Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is here or there somewhere

I'm thinkin this picture was captured by
Sue Mansfeld while she was out there
in the wood of Ely MN
walkin with Bears
and talkin with Lily and HOPE
for the latest and greatest in updates there!

October is here with all of her splendor, it's time for our beloved North American Black bears

Seems Lily and HOPE haven't found the perfect place yet to call home for the winter and are still on the slow and steady path of "Den Huntin" with Lily doing the work and HOPE just being cute and leaning on her, watching and lending her opinion rather than her "paws"

Have you noticed that it is getting light later in the mornings... and dark earlier in the evening?
I'm not one for the dark months...
brings out the "bear" in me, sort of makes me want to "den" more and go out less.
Not as a result of the "sads", more a result of the warmth of my sanctuary of "home" and the "nestling" "denning" of being "cuddled IN"
I will freely admit I do thrive on the sun, the light early and into the night hours... I love me some sun; guess it is good I live in the sunshine state!
Of course another wonderful perk is the warmth, I have already heard from Kelly TwoWolves that it has been 38 degrees in South Dakota ~ BBRrrrrr
nope, just thinkin I stay home!

Thinking today about a conversation I had yesterday and what was really being said... during that conversation.
Are you feeling me here?

I was listening to a woman talk who told me she was reading Healing Heartaches, she had said she wanted to purchase 6 copies, BUT only if they were autographed personally in front of her to each individual she planned to gift them to.

As she spoke of her losses, and she then spoke of the book. The first thing she had to say was that she began the book at the back...
Seems there was a "publisher error" on the run of books and in the beginning of the table of contents for the last chapter it said something like "error" or something, so she was immediately intrigued and so she started there.

That was interesting and pretty funny to me!

She went on to tell me that I needed to tell the editor that they needed to work on the punctuations in the book and over use of the "exclamation points" used.

I got choked on my coffee, and almost fell in the floor

well once I composed myself,  and excused myself...  blew my nose, I said no one did the edits...
I did that with the exclamations... on purpose.

She was rather aghast... I think!
She went on
and told me that she would be happy to do editing for me and then she really got me good...

She said, Dr I don't mind
Aren't you worried of what YOUR colleagues might think of your punctuations; use of ; instead of ,
and !!!

And that is where I realized she was telling me much more than she was saying...

There is always a message behind the words you read, the words you speak and intention, and really I don't worry about things like that... you know?
After all, why worry?

Anyone, and most people hire editors, work/strive for perfection.
The Navajo woman who weaves those most wonderful rugs, and have done so for generations, will find a way to deliberately put a flaw in their weavings.
It is done and most people never notice it... but it is there as a reminder there is NO perfection in the world of living things.

I will also submit to you that there is no perfection in loss and grief and hope in healing ways, but there is healing intention in the stories of Healing Heartaches.
I chose not to have an editor as I did not want my words to be changed from my storytelling ways... too many have asked that for years I write a book and write the way I speak. What good would it do for another book to be written like all the others!!!

And yes, there is redundancy... but grief is redundant and those who are grieving have to re-read things to let it absorb. Commas, semi colons;
if one is reading my book for grammar and for punctuation and critiques they are missing the messages of hope in healing
they are not reading for intention
it is probably not a book they will want to have
that is OK
Hell If I worried about my colleagues I would have given up what I did many moons ago~ heehe

It was a valuable conversation for me to listen to and someday will may be valuable for her as well, as she recalls what it was in the book that "mattered" at the time of beginning it...;even if it was the end that was the beginning; : ; ,,,!!!,"; !@#$%^&

Unless you have walked the walk you do not talk the talk
nor do you understand
that you never look at those things
it is in the intention
and the meaning of stories
that your eyes find rest
Healing Ways
in all of that
make the choice
something "clicks"!!!

you either read it again
or give it away
or want to be an editor

buy 24 and gift those to others

By the way... it is all good, after all as the esteemed
Dr Masters said that most remarkable day in Sedona,
"The proof is in the pudding"
and for that I give thanks,
And So It is!

The greatest gifts are the messages, the intention
the mindful purpose of

I wish you enough
to choose

To all our relations
I HOPE for you
a spectacular first Saturday of October
in all her glory


"i believe in justice and truth, without which there would be no basis for human HOPE" (Dalai Lama)

"First one must change. I first watch myself, check myself, then expect changes from others."
{His Holiness the Dalia Lama}
He said it, I believe it and I practice it!

The fire is burning brightly and the embers are hot, smells of sage and cedar fill the air, with thoughts of healing ways on  their way to all today,
Remember those whose names you see here often,
as you go about your day
WE are warriors here, along with some powerful angels here and on the other side...
Choose to join me in kindness and greatness because you can!

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Anonymous said...

As I wait for delivery of your book in my mailbox, I have but one thought...........Im sooooo thankful you arent perfect. I do good to capitalize or use proper son is a high school english teacher and i know the proper use of all of this you refer to but when i have something to write , it just pours out of my heart and onto paper. It isnt an english lesson, it is a life lesson and i have to work fast so i dont lose the thought. i feel you are much the same, my dear friend. i remember learning cursive and writing gun as gin. took my grandma a long time to convince me it was otherwise hahaha have a wonderful fall day and blessings to you---sandra

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in perfect. Excellence is what I strive for. Have read and re-read Healing Heartaches and I most appreciate it for the fact that it does read as you speak. Loudly, from the heart. Sage guidance for those who journey through grief and heal. You doc are the bomb and I LOVE the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her, the leaves don't change, sun less glowing, me lss mowing. Find the silver lining in the dark cloud where you can.

Irene M said...

To nit-pick on punctuation, to comment on grammar, to focus on sentence structure or
spelling, is CRAZY. The message is there, just look over the minor and zoom in on the real message. Geeze Louise ! Saturday, late comment but at least I am here !

Anonymous said...

7:30 and getting dark even as I post this comment. What will we do for these long dark months. Have been considering digging my own den and snuggling up with a bear. Can anyone say "flashlight"? Oh well, more time to enjoy the moon I guess. Funny story about the lady.
Have a great Sunday all!