Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remarkable things happen... Kindness being one of them

Little HOPE
Lily the North American Black Bear

Good and blessed Tuesday morning
Coffee is ready, are YOU?

That picture just melted my heart...

recently(on the left)
(on the right)

Those two pictures took my breath
we've been changed forever
by them
by those who have touched
our lives

it reminds me of so many things, and so much that I have witnessed since January
when a North American Black Bear
gave the world
thanks to the brilliance
Dr Lynn Rogers
and his assistant
Sue Mansfeld
Ely MN
when they decided to put a live cam in Lily's den.

The world became "captivated", "captured"
and all too quickly realized just how
little control humans have on a day to day
And oh boy, we do not like not having some sense of control on a daily basis!!! LOL

The fan page on Facebook now is over 115 thousand fans, with a few hundred real loyals from across the globe, checking in with their cheery "good mornings" or
"good nights" daily!
They keep up with each other through posts, with happenings on the bears,
with lively auctions to raise monies for the
for the WRI (wildlife research institute)
They've learned much from each other, share their families of birth and choice.
They get riled up over things, passionate over things...
Some get .... uh I think the word is
"snarky" at times
or at least are told that
by some of the
"Lily MODerators
aka the Lily patrol who monitor the page"
Most of the MODerators are just like everyone else tho', bear lovers who now monitor for the "uglies" the "argumentative", the too "passionate" at times comments and posts...
I would NOT want that job for nuthin I tell nope not NUTHIN, no nutz, no berries, not even a good ole steak would lure me to that job!
Some get mad; some get hurt, some get fiercely protective of others... some do what is known as
"lurking" they are there but you don't hear much from them, but "lurking" is a good thing when you bid on auction items... it keeps people aware you are there and then you surprise them with your bid! too funny I tell ya!!!
the one thing that is sure:
then someone comes up with this great idea of auctions and "virtual tickets"
and folks start donating things for the great wins~
Auctions go nutz I tell ya, just off the chain crazy...
HOPE's scat is taken by a winning bid
$1,000 by a gentle spirit of a man named MOE aka "Mato Oyate Kola" a man in Duluth
yep, that is s**t we're talkin
SCAT, but when it belongs to HOPE
it comes out like the cutest and sweetest  little berries and nut looking things
and MOE loses all reason
$1,000 to the bears!
They auction wind chimes, home made pillow topps (really a hit since so many of us spend most of the time ROTFLOOR

The I get my sissy 2 wolves touched to her heart after she hears through the mocassin telegraph of darling Sara Bear being killed and spirit moves her to make a hand painted feather in her memory... and she donates it for auction, and then something else, she is "captivated".
OH my the folks went crazed on that one too.
AND something else from her gifted hands is coming... and folks are going to go

Those bears do have us captivated...
Acts of kindness, generousity and spirit are alive and well.
Healing Heartaches is auctioned and the bidder gets an autographed copy
WHOA... am I honored!
and the
BEARS score bigtime once again!
ONE more time we are spending much time on the floor,
here come the photos of doc and Sue and the bears, and folks imagine their walls now adorned with autographed photos, sun visors, ribbons with bare hare/hair, and all sorts of heirlooms that their families will use against them as they commit them to bear institutions someday!
er I mean museums dedicated to the BEARS!!!

i'VE found there are a few angels on that page disguised as regular folk too.
Now you know I keep it real on this page, and I don't want you to think I see only roses,
so yes, sadly I will admit there are thorns among those few roses...
a few wild angels are there...
AH, how I love wild angels
who roll with bear spirit

Recently a woman named Rita was with her Mom Bernadine who died in her bed secondary to complications of a long fight with Alzheimer's disease. She was in her 90's and Rita was her full-time companion/caregiver; providing round the clock care...
At the very end of Bernadines' life, Alzheimer's released its grip of her, allowing once gnarled hands to become flowing and free, extending to take her beloved daughters hand.
She was able to look into her daughters' eyes with focus, being able to see her clearly one more time and to hear her daughter say how very much she loved and would miss her.
Bernadine was able to "pucker" her tender lips to provide a good bye kiss of gratitude to her dear daughter Rita; more than many ever get the opportunity to experience at the very end of life claimed by Alzheimer's' and then to rest peacefully as Rita lay beside her, and gently move from her daughter's loving care to that of the Creator.
During all of this; Rita has given up so much to provide and care for her Mom, she is now exhausted; has gone through all financial resources... and wonders how she will find the where-with-all to even get to the final resting place of her Mom, how she will find clothes that still fit! I know that the Universe will provide, she only has to set her intention, her focus and ask... It is there.
during it
she received an angel from Lily the Black Bears' page.
A source of light and kindness through another from the page stepped forward by the name of
Glenda H.; a wild angel with bear spirit to be certain; and wouldn't ya just know it, she hails from Ely MN!!!
Well, seems Glenda, just reached out and lifted this woman up... and offered a gentle landing with unbridled concern and caring, compassion and kindness.
A canle burning light of brightness to an exhausted caregiver with a heavy heart.
Glenda reached out; and took the hand of a fellow Lily lover and fan of HOPE
and in doing so,
she instilled HOPE where there was pain and loss
and offered
where that had only been sadness
Glenda jumped as a warrior would and put up a discussion on the Facebook fan page of Lily the North American Black Bear page:
She told all of Rita, a loyal fan; her love for her Mom who was then actively dying. She lit a
"virtual candle" and asked others to join in and do the same for Rita and to post a message or two for her.
Quickly after, Bernadine died peacefully in the loving arms of her daughter; a woman who lived a long life, with her daughter there, after giving her those precious gifts at the end.
And an exhausted Rita began getting these messages, about candles being
"lit for you"
and she had no idea what that was about as she sat in the darkness of her disbelief that her Mom was really dead/gone, and she was exhausted.
she began to click on this candle thing...
and all of a sudden, there were messages from not one or two,
but from many
each with a message
and right there with each
a candle was lit and burning brightly
with her name on it!
Lily the North American Black Bear
Gave us HOPE
extended to those on that page
to light the way
for one who was feeling alone and in the dark

The kindness of Glenda (the little good witch) had spread like a fire that burns it all clean, with regards, respect, and honoring of Rita and her Mom Bernadine from across the globe.

