Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reflections for a moment this morning


Good morning seems so funny to say in the darkness before dawn...
wonder what a better greeting might be?
Ah... maybe dear readers will come up
with a
jazzy suggestion for me!
Coffee is splendid as I sit in the quiet darkness and patiently think of the reflections of yesterday;
comments of those who visited here of the last several days.

A mighty page of gentle warriors here
I am blessed by all, and wanted to let all know
you hold a special place in my heart.
My little Gypsy, (the black one) loves to sit or lay right at the edge of the pool and just gaze at her reflection! Sometimes what I wouldn't give to catch a photo of that, think she has another twin when she does that!

I hope your day yesterday was resplendent as the turning leaves are becoming for many of you.
I so enjoy hearing of the fall colors, seeing the photographs sent by so many and shared on Facebook.
All are brilliant in their colors and crispness as I imagine those as they walk through my mind during this
gathering season of 2010

Yep, it's getting light later,
darker sooner!
Folks running around trying to get as much sunshine as they can, getting those "fall" chores done
gathering their resources for the coming months
much like the
bushy tails out there
we are soon to be slowing down
just like
The North American Black Bears!
As they prepare to den, some have already found their special place,
of course Lily and HOPE will be the last to go to den
as HOPE is still playing and absorbing all the wonder of her youngness and enjoying each moment of that freedom and her fall of 2010 with Mama Lily and
seeing Dr Rogers and Sue!
"good morning bear-heads and
Lily Lovers across the world"

As I reflect this morning,
I wonder:

Did you get enough yesterday?
Did you give out any
did you give plenty of YOU
to others?
Did you take time for you
 to just
just celebrate the wonder of the world as you are
central to it?
Did you
rejoice with great gladness and gratitude the
many and varied gifts you have been
BLESSED with in your life

NO not your sorrows, not your troubles, not what
could have been, should have been, would have been.
What has been, what was, and is
YOU are
and have been
and all the wonder that lies
the Universal oneness that connects you
to the God/dess,
that makes you as unique
as your thumbprint, your tongue print,
the very essence of
spirit within

So let me ask you once again:
This is another chance if you are reading this today!

Let go of those "goofs", "the regret", "the mistakes"
that are now but a dimmed memory, or an "inflated" memory of what you might have done differently.
STep into the moment of this day
the glory of
and the infinite possibility of the wonder
and what you can do with intention
along with making the
of how you want your day to
look, be, and go about
making it the way
want it to be!

Outshine the sun today; step out of your comfort zone, extend a kindness with a smile, a hello, surprise someone and smile til' your face hurts you
when in line at a drive through, purchase a coffee/coke for the person behind you
just because
YOU can
Take five minutes and find somewhere to
sit with your back against a tree or view something remarkable
Absorb some of that energy
and say thank you
to that tree
go forth with light
warpaint on and
into this day with gladness
YOU are

I'm ready for my 2nd cup of coffee,
as I sit here in the dark, I am reflecting...

did you get enough yesterday?
I wish you enough today.
You know:
people don't know what they don't know...
and then
after they have walked a path... usually a long and difficult path,
who they are is not who they have been
and they hope against hope they never walk that path again.
if they are ever called to walk it
they will be so much more prepared,
they will have so many more instruments
well tuned and ready
they will sound like the
as they journey down that path again.
WE are always learning, always reaching, always
Regret is just lines on and in our brows

Wherever you are along the path,
Whatever you are doing,
Take Time for YOU
Time for great gratitude
in All that YOU do

Walk In Beauty,

The fire is burning brightly with HOPE and thoughts on the wind to all we have in the prayer bowl, and all who gather here... The embers are hot
~ ~ ~


Anonymous said...

WOW doc. Might not have yesterday, but will today. Great strong message again today. Keepin us on the right path, one day at a time here. Thanks.

Irene M said...

Yesterday was truely a " HAPPY 2 B ALIVE DAY "
I gave enough, received enough, saw enough and cried enough when I witnessed the first of 33
trapped miners surface to open waiting arms.
I keep busy, help others, sacrifice, give willingly and love life. I NEED to read Sherry's words each morning before I start my day. Gypsy has the right idea.... peer into it
Livin', lovin' life........ Irene

Anonymous said...

Great message this morning. It is not always easy to do the things you suggest, but then we were never promised easy. I love that gypsy loves to "reflect" We all need to reflect, just not too much. It is a good thing to look back, but we must not stay there. Get up, get out and get living!!!I try to remind me to do that daily.Sometimes i do and sometimes I dont. One day at a time............

Anonymous said...

Had Jury Duty today. Can we all say yipee, we got dismissed at lunch time having done nothing but wait around all AM? STOMP. The up side, can't get called for another year. It's all good. Beautiful day outside today. Glad to be here. Glad to read the blog. You go doc! Keep the wisdom comming.
Sign me a loysl reader.

EVB said...

Trying to keep an attitude of gratitude: it really can make a difference in one's day!

Anonymous said...

once again, very late read for me..
enjoyed the wisdom and all the comments..
am also enjoying the chill of the night air
and the signs of fall....
really wish it would stay light later
though... makes my day too short...
Happy Angel dreams heading my way !
Goodnite all.
sign me,