycott her funeral ... and she probably "saw that" coming and laughed that raspy laugh of hers. She will be remembered for the many hearts she has touched through the decades, her gifts of spirit, of Creator, and her books that are on the shelves of those who admired her and were inspired by her words.

Thank you Sylvia Browne for your life and for giving hope enlightenment to so many.

My thoughts to your family; husband, children, grandchildren, your friends, and those who loved you.

Prayers going up to all who are in it, walking through it, or been through it. May you find a spark to light you up on the journey, here ya are!

Walk in beauty


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