Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty all around us ~ Each in its own time ~

This is one of my beautiful
Fall 2010

In the morning darkness I sit and think of the many and passionate comments of the last couple of days; HOPING with all that I am
that parents across the world who visit here will feel empowered by the words of not only me,
those who have had similar experiences,
the words of those who lived through

One told me that labels work quite well on soups!
Now that I think of it, I think she is absolutely right.
Just imagine, having your taste buds all set for some hot Tomato soup on a fall evening,
getting the pot, the can, your tummy ready...
and opening up
a can of "mushroom cream soup"

Now that would be enough to ruin a perfectly good evening!
And make ya doubt the very company that affixed that label too; making ya just be hesitant to open the next can (for fear of worms or something).

Indeed there is beauty all around us;
in the wandering eyes and googlie eyes of our children, our peers and our Elders.
Those sometimes brief encounters that allow us to look deeply into the eyes and see the soul often occurring at times of deep trust and understanding of
"I will do no harm child"

Rare and special times they are, most kids run wide open from the time they learn to walk I think, powered by something... maybe by spirit and the wind and a zest for life itself.
Like a wild pony feeling the wind in their hair and on their faces, loving to make sounds and feel the freedom that life has bestowed upon them.

We've often watched with wonder at Olivia and Kamryn ... wishing we could bottle their energy, knowing we would be richer than rich, truer than true with the advertisement by just a video of them running and hollering and playing.
they sleep just as hard as they play
imagine that!
I know some adults that would give about anything for that raw energy that doesn't come from Dunkin Donut or from sugar buzzzes!!!

Notice that form
Kids focus when they want to
when they are having fun
when they are passionate
when the feel safe
so it is good!
Spoke to an exhausted Kamryn last night, but he still had passion and excitement in that tired little voice as he let me know:
HE made the
"winning tackle of his football game allowing his team to win their game"
Way to go Kamryn #10 of the little Bobcats in Radford Va!!!
Also heard that Mom was running up and down the sidelines like a madwoman, screaming her head off in excitement; forgetting that she was to stay off that healing "shin bone of her leg"
as she "rooted for our boy"
Yelling, hollering, running the sidelines like
Coach COB
and probably is "hoarse" and with aching leg today!
Ah, but it is an exciting football season for those kids in Radford VA, and each week, here I sit in FL
with my "Bobcat" shirt on hollering right along, sure they can hear me in their hearts!

I would offer you this today:

When you are given an opinion, an assessment, a thought:
you can take it, mull it over, keep what is worth keeping and then
throw the rest away!
Try to not
accept blindly what someone tells you
are the the one who controls your life
is within
and beneath all of us
Look within
As Maya Angelou
once said, and I believe
"when someone shows you who they are, believe them"
then move on, letting your knowledge be your truth.

Kamryn's hand print
and for that, I give thanks!
And So It IS!

"Grown people can learn from little children for the hearts of children are pure, therefore the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss"
~ Black Elk ~

Wherever you are today
I wish you enough
Blessings and thoughts on the wind from my home to yours.
The fire is burning and its embers are hot; sage and cedar being sent on the winds to all who gather on this safe page our circle of prayer continues to the many mentioned here; you remember who you are.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

Mornin Mornin! Congrats to Kamryn and his Bobcats. Sounds like a proud Godmother with a full heart. Great quotes to ponder, and to live by. Hum....Especially like the "Whensomeone shows you who they are" Can personally vouch for that. Best to all, weekend on it way, poking it's litle head around the corner of today.

Irene M said...

Love the blog, love the pics & handprint.
You ARE a proud godmother.
Weekend near, weather just stellar, spectacular, what we wait for all summer long.
Staying positive, well and active, love this time of year. Blessings to all..... Irene

EVB said...

Good Morning to you Sherry and your readers. I like your soup can label analogy; lots of truth there. The whole label thing adds to the problem of bullying; another problem many kids and parents have to deal with. It (school) is most certainly a long, hard, haul for some children and their parents.

Anonymous said...

The weather is turning much to cold too soon. Yes the COB was running the sidelines and yes the leg does hurt this morning. Was it worth it, you betcha the greetings from the Coaches the high fives and the laughter with those boys was worth it very much. The funny thing is I didnt even know I was running with them until the rest of the team was passing me by to get down to see what was going on and the really funny thing crossed my mind, they were so excited and I thought what if they knock me down in their excitement and I did not realize how close to the field I was running. Oh my, gotta stop this crazy stuff, but the memory will always be in my heart looking at the faces of these 9 yr. old who played big old boys and won. Happy Day, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP

Anonymous said...

all of us have been labeled, all of us are different, but like you said....what is shown on the outside is not particularly true. we are all different sizes, colors, shapes...some are outgoing, some shy (which can be midunderstood for unsocial)....our hearts can't be seen. there lies truth. love your blog! ♥

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the soup can one with your wonderful analogy. :-) Kids , as well as adults, reveal something new every day. I pray that never ceases. They might be a tomato or a mushroom, but all are very valuable in their own right.!!And they might mix the 2 to be something unique!! Nothing wrong with that!Im the momma that stood toe to toe with a teacher when she wanted my daughter in a remedial class to meet a number quota(and this child had all A's) is now 27 and guess what? She graduated college 3 yrs ago with a bachelors in education----She now is the teacher!!! She has wonderful compassion for the special needs child and knows they will never fit in the slot that society wishes for them too. she recognizes they each have something different to contribute!We must be strong and take a stand and shout"Not with my child" love ya bunches sherry and love your blog.You inspire me!! clicksister sandra

Jill G Lily lover said...

Sherry, I so agree with the above..Some are outgoing , some shy, yet some friends who you think are your frinds can stab you in the back which is pretty sad! Like the above OUR hearts can't be seen. There lies the truth!! Ialso love this blog..first time here, will be back!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a serious Lily lover & attended picnic this year. I didn't attend every event, but was a bit disappointed when I attended the photo session with other bear fans & didn't bond with anyone. The rest of the group were "together", but I just assumed we would share the joy of what we were experiencing. I blame myself because I'm not outgoing, yet met & am friends with other Lily fans simply because of the ribbons on our car. I'm friendly,caring, but have a hard time "belonging". Maybe I have never felt like I belonged in this world. Thanks for giving us a place to express ourselves.

Makeba said...

Thanks for the reminder on opinions and advice. My own opinion is what matters most and I do try not to follow blindly even if sometimes it may be the easier road. Yeah i'm hard headed, but I walk my own path. Never someone else's.

Anonymous said...

better late than never again.
welcome to the new folks joining have found a great spot to be... I am also
grateful for this page, a place to fit in,
a safe place to express my opinion, or not,
warm hearts gather here... with DRSESwickedcool,
a great inspiration !
we are all whom we allow ourselves to be..
and with that, the good, sad and all other
facets are loved and appreciated because we
exist and care... STOMP !
STOMP! off to dreamland for me...
sign me,