Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speaking of Children

The same teacher that is trying to label
5 year old
also said:
"He makes odd eye movements"

Imagine what THAT school or THAT teacher
 would think
of Godson Kamryn in this picture above!

Good and beautiful fall morning dear sky, my you are still dark up there!
Coffee is just yummy, 4 leggeds up and ready for a party.
around the pool in the dark,
it's NASCAR... from my limited vision they are awfully close to the edge of that there pool I'm thinking ~

Now back to the children:
I must tell you if this young and inexperienced teacher of doing assessments on children around here had said some of the things about Kamryn that have been said about a 5 year old,
I would have used my own wings just to go up to Virginia
and slap her silly, then might just have to
sit her down and have a long talk!
How's that for professional etiquette?

I mean really now; let's let a 5 year old enjoy, create, blow bubbles, and even make some funny faces as they adjust to the world of going to school.
I mean after all it's going to be a long 18 years of schooling right?

Can you guess which one got kicked out of Kindergarden?
Looks like a regular/cute little kids to me
with beautiful normal eyes to me~
They are perfect in the Creators eyes

here is the best part of that lousy assessment
that was done:
At the bottom there were two remarkable opportunities for a skilled and professional person to really get to the most valuable and useful information that would actually be helpful and informative not to mention make the parents feel rather safe in knowing their child is in good hands:
`1. What is the most concerning to you about this child?
2. Please describe the BEST THINGS ABOUT THIS CHILD

Talk about "missed opportunities" on so many levels.
This is where this person could have made a wonderful and telling assessment as well as made parents feel as though there was genuine empathetic caring and desire to make Ari's first experience with education one of fun, desire to learn...
"should of been"
"could have been"

"a meeting with one or two people and the parents; one of mutual respect with the focus being on ways to best teach a child, to lean about a child, to determine if there were concerns or areas that need work ...
as we can see from the "missed opportunities" as well as the comments of yesterday,
there are those on this page of Warriors who have had similar experiences
those who can remember "back in the day"
of those feelings easily brought into the now
of how they were made to feel by labels
by those in charge.
It is becoming far too easy for others to tell us we have "a problem", to prescribe medications for our children that are suppose to calm them, give them focus, allow them to cope. Hell they haven't had the time to even know what focus is yet and we are altering their brain chemistry with medications... and then we wonder why suicide is so very high in teens? Why are kids going bonkers and carrying guns to school; why are gangs prevalent, why do kids not feel loved, and think they have problems?
BECAUSE SOMEONE TOLD THEM THEY DID THAT IS WHY, and they are not sophisticated enough, bright enough, old enough to believe in their own power and strength yet.
We have strong working parents who love and want the very best for their kids and "trust" the schools and those who work in them. Then they get "blindsided" and lose their faith in "self" and are told their kids have "a problem", and they are scared to death...
And they react with worry and fear.
They forget... that they are their child's' foundation of security, children are keen to feel the energy at home, the fears, the fright brought on by some insane person who feels "powerful" and then
all hell breaks loose.
PARENTS: Breathe... trust your gut.

"Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them." — Dr. Seuss (and me)

The Children are our future
we each walk with our child, pray and hope for our children; have a child within us,
some have come out to play only recently
others we have to quiet sometimes
and let the "adult" walk around in these days most days!
Other of us
we like to be the child, revel in it always!

Maybe shouldn't wear this to class,
might get thought of as odd to be sure!
Can you just imagine the assessment,
but Kamryn is a SUPER HERO YOU KNOW~

While others who visit here, remember the children
with painful loveliness
the precious children
gone too soon

"The LIttle One"
(in Healing Heartaches)

only a heart beat away, living within us always
where the light may have gone out or seemed to with their all too soon death, those precious children,
but with hard work, restored vision
faith and belief
The Light burns brightly always
and those precious children trust
that we will remember
we will
and say their names
keeping their memories and lives alive with each
each time we say their name and remember
that although they were here for a short time
We were BLESSED by the gift of the children.

Take a stand
Let the Kamryn's, the D'Vante's, Olivia's, Duke's, Pony Dancers, Guitar Strummers, Bubble Blowers, and Train Engineers and all the others be children, play, learn, as we teach them right from wrong:
"You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room." Dr Seuss

Learn, Laugh, be creative, stomp in puddles, squeal delight in each magical thing, strum guitars with chairs, blow bubbles with their mouths when there are no readily available bottles of bubbles...

