Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sending you Magic on The Winds

Mountain Lillies
To Start Your Day

Saturday Morning Magic
on the winds to all ~
Still dark, coffee hot, just waiting on the sun to jump up and greet the trees and me.
Oh how I love these mountain lillies, gifted to me by a client last week... what a fragrance added to their rich beauty!
Mountain Lillies and White Roses, now what a combo that is put together in a vase!
Flowers, beautiful flowers, wild in meadows or here in the yard to admire and watch the butterflies dance and play around and on ~ each a fine gift.
So here ya go, magic on the winds, I am sharing my flowers with you this morning!

I remember someone saying once,
"give me flowers while I'm living cos I can't smell them when I'm dead"!
Maybe today you'll find the reason to just get out there and buy yourself some fresh flowers and put them in a vase
Just because you know
are worth it!

 "Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into." 
~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

Just maybe if you gift yourself today, and/or someone else, you will add the soul in the arranging and in the enjoyment!

This week we've talked about the children, the "labels", we've taken a walk down memory lane for many of our readers... and the comments have been wonderful.
The one thing I've also found over the years is how little boys and girls love flowers as well!
They love playing in the dirt, planting them, watering them and watching the growth!
they also love receiving flowers as well.
It is quite amazing that we as adults; men and women love being surprised with flowers
 (at least most do) that is.
I remember not so long ago being told of a woman who had recently died, her husband had bought her flowers often during their 35 year marriage. On her stone he had a rose engraved as well.
Seems that throughout the marriage, the woman never shared with her husband that she
DID NOT like flowers! He never knew... but her daughter did... and when picking out the headstone, she had to laugh to herself as she recalled all the many years and all the many flowers! She didn't have the heart to tell Dad, and just keep quiet as he proudly ordered that last rose to be engraved on the stone.
Even in death, this woman had one final rose from her beloved husband who never had a clue that she had no love of the many flowers throughout that marriage; she never wanted to hurt his feelings I guess.
maybe he just never picked the right flowers to knock her socks off or to change her mind is my way of looking at it!
She may have changed her mind if she ever saw Mountain Lillies at their finest or some of the remarkable flowers arranged "just so"
I would like to think!

It's Saturday my friends, all the little ones are out and running wild,
Rules set only by the parents,
labels only on soups and shirts and shoes!
YIPEE oh happy day.
Let the sun shine.
and enjoy each breath, each moment, each new feel of fall that is in the air!

Time to get that great feeling of
going today!
I wish you enough
that you will step out of your comfort zone
and reach beyond the ordinary
and step up
and out
extend a hand to another
a pleasant smile
or hello
to a friend
Just because you can!

The fire is burning brightly today, with thoughts on the wind for all those who gather here, all who will be seen on tomorrows' list
HOLD up the light and remember those we often list here, and if you need a reminder of them...
Tomorrow a photo for the day
and the names will appear!

This is a page of gentle warriors, those who stand for and with each other, no one stands alone...
We are together on this page, the circle continues.

Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
is now available as an E-book!!! It's ready for you to download on your "whats it called device" hahaha

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches!

did you hear where the Social Security Administration issued stimulus checks to millions of dead people last year, and also to those inmates??? Then they report that there is no way to get money back from dead people!!!
Now ain't that just amazing?


Anonymous said...

Good saturday to you, dr sherry. I have to share with those that blog here that i read"Healing Heartaches" this week and if you havent read it yet,stop ,order it now and buy lots of "kleeenexes" What an incredible book!!when you finish it and dont feel changed, you might oughta check your pulse LOL. i feel like i know this woman and have never met her. the book cover is lovely and it is only a hint at the beautiful gift that awaits you inside. so in your words , dr sherry, wado!!!!!i also thought it was interesting that you tell us to buy ourselves flowers. i look at them often in the store and touch them and smell them, but never can justify the purchase. next store visit, im buying the 1st bunch that strikes my fancy! get up , get out and get to living (my motto for the day--because im currently working on one day at a time )!!<3 sandy

Anonymous said...

would have to agree with the above comment.
heading to honeymoon, purple noodle
and I...
needing the solace and time to reflect..
way to beautiful today to pass up a visit with
my angel...
sign me,
Have a great day...

Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of bying flowers just because they are beautiful and I deserve them. A treat for myself. The piture of the lillies si beautiful. I well know that lovely fragrance. Flowers need to smell good. It is the soul of the flower. Sending a bouquet to each of you today.

Anonymous said...

Flowers, flowers, I know so many people who love them and I am also a person who will buy myself flowers. My departed husband I bought a yellow rose before we married, he had never received a flower from anyone. It was 1 yellow rose, he was so grateful he took a picture of it and put in our wedding albun. He was very sentimental, maybe that rose persuaded him to marry me? Later years after the angels came and got him and he suffered no more from lunch cancer I met a very dear man who had befriended my Mom and Dad for years. One day he came to me and had me some plastic flowers (2) dont know the name of them. I said they are nice in a puzzled sort of way. Where did you get them? He said I went to empty my trash and they were just laying there at the dump. I was a little stunned but accepted them with grace. I still have them and I treasure them because it came with pure love and caring. Suddenly he was gone and the Angels came and took him away to a better and beautiful place 3 yrs. ago. I am sure the flowers are growing and he remembers so well the lovely flowers from the dump. They will be with me forever.