Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK ~ Dallas ~ 50 years ago; just like yesterday

JOHN F. KENNEDY our President; assassinated on a beautiful afternoon so long ago on November 22, 1963.

With each year, the documentaries run on television, the conspiracy theories heighten, a new book or three hit the shelves. New cars, new outfits, new this or that, less trust in politics than ever before. War that seems now to be determined to last at least another decade for our warriors.

One thing has remained: 
the country and world missing him, honoring and  remembering  JFK, his wisdom, his walk, his way.
The impact of his assassination has stayed with the world, in their minds, their hearts as we have seen it replayed each year over the last 50 years now; we have taught the children of this President of his legacy, of his public death on a sunny afternoon in a ragtop as he grinned from the back seat in Dallas.

We miss John F. Kennedy and the hope he brought to our country even today.  We miss him it seems even with his colorful love of women, good times. We miss the caliber of first lady that Jackie was in her style, grace and respect of our Nation and her role of First Lady.
We miss "back then". We miss when we all were led to reach for the greater good for and in all. We worked our asses off for the greater good and for ourselves to be the best we could be. John F. Kennedy challenged us to ask not what our country could do for us, but what WE could do ...
Has anyone seen him in the reflections of others?

  Be the light that outshines all that is thought to be bright.

Remembering the horror on a day so long ago that took JFK our President. Remembering all the many people who still remember where they were at that moment, the moment that Walter Cronkite told the Nation with his tears, his voice... the day our Nation and the world cried.

 WE as a Nation, as people need to look UP, look around, get involved to make this world a better place, right here in our yards, our back yards. 

We need our soldiers boots on OUR grounds now that we have heard they will be on the grounds of enemies in this war at least another decade. What are they thinking ... What would JFK think? What do you think?

thank you "salute" to those serving

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