Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Labels and such...

She flew over us
Lake Tarpon

Good morning morning... you sure did come early today!
Seems I blinked and here it is Tuesday, still dark
the 4 leggeds still sleeping, the coffee delicious.
So lovely and dark and quiet.

I was thinking about how powerful words and labels are after talking to a beloved dear one last night.
Sometimes labels are great!
For some, it's what they love
Coach, Benz, Lexus, Nike
and the likes

Other times not so great... ADD/ADHD/Clinical Depression/Anxiety Disorder/Mood Disorder/

Folks don't much care for labels when it comes to class, race, culture/tribe/religion/beliefs

I'm not real fond of labels, but particularly not happy with the ways of which some "label" children or adolescents, adults or even animals for that matter.
Seems rather easy to throw a label here or there
and then somehow that does harm in my way of thinking.

IMagine if you will, a little 5 year old, being introduced in the school system, with strangers; adults now telling the little one to go here, do this, sit there. Having to learn to ask to go to the bathroom; eat food that is "yukky" or unfamiliar, and again not be able to question because they don't feel safe.
Learning to play with others for the first time, trying to find the safe place in all of this controlled chaos.
then the "big people" the ones in charge decide on their own that this little one is not doing things quite right in their "professional opinion" so they call the parents in
a mere 3 weeks into the school year.
And in walks not one, but 5 members of a
"interventionist team"
to confront the parents about the
"oddness of a 5 year old"
who now might just fail kindergarten!
Are you kidding me?

He has just been labelled~
Welcome to the world of ridiculous 2010

Parents can't breathe as they listen to the litany of "labels" spewed by the "professionals"
1. he doesn't make frequent eye contact
2. trouble focusing
3. won't eat lunch
4. observed while alone with another teacher who volunteered to take him to her room to get him to eat
*(where were her boundaries, this was not her student)
5. did not eat, (but teacher did not engage him instead typed in computer 3-5 minutes of observation of him)
6. took chair and made believe he was playing guitar
(I think that creative)
7. was blowing bubbles with mouth
 (Again, I think that creative)

I'm thinking that labels can be good, if you like labels.
They are good for diagnostic codes for billing insurance companies and in order for folks to get reimbursed for services...
Brands are good if you like brands I guess.
5 year olds: have short attention spans folks, they often are finicky eaters, they are wonderfully creative, they know how to blow bubbles with spit, and, they often do not make eye contact!
NOW really...

When we label children, animals, adults...
we are setting them up.
We are transferring problems to them and those who love them.

And then, someone has to come along and help with a reality check, and the talk must be heart to heart...
No other talk will work.
If lucky,
something will
and in a split second
YOU will
reclaim your personal power
Know your truth
Advocate for YOU
for your child
for the animals
for whatever it or who it is that needs someone
and so it is good.

So, here's what I'm thinking,
I think this little one should be taught to memorize Dr Seuss and then go to class and repeat the following and see what the team of interventionists have to say:
So here ya go KEA, teach this one to your little one for me:
" In my world I eat rainbows and poop butterflies"
Dr Seuss
Wouldn't that just be a hoot and a holler?

As Maya Angelou has said, and as I try to always remember,

"When someone SHOWS you who they are the first time,
believe them"
and let that help you throughout your life...

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing today,
Stand UP
for you and for those that matter to YOU

Know your truth, Stand for honor and integrity
Stand for Kindness

Walk IN Beauty,
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

The fire is burning brightly and its embers are hot, as the eagle flies, sending thoughts to all who gather here and all in our prayer circle,
that is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches~


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like that big committee is trying to create work for themselves until a rea need appeas. Three weeks into school for a 5 year old, they should feel lucky he bloes bubbles and plays a chair guitar! Sounds like 5 to me too.
Labels are usually not discriptors but rather like an Albatros strung around ones neck. You are a "this" or a "that". How about "you are a little boy... Geeze
Eagle photo so beautiful.
Dark morning with prmise of sun to come. Ah it's good to be me today.

Irene M said...

