Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Time To Dance

was ever so sweet

Good mornin this middle of the month
October morning
Sure is going to be a beautiful day
I'm thinkin!

Last nights sunset was just magnificent all across the world,
most welcomed in
Ely MN
30 minutes after sunset
The North American Bears were

Our beautfiul Braveheart emerged from the
 "rock cave den"; guess she decided it was a tad tight to have offspring! hahaha
HOPE she picks one a bit bigger although loved the visual of her there, would love one that allows a cam for viewing her!

It is now time to
to get busy with your computers
get busy!
Letters need to be written and laws enacted to
Protect the research bears and collared bears
in all states!
Here in Florida
we have almost lost all of our Black Bears
to "trophy hunters"
We need protection for these magnificent Bears
for the next generations.
Everyone can make a difference
by taking the time to let their voices be heard
in a respectful manner.

HOPE and mama Lily have yet to find their home (den)
for the winter!
They are writing the book on research, doing it their way
and it is a fascinating thing to learn and to witness.

How was YOUR week-end?

Get any signs from loved ones to remind you they are always a heart beat away?


See any funny signs?

The one above just tickled me, so of course I had to share it with all here!

"Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning."
Joseph Campbell

The fire is burning brightly today, its embers are hot... Thoughts and prayers on the wind to all who enter here, to all mentioned yesterday along with those who know who they are! Those being thought of with loving thoughts always.

Take best care of YOU today!

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches


Irene M said...

Funny, you should ask how our weekend was.
I was " able " to ride my bicycle all the way to the Marina, along Victoria Drive and back home. Now, that may not be stunning to readers, however, needing a partial knee replacement, IT IS A PRETTY BIG DEAL TO ME !
I feel great, active, full of life and my dad's spirit was with me these last few days.
Monarch Butterfly ( Frank ) was just a-fluttering around, everywhere I went. I am blessed........... and FIRM

Anonymous said...

Awesome weekend! Great week ahead. Fullof suprises.Livin the good life.Making special moments count.This is always the best week of the year for me. Best Friday coming up. Let the party begin. Cookin steak on the grill tonight. Sun shining,air clear and a wee bit crisp. Does it get any better than this?

Anonymous said...

So glad hunting seasonis over in Ely. In the final hours ofselecting their dens, the bears, slowed by the need to fully rest, are making last minute preparations. Me too. Gearing up for winter, soon to come. Drag out the coats, wool socks and warm sweaters. Soups and stews and home aked bread. Long nights and lots of blankets. Ready. Warm blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

Looked at your signs link_ since God created all magnificent creatures for man to have domain over in that perfect garden, Im certain they will be in heaven! He tells us the lion will lie with the lamb--that certainly isnt gonna happen in this time. To think , a place where no hunter will ever be able to take another animal--wondrous day!!The sign I got this weekend was from a look in the mirror. Im looking and acting like her more and more every day LOL Made me pause and laugh. Irene, your bike ride sounded wonderful and Im happy for your ability to do it. Dr S, you continue to make my days better. Some fear continues to creep in and cause some set backs but Im working on me. Blessings to you.

EVB said...

Hello, Sherry and readers! The weekend was good; had Mom over for a cook out:) and the 2010 bear hunting season has finally ended.

Joe said...

Yes, Mondays are a great day to dance!

Irene, it sounds like recovery is moving along quite well, thanks for sharing. I do wonder though, where will Frank be over the winter? I've never thought to ask or even ponder what happens to butterfly's in the winter until this very moment.

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