Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's all in the 'stance'

It's all about how
Yep, it's almost time to
bust some suds
this year it's the first Sunday
at the
Steak N Shake
in Oldsmar FL

Life can sometimes be rough; it can knock us off balance at times... and when that happens,
how we react will often depend on
how we position
You know, how we can immediately react and
"balance" or reset our stand...
kind of like being on a balance beam if you will, it's all about the balance!
Sometimes we stand just like any other day, and if you try this you just might be in for a big surprise.
Have someone help you on this.
Just stand straight and have someone you trust stand in front of you;
then have them take their hand, their forefinger and just press/push against your shoulder...
It probably won't take too much pressure and you will notice you "lose your balance"
Just like that!
Caught you off guard huh?
Now, time to reset your balance I'm thinking.
Focus, feel your feet, on the ground, plant yourself firmly... feel deeply in your stomach and connect the two solidly.
Seat yourself firmly and solidly planted and connected.
ask your friend to try it again.
Solid now right?
That is how you stay balanced, with a stance that is solid.
Then when those moments take you by surprise, you are solid. Things won't disrupt you from your stance so abruptly.
feelin me here?

The life experiences are meant to "shake us" and to move us in directions sometimes unimagined, and that is ok,
change is all around us.
we can feel and BE in control of those major quakes and unexpected times if we are on solid ground from within... by grounding ourselves and our stance.
Ever been on a boat?
Hit a wave or two and noticed how your stance changes on its' own?
Got your sea legs goin?
Been hiking?
Walkin up hill and notice how your body shifts, you lean into it...
It's all in the stance!
Notice how Lily and HOPE
change their focus, change their states
something just happens
and they are there!
Been on a ladder lately?
Notice how your body changes?
You become more alert in your movements,
more present with each step,
more aware!

If we know deeply from within
that no matter our circumstance
or the cards that are dealt
we can
with amazing grace
through the storms of life
still weather it
without falling down
without losing our stance
securing our stance in our mindfulness

Stand UP
Stand strong
Be the YOU that you choose

Walk In Beauty

Thoughts on the wind to all as the fire is burning brightly
We Are gentle warriors here,
that is the HOPE
in Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

hey, I can't believe I am first today... will take a stand, all about presentation...
have had a missing phone for days now..
need to hook up with Laura about the
CARWASH... need to make a plan...
I am leaving to go north.. much sooner
than I had hoped...
The first Sunday sounds good... which first
Sunday ???? I'm panicking here...
help me out...
MS is a super cause and I want to make sure we do it RIGHT...
Angels on my mind and in my
heart !!
sign me,

EVB said...

Thank You Sherry, I needed this reminder; tummy in and shoulders back! Right now I am PO, and want to vent, but will spare your readers, the name calling and the details as it is hunter related. Hunting is one thing, but to do shooting that is against the law, is another whole different thing! There are hunter laws, for a reason. Venting, Venting and Venting!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry my favorite stomper! ♥
You've mentioned a subject near to my life.
My daughter's best friend from College just completed a 3222 mile run across the US for MS.
Her mother has suffered with MS for 28 yrs.
Ashley began her run in March in San Francisco and completed the run on Sept 28th in New York!
My daughter Steph joined her and ran with her for two weeks across PA and into New Jersey last month! Quite the adventure to share some of Ashley's run.
Info about the run and fundraising continues:
website: msruntheus.com
facebook: msruntheusInc
lots of photos on Flicker
Ashley just returned back home to Wisconsin after her 6 month journey and has a big fundraiser planned in Milwaukee Nov 4th.
She's now planning another run for 2012 and a book!
Ready to stand tall and stomp through a great week! ☼
much love,
glenda (the good witch) ;-)

Irene M said...

Irene, here, NOT first, wanted to give someone else a chance.
STANCE, DANCE, CHANCE: all good words and advice given by our Dr. Sherry.
Let us know more about the CAR WASH and which Sunday it will be......would love to attend & help out. Until then, I am F I R M and lovin' it

Anonymous said...

GOT MY BUCKETS LINED UP AND SPONGES READY. We had a wonderful time at the last car wash for MS. Anticipating a good time for a Great cause.
Hope everyone comes out to help wash, or to get their car washed. Send your freinds and neighbors. 1st Sunday in November at the Steak ans Shake in Oldsmar, From Palm Harbor, folow Tampa Road East to Oldsmar, Steak and Shake is on the left. Can't miss it. Guess Laura and Andrea will fill in the time soon. Remember Laura has a partnership that matches funds raised so let's all show up and raise a ton of money for MS research.