Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faith/HOPE on a Terrific Thursday


It's always darkest just before dawn...
Ready for coffee? Poured two cups this morning just in case...!

NOW that oughta get your mornin started heehe....

Just couldn't help but share a little fun with ya, sent to me by little sissy out there in South Dakota, Kelly2Wolves... cracked me up it did!
WAKIE WAKIE world...  it's time to get up!

Much to do today; fed the fish next door yesterday, as our Dear Sandy and Stuart are once again on a little vacation... Those two take vacations more than some people take baths... leaving us the care of little swimming fishes who are dependent on me to remember to give them just a "pinch" of fishie food and a kind word to keep them swimming til' their people come home! HOW funny is that... this vacation to the woods up North in the who know where lands, takes Sandy away from her beloved Jeepers and he does not like it one little bit that she is not walking through the door each night to cuddle, snuggle and other wise spoil him more rotten than he is. Now that I think about it, it is rather hard to do those things with fishies isn't it? and they are not nearly as cute as Gypsy, Jeepers and Patches I might just add!

Folks on the Lily the Black Bear page went just bonkers last night as the Lily MODerator started giving "clues" for a surprise... had them all kinda stirred up and laughing like crazy. Moe in Duluth ended up in such a state that the "e" key on his puter got stuck... he thought his puter might have had a "stroke" only to find out a bit of Merlot escaped the glass during a laughing fit but all is well now! Did I mention... we laughed like little kids who just discovered worms and sand on a beach???

Through all of the clues, the guesses kept coming in:
some guessed that little cub HOPE was now wearing a "gold tooth" while others suspected that Dr and Mrs Rogers may be expecting babies" and still others put the pieces together that maybe HOPE had a "gold plated new collar" and Lily and HOPE had found a den!
Folks joined in, pulled their hair out and laughed til their faces hurt, only later to figure out that Sue Mansfeld had spent time with both Lily and HOPE and had new pictures, and there was a You Tube of Dr Rogers with great photos through out his life of the bears...
SPLENDID, if you watch it.. or just watched it, you will be amazed.

Meanwhile, the world watches while

CHILE CELEBRATES ~ ~ ~ after miners spent 69 days below the surface in the mines... in the dark...

HOPE and resiliency of the human spirit is witnessed as miners continue to come out to the light... and to those who have been waiting, HOPING and praying.
And the world wept with gratitude as the long hours, the prayers and the efforts of many hands continued.

Faith is being able to feel your way in the darkness, trusting that the light will shine, one ray at a time... even when you see nothing, knowing deeply that the light will shine.
For all that have been involved in this rescue, for the resiliency of the human spirit,
I give thanks
so ... It Is! 

Those miners below the surface for so long, in darkness... families, friends, so many worried, frightened, grieving thinking the worst...

But, HOPING and praying for the best... and then, many hands, many hearts coming together for the greater good... Humanity at its finest, stepping outside of "self" and into "other". Hard work, tenacity of purpose, the call to Warriors across the globe for prayers, for strength, for UNITY and HOPE

and then...

Here comes the light. One miner stated,
"we always knew we would be rescued, we kept the faith".

Faith: you may not be able to see it at times, you may be in the dark at other times... feel as though the light within has gone out completely... but when you find the strength to hold on, to believe and to trust and dig really deep (how much deeper can you get than in a mine and closed in right)

Did ya notice that it was called "PROJECT HOPE"
Lily the North American Black Bear had a cub, and its name is HOPE...

Miners in a mine in Chile below the surface 69 days...
and knew deeply in their hearts... that
FAITH/HOPE/ would bring them back to the top, alive and to those who loved them...

Faith will sustain ya, HOPE will get you through.


and that's all I have to say about that ... off to see cardiologist today, and make sure she is doing ok! LOL

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, take a moment to think of all those Chilean Miners have endured, send them a thought today, those that would not give up or give in... their families... and remember the faith and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Blessings to you and yours.

The fire is burning ever so bright its embers are hot.
Thoughts on the wind to all in the prayer bowl, and all who visit and call this a place of comfort and humor, together we are a wonderful group of gentle warriors...

Walk In Beauty,

That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches


Irene M said...

I watched each & every one of the miners surface, including the rescue team for almost 24 hours. They all were an inspiration, each had a different reaction regarding re-introduction to the surface & loved ones.
10-13-10: date of rescue, adds up to 33 (# of men trapped) pretty incredible, huh ?
How come I am first this A.M. ? Irene

Anonymous said...

What a funny cartoon that was.Thanks Kelly. Good Morning to all who visit here.I give thanks for Dr. Sherry

EVB said... Good Morning to you and your readers, I did a copy paste of the Bird of Prey link, voting site. This cause is losing ground in it's Pepsi refresh, rank, now in 11th place. Hope you don't mind Sherry. I enjoyed the Garfield video; love my morning coffee. Yes, such good, great news on the miners, joy all around. (I hope the copy paste thing works.)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning cool, rainy world. Rejoice with the train cup of coffee. That was my favorite as I love to hear the train whistle as it passes my house. Rejoice we did with each miner coming out of the hole. Cry, yes with the families and the miners. What a wonderful out come of so many brave men and their families. I often as days went by wonder what are they thinking? Are they fighting between themselves over boredom, helpleness, missing their loved ones? They surely are a bunch of brave, caring men. I remember as a child and adult of my dear uncles who worked in the mine telling of all of the tales of miners and how they would be glad to retire and get out of that pit. Both survived the mine but later died of cancer and lung disease related to mining. To all involved in the rescue, family, ministers and the many prayers we all thank you and blessing to all.

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

So many prayers answered, so much joy to be had, Hope ,and ,Faith got them through. The world rjoices and sees that Anything is Possible if you DON'T GIVE UP! Wonder how soon it will be before the movie comes out he he. Blessings to all the families and all theAmazing resue workes! Good Job Everyone Good Job!! Glad you guys got a giggle with Garfield!! Blessings to all this beautiful day!!

Anonymous said...

Had been following the story of the miners on NPR for two months. Oh what a night! So glad all survived. What an incrediable story it is and I hope they DO make it into a movie. Hope Rocks! Best to all.

Anonymous said...

HOPE all is well with all,
very happy story here today of the
rescue... never give up...
just give.
that's all I have to say about
Sweet dreams!
Angel hugs through the night!
sign me,