Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sometimes ... somedays...

Sometimes, somedays it just takes a lot of hands... a lot of feet to move things. If not in real time, in your mind, your spirit, your visualizations. With that many hands you can move a mountain or those obstacles that may "pop up" in a day, a moment, a thought. Imagery is a great tool it allows you to move the mountain sometimes. Somedays we all need that; it helps us along when the path is difficult or an unexpected hiccup happens along the way.

Some days are just like that it seems. MOUNTAIN MOVE OUT OF MY WAY becomes the mantra of the day. It beats the hell out of cowering in the corner or feeling great defeat!  There are those days when a good book, a great movie and a couch or good for the soul though. It is the balance that matters along with the recognition that life can sometimes throw some unexpected hiccups along the way.

If you give time to sadness one must also give time for gladness. In that same vein we must also give time for those hiccups, those moments in time when the "sometimes and somedays" just wear on our nerves or leave us shaking our heads at ourselves, others, or situations that just are. It is then that images of Holding up the sky are helpful, many hands involved in helping whether real or imagined. Many voices along the way blowing the horn using a shared breath to get the word out... spreading the news.

The Moccasin Telegraph (word of mouth if you will) can travel far, reaching to lands and states and the Universal Oneness that connects us all. In good times in bad times, in times when nothing else can.

Sometimes, somedays ... everyone has them good bad or indifferent.

MOUNTAIN MOVE OUTTA MY WAY. A mantra that everyone can use when those days come in. Remembering that feelings are feelings and they will pass or be transformed by YOU.

somedays are diamonds, somedays are coal.  Sometimes a person has to work has to find the shine in order to realize the diamond was there all along.  somedays, Sometimes folks just have to get out of their own way in order to know the difference.

 SHINE ON, be brilliant, be as awesome as you desire in ways that are uniquely yours.

Walk in beauty,

author of
CHRONIC PAIN with John Argent


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