Friday, October 15, 2010

Here we Go ~ Weekend Time!

Time for the SHADES

woo hooo

That's Kamryn when he was a little one, dancing a little and just having his "groove on"
funny memory
especially since those earphones were
NOT connected to

This mornings thoughts are goin to be short
for today:
a little something to ponder as I pondered yesterday.

I was out and about,
visiting my wonderful cardiologist
Dr Vanessa Lucerella
I just love that woman!

As I was driving back from my appointment with her I passed a church and its huge sign out front caught my attention. I was sitting at a stop light and thinking about my visit with my doctor, and the things I was looking forward to this month, and all that jazz.
When I looked over at a church sitting at the cross street and then this sign caught my eye:
It read:


As I re-read it again, the car behind me blew its horn to let me know the light had changed... and I proceeded on my way, about a block or two, but realized I was still thinking about that sign.
And for some reason, don't know quite how to explain it,
spirit seemed to direct me to make a
and return to that church with the sign.
I pulled in the parking lot, and again
read the sign!

Somehow it seemed like a punitive sign somehow to me.
be that as it may, I decided since I was already there, and had never been there before,
I would go on in and say a prayer or two.

So I got out of my car,
went up the steps of the church
turned the knob on the door

I sat right down on those steps and
just laughed myself silly as I once again read that sign
I want you to know.
THE sign that this church lot says
They don't want just weekend visitations !

When I finally stopped laughing, crying, and thinking about all of this
I realized there was indeed a reason that I was called to this church
and decided to walk up and go on in.

Custody is a "rough" word I think...
It is often used to imply/describe someone who has been in a battle or a fight to get something/someone or been condemmed to jail or something like that, or been awarded children or had children taken away...
Visitation is held at funerals, in jails, memorials,
supervised usually when relating to children or
divorced parents. Again, usually not the most pleasant of things, but things folks must do and do not look forward to.

Either way you cook it
it doesn't sound too appealing to me anyway.
So I wonder,
how others in the community feel about signs like that
or even those who might see a sign in their community church lot.
Does it welcome you into that "fold"
or congregation with open and accepting arms? Does it make you feel "warm and fuzzy" inside?
does it make you want to run in the other direction and not even go to a yard sale in that lot!

How very sad that folks are encouraged to come
pray, stay and feel at one in the house
of God/Spirit
but yet have to lock the doors during the week
when some may want to pay their respects
pray, stay, sit and be at peace in a sacred space
after reading a sign even
only to walk steps and pull on a door
that does not allow entry.

I truly love chapels that keep their doors open every day, just there and open... Walk in, sit down, light candles put a few bucks in an honesty bucket/place
and do what you will in quiet and peace.
No signs telling you how when where
to be act or feel.

Again it reminds me of the greatness in all things,
the hope in healing ways.
THE Faith
that lives within all of us
The LIGHT burns brightly within each of us
as we
are the physical manifestation of
the God spirit
we only need to look deeply in the mirror
to look at our reflection
deeply look within
to see
that we
are truly
all that is represented
in the Creator
that we have ever needed is within us
as we are all
children of the Universal Oneness
of spirit
of God
that lives within us
there is no locked doors
no custody issues
there is kindness and goodness
a pure light
that burns brightly
allowing us to stand
integrity, honesty, compassion

And for that I give thanks
so It Is

And so
Today, stand up
get your dance on with great gratitude
that you are alive
that you are part of something wonderful
that the Creator made YOU
like no other
that you can
all without doors that lock
without fear
and with
laughter on the winds
HOPE in your heart
knowing that
YOU are youer that you
so go
and have yourself
a remarkable day!

The fire is burning brightly, thoughts are on the winds as I wait for the sun to rise, to all who enter here and all in the prayer bowl... Together we are with some powerful angels both here and in the next place!

Walk In Beauty,
That Is The HOPE in Healing Heartaches

I so love this bear!
Comin closer to the den
and lookin a bit ready for some serious sleepin
I think! This picture was taken by Sue Mansfeld yesterday while she was out there visiting/working yesterday in the woods!
for updates on the North American Bears
Lily and HOPE are still hanging around
and we are still urging them to
den baby den
and please pick the one
with the nice people near the electricity
so we can have the live cams running!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah....Sundays are money makin days for churches, what with their "offerings", some have this opportunity on Sat. PM so they can get their "obligation" met early and not have to get up early with a hangover Sun AM. Sounds cynical no? Ah but when it comes to organized religion I am. Of course churches will tell you that they are poor and humble and can't aford security in these evil times.... Blah Blah Blah. Right. No $ to be made, lock it up, forget those that might just have a spiritual desire to find "sanctuary" there. Listen to the language of the sign, hear the "loving" words preached...."GOD FEARING". Need I say more? I fear no god. Whatever happened to a "LOVING GOD". Guess I got myself started, sorry readers but this is a Hot Button Topic for me! Have a reat weekend.

