Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mornin Brisk and Almost Halloween


That's me this mornin
comin atcha!

Good mornin to ya~

HOPE everyone had an outrageously fabulous week
that's what I'm HOPIN

Today out there in Hinkley MN
there is a bear-gatherin of "humans" that Love
Lily and HOPE this week-end~!
Even Sissy 2 wolves will be there to join in on the fun
MOE from Duluth is showing up with his lovely daughters,
(I think they are his "bodyguards")
as he is travelling with the
HOPE SCAT that he paid a grand for
to showNtell and to get
more donations
for a
Peek of POO!
Lovers of the bears took to the roads yesterday headed for the gathering for fun, fellowship and to meet up with others they have known only through their wireless connections!
Those wonderful bears finally picked a den
for winter
now leaving the live cam up to Dr Rogers and Sue
to figure out how to make happen.

Godson is still "limping on the leg with the damaged knee" but
those Bobcats won big last night in 38 degree temps in VA.
I rooted from here in 77 degree Florida for them!

The light is definitely changing as the dark months approach, and the crispness is in the air as I notice the posts from folks on Facebook from across the world.
Some are cleaning their homes as they prepare for winter and knowing they are going to be spending more time inside their own dens as winter comes; while others are maximizing their time outdoors as long as they can absorbing

Sweet Susan S, a Lily fan up in North West NY sent me a black sweatshirt when the chill hit Florida last week!
She is so kind and compassionate; haven't had to wear it yet, but now I read she is mending her sweaters and it is 40 degrees there~ and here I am in shorts and t-shirts :)
I did offer to send it back for her to borrow~

Aren't people just wonderful?

From here to there, and all around,
while a cub named
had her weekly birthday last night
and folks were posting
nanner cream pie,
dilly pickles
cocktails (pictures)
and foods
Good that is was virtual
And at the NABC
Dr Rogers, Sue Mansfeld and staff
are enjoying the gifts of
the real deal
food arrives often
from fans everywhere to assure their bellies are full
their hearts and minds are reminded often
with gifts of gratitude for the work they do
by filling their bellies and their spirits!

Others like you and me
radio collared/ribboned bears
and the valued research being done
now that the dark months are here
We can be pro-active!
With purpose
and mindful intention
Stepping outside of
greater good
for generations to come!
From a distance
we can all be involved
by taking a look at the NABC/WRI
and getting involved with letter writing to
with mindful, respectful letters
asking for


Ethical Hunters have agreed that if it is a law
folks will abide it.
If there is a law, these valued bears will be spared, research will be saved and generations will reap the benefits of work that has been done.
Folks across the world are reaping the benefits of the education that is being provided by the NABC and Dr Rogers research, education and outreach of the
North American Black Bears.

Let's let our voices be heard and effect change

It will help the MN Department of Natural Resources, politicians, and those in power if you ask a question, it may help them to know
that how they vote may in fact determine how many in the state VOTE
on this pivotal issue

Protection of radio collared bears is not a "social issue" spurred by a group of social networking facebook fans who are "addicted to cutsie bears"...

Protection of The North American Bears
is an Ethical and Moral Issue; one that is necessary to protect bears that have known human smell. Bears that are providing research and study on environment, patterns of living, reproduction, denning, biology, patterns of movement, generational behavior. All recorded; tracked without sedation, mistreatment through years and years of study within their own environments, on their own terms and behaviors.

There are more than 20,000 bears in MN for hunt season, for revenue producing through license fees and management through the MN DNR.

We are talking a very small population of radio collared research ribboned bears for protection; as well as DNR radio collared bears, (of which the DNR lost many to hunters this past year)

The NABC has had 5 bears shot and killed to date.


Take a stand as we approach the dark months,
let your voices be heard.
Get those letters going to those who can
effect change
passing a law

with some meat behind it for violators.

BY an anonymous hunter
who left her blood stained collar in the mailbox
the DNR
but took the Ribbons (ethical hunters were outraged)

The fire is burning brightly and its embers are HOT
Thoughts on the wind to all

Walk in Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Good Morning World and all of you out there in this beautiful world. I dont know why anyone would kill a bear unless their life or loved ones was threatned. I know they can be dangerous if someone is messing with them. I know they love to roam and that is why we should not leave trash or trash cans out where they will be tempted to destroy them. I like to look at them at a distance but dont want no close encounter. In my neighborhood on the LA river they have been sighted many times. I have not seen them. They are truly beautiful. Have a great weekend. I am going to do that by going to hear Rhonda Vincent a great Bluegrass singer at our local community college. Blessings to all

Anonymous said...

Where is everybody?? Making costumes for Halloween? thanks for the Lily and Hope update doc. I don't like most lws but would sure favo one that protects the bears. Fascinating research. Hope the bear party is enjoyed by all. 37 degrees!!!! Too cold for me. I'll just enjoy the warm weather until it slips away. Best weekend to all.