I mean after all we are talking about kindergarten here, not rocket science, not brain surgery, not just yet anyway ...
Let's start our children out in school by teaching them that they are each unique, teach them to look closely at their fingerprints, have them make their fingerprints on paper with paint and compare them with each other!
Let's tell them how very special they are,teach them the "golden rule"
Learn from them; what they day-dream about and incorporate it into learning ways and fun exploration.
Want labels? Check the inside back collar of their shirts, or their back packs or their tennis shoes...
Label them Precious, Precocious, Plentiful, Beautiful, Trickster, Funny, Cute, Full of themselves.
Teach with intention
Teach with pride
Teach them to believe in self
and in the goodness around them
Foster friendship

I've been known to blow bubbles with my mouth and ... well let's just leave it at that,
I've also been known to spit
over the side of a boat before, because I could!

Let no one ever ever take away your personal power,
you own the way you feel, so how do you want to feel today?
Change your focus, change your state... just like that!

"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!" — Dr. Seuss

Sure hope this child learns and remembers and has the courage to say that for school!

what's new with you beloved readers?
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing,
give it your all,
buy some bubbles at the dollar store and
be amazed at the power of

The fire is burning brightly with hope and thoughts on the wind to all mentioned here in prayers, all thought of daily, and all who enter here.
Blessings and fondly I ask that you remember...

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches
"the bears are still looking for their homes to den"

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Anonymous said...

Go Dr SES! Let kids be kids and revel in the magic and wonder that they discover everyday.
Let this be a reminder to all of us that we are to quick to accept what the "authorities" say and forget our own knowledge of the child. There are good and helpful assesments fo kids in school that can be of great assistance when a child is struggling, but, like everything else, not all opinions hold value. I'm right there with you. No labels needed. What kind of school is this poor child attending?
I've never seen a 5 year old that dosn't revel in googlie eyes. Might try it myself today.
Hump day is here again. Halfway to that glorious weekend. Best to all.

Irene M said...

Whoa, some powerful, intense comments yesterday and today on the KID topic. I agree all the way, let them just " BE " kids, ease into learning, adjusting and growing into the road ahead of them. School in the 50's, 60's, 70's was VERY different than now, but not tremendously different. People are people, kids are kids, focus on what matters. Irene

Angie said...

Good Morning Everyone!! Remember me? It has been forever it seems but with school and work I rarely have time to comment on the blogs but I do try to read them daily but today I had to stop for a moment and add my two cents to Dr SES already awesome words.
Me being me...I know if I was the parent of Ari, I know where I would probably be sitting right about now. How dare them "UNPROFESSIONALS" label a 5 year old!! As Cuz said we are all still learning, still growing and until the day we die we will be but that's whats wrong in todays called professionals that don't know the a@@ from their elbows...pardon my language.
I totally agree w/Irene focus on what matters. But then again what matters to one may not matter to the next.
I can only hope that Ari's parent/parents stand up and STOMP STOMP STOMP and don't back down!!
I hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day~ I am off today but I am still trying to figure out exactly what an off day is...have lots of homework, housework, errands and then a football game tonight :)
Luv to all & always in my prayers~~

Anonymous said...

Kids are strange creatures....didn't we already know that? Children are who we ALL would act like if it were "allowed". I've blown spit bubbles in meetings...just to lighten the mood. I've been in groups where I resist eye contact because I'm not comfortable with the people, or myself, at the time. And gee..a 5 year old who won't eat? NEVER heard of THAT before??? Seems teachers just want automatons in their who sit still, look straight ahead, nod their heads and smile at just the right boring is that??

Labels can be wrong all over the place. While a 3rd grader, I was tested and given the label of "talented and gifted"...meaning my IQ was higher than average. Well, as a result of that label I was put in advanced classes all the way thru HS...and I didn't do well...because having a higher IQ only gives you the potential to learn/understand...if the environment doesn't encourage that learning, it won't happen. Also, just because you're talented and gifted in one area, doesn't mean you are in ALL areas.
I have a label....we are all human...with all of the differences that brings....and thank the Gods for that....

EVB said...