Hello !!!! No comment yesterday: service unavailable many times, oh well... good blog Monday. Today: heaven help the children under the microscope at such an early age. I was labeled in Kindergarten in 1958, my report cards were sent home with comments similar to what you spoke of and to this day, that LABEL bothers me. Maybe it is true, but to tag a child too early........... is wrong.
Beautiful EAGLE pictures and story of Lake Tarpon. Stay on, engaged and FIRM, Irene

Anonymous said...

JUST WONDERING WHAT IS WRONG WITH A 5 YEAR OLD ACTING LIKE A LITTLE KID? What's he studying, brain surgery? So little one blow your bubbles and invent all the games you can. The school should be celebrating the fact that he is not acting out or misbehaving. He probably already gets that they are idiots, no wonder he won't look them in the eye. What's up with such foolishness?
Would that we were all able to blow bubbles and imagine a chair as a guitar.

Anonymous said...

jump up and refuse the label----i was told my child needed to be in remedial reading( a class of 6 students) when i asked when she did better would she be main streamed back in reg class, answer promptly was no. what? she would be there forever? "she will prob need to be" well this ma said hell no and never looked back. they needed a warm body to make the 6 and get funding. not on my watch !!!!and not with my child!!! they dont see the value in an imaginative child cause that isnt gonna fit in with their "program" JMHO love ya girlie--sandy

Anonymous said...

great blog today. Labels belong on inanimates objects.........certainly not on 5 year olds.
semms to me, the system uses labels too frequently
to protect teachers who are perhaps underqualified
to be in such an important role...
I missed a couple of blogs this week, I must
comment if I may, on the friendly self proclaimed
editor.... writing, or prose, need not follow
the set format of grammactical correctness..
free fromat is much better to read, the flow and
effectiveness is what matters... I would be
interested to read her book... NOT...
stuffy, grammactically correct English, that is ancienct history... which can be quite boring...
Sounds like someone's wering a little green there.
Healing Heartaches was awesome !!
not enough words to describe... let's try :
moving, candid, refreshing, sad ; happy; comforting, thought provoking !, amusing, healing;
magical, endearing; helpful; practical: inspiring!
Get the point !!!!!! sign me,

kelly 2 Wolves said...

NEVER label a Child unless is it the lable of Preciouse, Holy, beautiful, Creative, or Love!!
These idiots with their degrees or their hands in the cookie jar with the chemical companies! Oh he/she wont listen they should be on Riddilen , creating a world of stepfrd children to sit inside a box waching a box! I got news for you folks these kids won't look you in the eye Because the Know what you are up to and they don't Like YOU!! They see the world for what it is in all its Magic and Human horrers!I'm with the child Blowing bubbles at Athority you backasward idiots! You want to learn something ask that kid why wont you eat that nasty lunch we served you full of starch, sugar, and chemicles! He minght tell you it smells, or he'd rather have an Apple at least thats something he can identify! Parents because you started labeling your kids they are growing up using it as an excuse not to do Anything !! Or feeling less than! And it is Epidemic!!! These children are screaming give me something useful so I don't have to grow up to be like YOU!Or since you have already condemed me before the race, Maybe I'll just sit here and let you take care of me the rest of my life, After all wasn't you who said I wasn't perfect in the first place! Do you people really wonder why our Children Are taking guns to school? Really!! Parents you need to do your Job and Be Parents, Teachers back off unless you can Teach with out the use of Drugs. And the Government Stay the Hell away from my kids with your so called Vaccines. People I am sorry for my passsion and axnt over this subject, But when you have seen as many throw away children as I have you would be pissed off too! Do your Jobs people protect our Future , don't give your power away to people who probably don't even have children of their own! Play with your Chilren Listen to them! You may find you minght even Learn something from them!! Our children Trust you and it is your Job to be trustworthy of them.!

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear! To the above writer, there is a little person in there who will grow up to be what is expected of him. Whether he can or can't has alot to do with what you tell him/her his or her value is. So value the children. Value what they learn and who we trust to guide and teach them. Look what the school are turning out.... Need I say more?