All because a bear named Lily
and a cub
brought a group of folks together
who are walking a path never ever walked before and are stepping beyond
and into the realm of

and so
It is good.

For that I give thanks,
and so
It is!

Honoring and thanking the
Wisdom Keepers, the Ancestors
the spirits
 on this most remarkable day.

The fire is burning brightly the embers are hot, with loving thoughts on the wind to all who are in the prayer bowl, all who enter here.
Healing Heartaches

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the story of Rita and Glenda's taking the lead to lend her some light. You just never know where kindness will come from. A community that begins virtually by sharing the stories of the bears and becomes so much more to so many. Good to know that so many reached out to Rita. the pics are great. As I rarely visit the Lily page, I was suprised to see how bif Hope has gotten. The are gonna need a HUGE den this year.
Hope everyone is off to a great week.

liv said...

what an amazing story, it reinforces my belief that 99% Of people in the world are good. Do you think Dr. Rogers has any idea of what he has created? I WONDER ??? i would venture a guess that he doesn't realize how many people he has brought together and the chain of compassion he has created, unless of course he reads your blog.
Beautiful Picture of Nana and bear.
we love you xoxoox

EVB said...

Good Morning to you and your readers! I sooo love the bear bums' pictures you posted. Yes, the bears are walking away, soon to den. I hope/expect, they will fare well this winter.

Irene M said...

Tuesday's story hit me hard. Rita, my heart goes out to you, Glenda ( you good witch ! )
People have wonderful qualities and really step up to the plate when needed.
Picture of you and bear very " nice ", I know how much you like that word, ahet, ahem....
Peace out............. FIRM

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Thanks for Sharing prayers going outsniffles being wiped! Love ya Girl STOMP!!!!!

Pam C said...

What a beautiful story. It reminds me to focus on the beauty of the moment, to truly appreciate what is true for us in each moment. So often we race ahead and begin writing stories about the future. These stories are usually drawn from fear, anxiety, anger, as though by anticipating these feelings we can somehow escape them. If Rita had raced ahead, she would have missed those precious moments with her mother. I am practicing being with those moment-by-moment feelings, noticing them, their effect on my body, allowing them their space, breathing through, breathing through... I hope to let go of my story-writing tendencies and to be present to each moment as it unfolds, instead of engaging a future tale that may not come to be. May Glenda's kindness inspire us all.

Anonymous said...

For all the Rita's in the world God will surely bless you. For those who have not had the experience of Rita and millions more you will find the job to be done with love is a long and lonely journey. If you have never been a care giver there will be many obstacles to get in your way. You never know if you are exhausted, sick or just giving up. It is a very hard job and sometimes you do have help from family and friends and sometimes you are all alone. I wish when I was taking care of my Dad back in the late 80's and early 90's I had known more about alzhimers. There was not much known if my memory is right by doctors until the Rita Hayworth story came out and her daughter told the public her story. It is so sad and it breaks my heart to know there was so many things I could have done different. It is now hitting this world more and more I hear of alzhimers and I now have a sister who has the dreaded disease. May God have mercy on all of us. We all have a cross to bear. Rita you are a great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

My dearest soul seester Sherry ♥
My Oh My! No wonder my ears were burning yesterday! Thought it was just the hot sun as I tended to putting the garden to rest for the Winter. :-)
I was born with my bottle half full :-) lol and have always had the glass is half full attitude. I believe some are just natural born caregivers and I'm so thankful for this spiritual gift.
Sometimes a person is put in your path and you don't know why but eventualy it becomes clear and you are given a purpose.
Rita and I had not known each other for maybe a month when she picked me to "friend" on facebook and share about her struggles taking care of Mom full time. I let that info simmer for a week or so and then I had a proding to write and check on her and before you know it we were writing back and forth as time would allow it on her end. I work with Seniors and had just lost a dear 89 year old friend in February. It brought me back to what it felt like at the end to lose Ruth.
Rita is an amazing example of the love of a daughter for her Mother. She has written such beautiful thoughts at Lily's discussion page urging others to reach out to their own Mothers in her Mom's honor....the ripple effect it's having is breathtaking! At least two people have written of mending broken ties with their Mother's! Yes!! :-)
Dr. Sherry was instrumental behind the scenes giving me "last moments" advise and I shared them with Rita! Sherry you were spot on!
I'm so blessed to have met you and proud to call you friend! I was talking about you at work this morning as I shared Rita's story with a woman I work with....she started to cry and told me of the loss of her Mother 6 yrs ago at the young age of 58 in a tragic car accident.
I had no idea. My heart has wrapped her in it...you just never know someones walk until the moment you speak and realise, I was supposed to tell this story right now and right here for a reason......:-) She has not healed from her grief and loss.....had to watch as life support was taken from her Mom......:`(

~time to fly!~ now where did I put my broom?

glenda the good witch :-)
to Sherry ~ wopila!

Anonymous said...

love this page !
sign me,