Anonymous said...

So easy to critize..we must be part of the solution not the problem

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog doc! Funny too. A U-Turn in Florida? Did you bump your head? You are funny. Did anyone ever tell you that?
Loved the affirmation that we have within ourselves, all that we nedd, all that we are and all that so many seek externally. Now THAT I believe, a belief I embrace. Rock On Doc!

EVB said...

Your blog brought to mind a song I always thought was "cool man"...remembering "Signs" ...blocking out the scenery ...Anyways, I agree, there is something about the wording that bristle me a little bit.

Irene M said...

" You are youer than you ", now that rings my bell. Chapel / church doors locked tells me the world we live in is fearful of who will come in, what will happen, who will we " pay " to secure the church's safety ? We can only go within our own structure / building to pray, be, think, sort out... I do not attend church regularly, but occasionally light a candle when it is OPEN for my business
Weekend upon us.......... enjoy & pray !
E Y E S C R E A M keepin' FIRM

Anonymous said...

I had a friend from high school that was a life guard that had lost a young swimmer at the base of his stand one summer. he went to his church to pray and to try and understand the tragedy and found the doors locked. he was devastated. he drove from texas to arkansas to the mountains there and prayed from that vantage point after deciding not to throw himself off of one. He never went to church much after that but found solace in nature. the churches put lovely signs on their marquee to appeal to the masses but their "doors" remained locked??? dr s. you are the bomb diggity. :-) i love how you see the world around paint us mental pictures like no other. have a great weekend!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good blogs, good answers for all. Most churches I know of have to keep their doors locked except on Sundays. There is so much ugliness in the world with people destroying Churches. I know of a Church when the person comes to open each Sunday there are always some homeless people laying near the doors. They feed them and send them on their way to a place they can get help. There is always a reason for places to be locked even our homes are locked to the max.. In the olden times when people were not drugged up and mean we never locked a door. Good blog

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

ROFLMBO!! Yes indeed Sissy you should have used the pic I posted for this one!! I guess they sent the message to you loud and clear yeasterday eh!When I want to pray I go to Gods Creation and ya know what ? There are no doors to be locked,I don't have to put on my sunday best , coarse I don't wait till Sunday to pray anyway, No busy signals , no being put on hold, I don't have to leave a message, I don't even have to make an appointment. And I get one on one customer service!!! And its not even a long distance call! My Creator is not an Angry, Jealouse , Vengful God, Altho I have heard of that guy in the Christian story of Creation, and have often been bewildered when I ask a Christian that spouts that stuff if he really knows who he is supporting. and am amazed at the nasty attitudes I have recieved form that question. LOL go figure. The one I know loves me in spite of myself ,has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams, has healed me through acceptance and forgivness. And has held me up in the darkest of times. Yes I have stood in the preasance of the one who loves me, and I am unafraid. The Creator I know askes only one thing of us, Open your Heart and all that you seek shall follow! Love you girl take some Rosemary tea for those headachs and go walk along the beach get some sun, and listen to the heart beat of the Earth Blessings and Love to all!

Anonymous said...

loved the blog' as usual. I. too. have seen
locked doors ....same sign...LOL...
organized religion turned me off many moons ago, I know it works for lots of peeps but not me...
don't need a church to pray or any one's approval
that I'm doing it right...
Greatest day today... air so full of new..
sun warming my heart and the breeze clearing
my head... I am thankful for being part of the
wonderment of it all,
Happy weekend... Angels with us... dancing
and stomping !
sign me,

Anonymous said...

And all Gods precious people said "AMEN!!!"

Anonymous said...

I wrote... it disappeared, but I believe you do NOT need a church per say, you need heart, just heart, and hope, and love.. Be still, and know. I do! Try St. Michaels Cathedral in Tarpon, it's real! Many tears, and thanks, have touched that sacred little place...Oh yeah, doors have been opened every time I have gone. I'll take you there if you'd like! Thanks Dr. SES!