Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall on Friday ~ woo hoo ~

This one bloomed
this week too ~

Happy Friday world ~ Now it's time to just slow down... rise slowly sun, hang out ... take your time to rise!
Many will say, hurry hurry,
Let's get this day up and rolling and over...
 c'mon 5:00
and then;
make it slow and easy
L  O   N    G

As a matter of fact, I do believe it is a 
L   O   N     G
week-end for many
as Monday is that God-awful holiday for most
the one I never have celebrated!

Nope never ever ... used to volunteer to work it as a matter of principal now that I think back.

We sure have had an interactive and wonderful community of
WARRIORS stomping this week in the comments!

We each walk our own path, in our own mocassins, our own tennis shoes, our own high heels, our own unique foot prints.
"Our Hearts Cannot Be Seen" {by a reader}
(as one who commented so beautifully yesterday)
"the PROOF is IN the PUDDING"
by the way in which we live our lives~

Oh how I love this sacred and special page and that all feel safe enough
"sound off"

We now have readers in Spain, in Dublin Ireland, in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, UK, BC, Canada along with those in the USA here often; Warriors of gentle spirit all.
If I left someone out, please let me know in the comments and I will be sure and mention.

Our littlest of warriors are probably STOMPING in school today as it is Friday; all keyed up for the week end, already waiting for the recess and end of day bus, knowing they will have a day off on Monday!
Get ready parents!!!

It's Friday; tonight the high school stadium lights will be on across the states as neighborhoods and communities gather for some "FOOTBALL"; the stands will fill, the hollers will be heard as the kids "suit up" and get their attitudes on, and get ready to "WIN WIN WIN"~
The Godmother will be wearing the
Radford VA Bobcat T-shirt and probably cold, but I will be having my cell phone "blowing up" with texts of
Godson D'Vante with knee now in a brace so he can play
and hollering like always
hoping them success tonight~
Heaven help Mom and her healing leg... at least she will be confined to bleacher sitting and not allowed to run the sidelines like she did last night at Kamryn's game; I'm sure her leg thanks her for that!

And so it is good~

Meanwhile there is Olivia up in Maryland who is probably now experiencing cold toes with that neon orange casted foot now that the weather is changing along with the leaves; she has grown tired of this whole thing~ asking "the Mama"
"has it been 6 weeks yet and when is this thing coming off"~

What did we learn in Kindergarden really?
I learned to color, learned Dick and Jane and now that I look back;
I remember this big old pull out drawer where loads of paper was stored... and I remember crawling in there and hiding! Only later in the day to be found by the teacher, and oh how I loved Mrs Huth.
As a matter of fact, as a young woman, I attended her
funeral in Arlington VA
and was handed a black arm band to wear to demonstrate mourning back then.
She was an extroidinary woman
and I was so loved
even if I did hide in that big ole' cabinet/drawer
or whatever it was!!!
Creativitity was fostered.
Did you go to kindergarden?
What did you learn there,
has it served you well in your life?

Kids are truly amazing; most often having no concept of time; we teach that with the many and varied watches we purchase throughout the years; from the time they are little and lose them, throw them away, gift them to friends, and the ones that magically disappear.
We teach patience, and somedays it seems a great undertaking, and then we ourselves see we never learned that lesson so well, as so many adults seem to be challenged in that arena!
We teach our children to have faith; but in hard and sorrowful times our very own faith is challenged, some say they have lost theirs... perhaps but on a shelf, in a drawer, left in the car, or just given away along with personal power for others.
We teach our children to be kind and respectful
yet adults are sometimes not that way, and they allow their children to see that demonstrated
wonder what they are thinking during those times?
We teach our children to not judge others,
yet at times they may be sitting in the other room or in the back seat of a car and witness conversations of adults talking about other relatives or neighbors or the President of the United States, and judging or being critical of a persons' right of choices for their lives.

So much conflict from what is taught to actions...
So much responsibility.
Look within, see the greatness of all living things, the little one that resides within each of us... Foster that child within, love that child, play...

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not." Dr Seuss

So in other words, it's Friday... let's let the week-end and good times roll~

"You're off to Great Places! Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way."
~ Dr Seuss ~

The fire is burning brightly, the tobacco, sage, cedar is sent on the winds of gratitude and thoughts of love and healing ways to all who enter here.

That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those "living for the eekend" bustin hump at the job during the week. So true that kids absorb our actions and eactions, and parrot them in their own little lives. Would that we paid close attention to the subtle lessons we teach to them and everyone around us. Make the world better one day at a tiem b your attitude and manner. You might feel that you are just one person so how can one person make a significant change? Well, according to me. You are one very special person and I really believe we change ourselves, our families, our friends and everyone we come into contact with by our chosen actions. Lift someone up. Raise our standards. Be present and vigilant. One word, one deed at a time. HELLO WEEKEND!!!!!!

Irene M said...

Happy Friday, yes, It's the weekend.
I ask the readers / warriors of this page to help remember my dear dad who passed 4 years ago today. He was my hero and a POW WWII.
Frank, do you hear me ? I call his name & whet my breath today and always. Thanks Dad.
Irene............... still screamin ' FIRM

Anonymous said...

Grew up just outside Wash DC and we didn't get "kindergarten" there until I was well out of elementary school. Dick and Jane and coloring skills didn't get tackeled unitl first grade in those days. No "play dates" No two year old beauty pagents" no cap and gown ceremonies for Pre K, 6th grade, Jr. High School..... How was it we even survived? Not a wonder that todas kids grow up with an inflated sense of self when we set such low expectations for them. Ah, old school thoughts running through my mind.

Cathy Madden said...

What a topic sense I have both my Grandsons today and through the weekend. Oldest Grandson is the thinker, younger Grandson is the social butterfuly. My daughter and their father divorced a little over a year ago. When she told their father that it was over due to a loved killed over 13 years of his alcoholism, soberness, and then sinking back into the drink again, he tried to committ suicide. He was successful in killing his liver in his attempt to end it all and the Docs decided to give him a new liver and when that one failed he got another one. I need you guys to know this and understand that sometimes when my grandsons speak so affectionately about their father. this Gran has to suck it down big time. They pray every night that their Dad continues to get better. He is living here in our community and trying to take an active part in parenting but everytime he has them I pray my Grandsons stay safe. The courts sometimes are not there to protect my Grandsons but their fathers right to see his children no matter how screwed up he might be. Thanks for letting me speak of this. This morning as I was taking the boys to school the Thinker said "It made me kinda sad when my parents told me they were getting divorce". I said "Well sure, but once you found out it wasn't going to change how much you parents loved you it probably made you feel better". He then said "I just want my parents to love each other". It broke my heart. You see, my daughter has moved on and married a pretty neat guy who loves her a lot. Oh well, it's a long story and we all have our stories, right? Thanks for listening to some of mine.

Anonymous said...

" everything I needed to know about life
I learned in kindergarten ! "
forget the author, but remember the
wisdom !
Have a great day !
sign me,