Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet my pal, Jonny Wong In New Zealand!

Jonny Wong
(he's not frowning, the sun is in his eyes!)
on "holiday"

Our next "billionaire"
with "bling/attitude/big dreams"
he has a gentle spirit and a good heart
and he does enjoy a good conversation

Jonny and I have been friends on Facebook for more than a year. He is a fine young man he is! And quite a sense of humor...
I'll be sitting here having coffee, when all of a sudden
Jonny pops up on my chat!
For him in New Zealand it is bedtime, usually 1 or 2 am
and already into tomorrow when he jumps on
to say hello to me, and we have some wonderful conversations.
I've been honored to meet his family through his stories, to learn of his life, his dreams, his hopes for his future.
Jonny celebrated his 18Th birthday a few months ago, he told me of his dream of tasting
that he had never had a
 A kid never knowing the sugar buzz of a twinkie?

He is ever so funny, has strong opinions, a lovely little Grandmother who wakes him from his sleep by walking in and forcefully opening the curtains, telling him
(probably smothering him with kisses if truth were known)

So, one day, I decided to put a little box of American goodies together and send to my friend Jonny Wong.
IN it:
Twinkies/Moon Pies/Peanut Brittle/those chocolate things that are in a roll/a Tarpon Springs lime green t-shirt/a postcard with a dolphin!
I think I could have used a row boat and gotten it to New Zealand faster, but one day it did actually arrive!

My friend was in SUGAR LAND... and delighted!
He was very funny and quite protective of those Twinkies although many of his friends were ready to trade all sorts of stuff for a "Twinkie"!!!
Well worth the incredible postage involved when balanced with the enthusiasm and gratitude!

So just this week, I'm sitting here working when on my chat Jonny Wong
"pops up" from nowhere land
and from his tired mind
and oh so active creative self
gives me this great story:

I've now dubbed it
Dragon Boy
The Famous Jonny Wong
Creation Story
New Zealand Style
When over-tired and Over charged Imagination runs wild :

"Did you know that humans were actually aliens that came to earth for a giant picnic?!
They landed on an island and ate crackers and cheesecake all day long.
They didn't notice the massive volcano that was about to erupt in their faces and the all died.
However 2 alien thingys survived!
Adam and Eve.
They didn't have any alien technology because they were fully naked at the time of the eruption and so they lost everything.

that is how humans came to be!"
Jonny Wong
at about 130 am on a school night

ROTF ~ and yes I laughed and spit my coffee too.

So after just giggling and giggling, I told Jonny I was just going to have to put that on a blog; and he said he was laughing and just "made it up on the spot for me"
but was very tired ...
I suggested strongly he take his creative butt to bed, so that he would have some of that creative energy for his school the next morning!
I am honored that this young and bright, {and did I mention very funny} young man takes time from his life, his video games and his music,
and "chooses" to chat with me a few times a week!
We talk about philosophy, music, girls, dreams,
silly stuff, or sometimes a quick good morning/sweet dreams...
He wants to someday come to the USA,
to be my bodyguard when I am traveling!
Told him he would have to fight the Godsons' for that position (note to self: they don't chat with me!)

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing today...
Make it count
Everyday is a GIFT
Step out of "self"
Into "other"
It is amazing the gifts you receive when that happens,
after all,
look at what we all received from the
famous and creative
Master Wong!!!

I'm somewhere,
and will fill you in later!
Thoughts on the wind to all ~

Walk In Beauty
That is the
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

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Irene M said...

OKAY ,now t h a t was a funny alien story, Jonny Wong... and Ms. Sherry, you are somewhere ? quite the mystery, huh ? Are you STILL in Florida ? Inquiring minds wanna know.
I am away, too, only to Palmetto with cousins.
Having a ball, my coffee and watching this stellar day erupt into another sun-filled 24 hrs.
Have a great time this weekend, stay safe, happy and FIRM, always.............

Irene M said...

Y O ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Where is everyone ?

It is now almost 6 PM and I am the ONLY comment

Wassup ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Had to check in late so sorry should have known you would blog today Yupper Adem and Eve were Aleins I buy that !! LOL Hope you are having an Amazing time Wherever you are Sissy! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures . Stay out of Jail! Please don't know where you are so I can't bail you ROFLOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Good example that we cannot believe everything we read in a blog.

People make up things to make themselves look good.

Anonymous said...

NOt sure what the above comment means and what it refers to... but oh well, great blog!

Jonathan said...

too much sugar is bad for you.. you end up making random stories. A BIIIIG Thank you to Sherry for the shout out ^_^ looking forward to chatting to yah!