Saturday, October 16, 2010


Now how's this for a
Church Sign
Just couldn't help but
borrow this from
sissy Kelly2Wolves
once you clean up the coffee you have just spit on the screen of your computer,
don't ya just think that is the quite the sign 
Did ya ever did read one quite like it?
It even has The lock on the side?
Even there ... is a lock!
Sunday sermon:
"America's Joyous Future"
right after that list?
think I'll spend it on the Lake thanking the Creator for all my many blessings, my family, friends, the air that I breath, the Eagles that fly and carry the messages.
Prayer is the most reliable wireless service known...
No locks, no hollering, no talk about hell, no threats, no talks about who shot john, or what you should/could/would be doing, and no collection plates to keep the doors locked about it.
I get that we have to keep our doors locked, I appreciate that; I understand that desperate folks do desperate things... I understand that there are some mean people around just wanting to be stirring in something and up to no good.
I do really understand all of those things.
There's a little chapel in Tarpon Springs
that is open 7 days a week
folks come from all around there,
they go in and sit a while, light candles,
give an offering in a wooden box or to a little
woman who is there.

I really do understand that the world requires us to lock doors and be safe.

I also get that we all have the power of calling on the Creator wherever we are;
in our PJ's, in our cars, in the shower, in our beds,
on the water, in a plane,
at a funeral home, in a hospital
or in the middle of the woods nuzzled up to a bear
or in a sweat lodge
it is our belief
that is all that really matters
each and everyone of us
are spirit filled

Happy Saturday morning, early morning that it is.
Good time to connect with the
Universal Oneness this morning
a time that you can be sure
no lines are busy,
no locks on no doors,
no need to dress up, put on your
Sunday go to meetin clothes.
All you have to do
I mean
A child of the Universal Oneness
The all loving and all accepting
God Within that loves you.
What's up with waitin on Sunday to pray anyway? hahaha
Little ones are great to listen to at times, they pray like talkin to a friend... sometimes you can overhear them, it's great. Maybe adults should learn from the little ones I think. But then again, there are those times when it's good to just "hit your knees" and feel the earth, to bow your head in reverence of the greatness that you are graced to be in the presence of. Prayer is like a cry from the heart... It is pure, it is yours alone, don't need anyone to tell you how, to mock you or tell you right from wrong. Most folks know that deep within. Prayer is a direct connection... 
I'm with Kelly2Wolves who wrote yesterday, "My Creator is not an angry, jealous, or judgmental Vengeful God..."
Oh how wary and weary I am of those on television using religion as their backdrop for personal causes, events, and such. How weary and sick to death am I of protestors saying that they are pro-this and Christians with a heart, while praying for others to be maimed/killed or hurt under the veil of "religion"
and now
I have to go and see that
"custody" sign
that got my blood pressure raised up!

The Creator within us loves us, purely and celebrates our uniqueness, sometimes when we forget to love ourselves, many times in spite of ourselves as well.
We are held up with blessings, faith and HOPE, and we work that belief during times of darkness knowing that the flame is eternal.
there will be those who
"critter-size", who "judge", who "strike back"
who are "jealous" and "mean spirited"
who prefer to dwell in darkness...
We were all given that thing called
"free-will" and the ability to
Choose wisely dear ones..

I'm still thinkin though,
I just may stay with the thoughts:

"My religion is simple. My religion is kindness"
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and me
both think alike on that one.

I wish you great times of laughter, many miles of wear in your moccasins,
moments that take your breath away

On the Lily the Black Bear page yesterday;
a wonderful woman named Susan Brouse bid the final bid
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life.
The day the auction began Susan's dad was admitted to Hospice care in MN (sign I think)
she made her last bid this morning
and won Healing Heartaches auction
BID = $250.00
Susan Brouse's beloved Dad died a peaceful death
shortly after that bid was placed.
Blessings to you Susan for your generous spirit, you are the legacy as your parents are now reunited and dancing on the galaxies!
I bet there is one great party going on right about now!
Lily the North American Black Bear and HOPE have still not denned... still embracing what is left of the warmth and light out there in Ely MN... haha, they do keep us guessing!

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot.
Sage, Cedar and tobacco offered in prayers on the wind
in memory of Susan Brouse's dad, for Susan during this time of celebrating her Dad home
for all who gather here
Warriors of gentle spirit all
and those in the prayer bowl
the names will be listed on tomorrows page.

Walk In Beauty,
is the HOPE
Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

Expecting today to be one more great opportunity to celebrate life. To offer some kindness to another. To enjoy being uniquely e pleased with who you are and what you Hope everyone has a lovely day. Be well.

EVB said...

...once again your post, brought to mind this song. "And the sign said everybody welcome, come in, kneel down and pray
But when they passed around the plate at the end of it all,
I didn't have a penny to pay, so I got me a pen and a paper and I made up my own little sign
I said thank you Lord for thinking about me, I'm alive and doing fine"

Irene M said...

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...... I speak , not necessarily pray, up to the sky, anywhere/anytime I want.... I should do it more
Let's lighten up this wonderful Saturday in October. Chill in the air......... brrrrrrrr
Always love the early morning blog, Sherry.
You are the best and the readers, too.

Anonymous said...

Loving waking up to the sun,
in the fall chill, no humidity,
another PERFECT day to be
thankful for... STOMP...
Angels in your heart !
sign me,

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Loving the post ROFLMBO!! I didn't even notice the lock on the cabinet they are afraid someones ganna steal the letters! Probly more afraid of someone else leaving a message He ha he! Sending prayers up for Susan and her family glad she got your book Sissy, Blessings all !!