There seems to be a lot of assessment going on in schools these days, at a very early age. I agree with your words Dr. Sherry and love the Dr. Seuss quotes. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Iwas also labeled after being tested in
the third grade, with an IQ of 168, as
gifted... I was placed in a unique pilot test program from the 4 - 12 grades.
Talk about ridicule, displacement amoung peers outside of our gifted circle, the pressure was intense , normalacy in the chiildhood world of school was void. Labels become self fulfilling prophecies at best, and at worst DOOM...
each child should be accepted with open minds and
valued for their uniquness...
something is wrong with so many children being
put on medications to stunt their normal behavior.. That is my opinion...
sign me,
Each child is unique and should be

Anonymous said...

Evan Scent:writes,

Ari ,Kamryn and all the kids are a treasure for us. It might be a challenge for some of us to understand them,but in reality they are like us who would flourish with love and care to become the faces of a better tomorrow.

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

People, every action of every day has a direct and profound impact on the next 7 Generations to come! Think on this a min even if you choose to bury your head under the covers you are affecting the next 7 generations, purhaps because you didn't participate that day. When I was in 1st grade they tried a n"NEW" teaching method on my class of Guini Pigs, the result was 2 days before the next scool year they told my parents I would be repeating 1st grade because They said I could not Read, 1/2 the class was kept back by the way, And My dad taought me how to read in 10 days!! Had me reading out of Leagle books, in 10 days !! What they could not do in a whole school year!! I was devastated! thought I was going to have to go through all 3 first grade teachers before I was goin to go to 2nd grade!
And my 2nd 1st grade teachers assement of me was, Kelly pays attention in classm but I made her uncomfotable as I would glare at her,when she approached my parents about it she was told well what do you expect she knows what you people did and shes angry and doesn't trust You!! Ya Think! Then Later on in I think about 4th grade I had a miserable art teacher, who wasn't fond of me purhaps, or just life in general, Who got mad at me in class one day because I couldn't wouldn't follow his instuctions on how to draw something, I remember him pulling my drawing out from under my hands and him yelling at me in front of the class and he told me right there I would Never be able to draw anything because I could not follow instructions!! Good thing I already did not trust teachers And refused to believe him! Come see my work on 2 Wolves Creations and tell me if I can't draw!! Ha . I remember the first piece I sold and I remembered him with a catty thought Ha ha those who can DO, Those who Can't Teach!! Not that Teachers arn't awsome people for the most part but I got my revenge LOL. If I were anyone else I propably would have put down my crayons and never attempted to draw or create again because of him, and I wonder how many chidren he influenced in a bad way. People one remark can change your childs life can make them or break them. Make sure you choose your words to influence them in a positve way! I survived school I was lucky. I opposed their athority knowing they did not understand me. Even in College my creative writing teacher said I couldn't write poetry(Who was he kidding) Because he would give us assignments like compare and contrast rock and roll music with a day at the beach? What I don't like or listen to Rock and Roll and I don't go to the Beach!! how was I to do this assignment wich was 1/3rd of my grade . So I argued with him , And brought him in some of my works let him read it, as he sat with his mouth to the floor and apologized to me and passed me with a A, Without me taking the final I minght add! don't give away your power people and don't let someone else take your childs! I have ranted enough Blessings All!

Anonymous said...

I'd be hell on wheels if I was to go back to public school again. Got along then well enough but I knew at an early age that school was designed to make everyone into an uniced gingerbread boy/girl. Didn't buy it then, and don't now. Go along to get along? Nope. STOMP.
Systems SUCK. They don't work. Put the round kid into the square desk and make him eat what no dog owner would offer their pet and then complain when the shoe dosn't fit. No wonder so many kids are home schooled. Great comments and love the interactivity of this blog. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I for one feel empowered to be me, to STOMP.
Getting closer to the weekend minute by minute.

Anonymous said...

Oh my we are stomping today and tonight. Let them little children alone. I act worse than that when the grand nephews are around. I do all sorts of stunts and some of it I should not mention here but I am anyway. We will be in a fancy resturant and I will put a lot of food in my mouth and stick out my tongue. It gets lots of laughs especially when I look around and see others staring at me. The kids laugh. How about when they leave my house and I have a long driveway, would you believe sometimes I MOON them and you can hear the laughter all the way down the road. Now I have also been on the end of some of the same pranks I pull. There is one little one who likes to sit on my lap and suddenly some very strange fumes comes out in the air and he runs and we laugh and laugh. Let the kids alone and let them laugh and pull pranks. My goodness you know they will be grown up and gone too SOON. Blessings to all.