Thursday, January 20, 2011


today in altoona from aphone sin ce we r set. thouught..... ther is nnooooo place like home ,,,,,,,,

they sure have been awesome to me in pa tho ,  no sounding lke kermit with a frog in throat a sik frog at that llllllllllllllloooollllll

walk in  beauty


Irene M said...

Dorothy TOTO, come home, we miss you
There's NO PLACE like home......
Sea and ground FOG socked us in last eve, so no full moon sighting.....
Later gator, safe travels.
P S : Happy Birthday DAD ! Irene

Anonymous said...

I've been catching up today on the great
blogs I have missed this week.. really have
to say, you rock Sherry, and I'm proud to know
you and be included here along with such great
warriors... I've earned the day off today and
will be heeding all the words of wisdom...
There is truly no place like home,
in my view, HOME is in my heart, and I
am happy to be me, and be here.
The fog was awesome last night, giving way to a
beautiful FL morning of blue sky and sun..
some serious relaxing is on my agenda,
no housework, no tasks at all that include
any effort... certainly some fun in the sun
and some music for my soul...
Reading today, writing as well, and thinking
happiest thoughts,,, oh , also some baking too.
I heard we have a "giant bake sale" to prepare
for... Enjoy your day everyone, may you travel
safely and soon back home Doc..
Thanks again for all you are to us each day !
hugging my angels,
sign me,
..p.s. Irene, I'd like to wish for you an especially happy day, and a happy birthday to your Dad... STOMP....

chris said...

so glad you're coming home soon-the four leggeds are missing ya I think. So is everyone here. take care of you--be safe!
P.S. Just got caught up on the blogs for the last couple of days--lots to think about-and mull over-working on it.....
talk to ya soon!

Kelly2Wolves said...

Lady bug Lady bug fly away home! And We wait with bated breath to hear all your adventures! Call me when your rested !