Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time For Healing

D'Vante, the little ones
here for the holidays!
Now that was a picture for the
"Hallmark Moment"

Good morning from the "deep freeze" of
Snow in 49 states, and I for one am glad we are not one of them ~
But we sure are worried about the strawberries and oranges here...
Hoping my #1 Buddy Pal rested well last night after his surgery, and that today finds him able to rest, and to maneuver those crutches
mostly to stay put~
Little brother will be waiting on him hand and foot
to be certain when not in school you can bet on that.

D'Vante is home and surgery went well
according to the surgeon.
Buddy Pal had his Mom to call me from the recovery room to "sing to him" hoping that I could help
wake him from the magical anesthesia
that he couldn't seem to get out from under!
Problem is:
 I have a wicked case of
but sing I did!
Starting with "You're Goin to Miss This",
to a rendition of  "Boom Boom Pow", sing I did, and  I got to hear a weak little laugh from him,
right before he drifted off again
and then the doctor came in to talk.
He informed Angie that the knee
was in much worse shape than he had thought.

I knew it was bad, sure wish the good doc would have talked to me first!
Had that doc talked with the Godmother I would have told him that... I laid my hand on that knee while he was here, I felt the trauma and the junque
in there, and could hear the sound from across the room as he bent it for me;
 that crunching could be heard by all.
The doc was hopeful, said that he repaired quite a bit in there, he was surprised at the amount of Arthritis in the knee of a 16 year old, and that he thinks it was successful.
D'Vante is now in a full brace, with orders to keep it still until P/T which will begin in TWO days.
Two days?
Are you kidding me?
So my thoughts are scrambled here a bit...
Two days til' P/T, but out of school and on a
sit-stay for 7 days yet P/T in two days.
what of this Arthritis in the knee of a babe?
OK doc, what are we going to do about this...
this is a young boy, with a life ahead of him,
one that includes football, college football and dreams of Pro...
Work with me here.
This is a time for healing for my Godson, my #1 to get better than great so that he can do and be all a 16 year old is capable of to enjoy all.

Meanwhile It is a time of great gratitude that he came through the surgery with success and that he wanted songs to wakie wakie make it even funnier.
He was fitted for crutches, given pain medications
as he was in pain upon awakening.
They should work quite well since his body is naive to pain medications, and he hates taking an aspirin so will need monitoring to stay ahead of the pain.

I thank you all for the energy, the prayers and the thoughts of yesterday... as does he. I told him many Warriors were praying and thinking of him, I believe it may him feel stronger.

WE texted all the way to the hospital and while waiting he had his Mom text asking why there was a
"hole in the back of those gowns" he was now wearing...
 He could not quite understand how the "back of a gown could be so open even after tying them closed".
I thought that was just too funny for words, so I found this for his answer:

I let him know that it was for him
"show his ass" but this time he could do it without risk of getting in trouble with those around him
so, have a great time
cos' after yesterday
heaven help him!
He got a great kick out of that idea and laughed loud on it.

His little brother Kamryn was quite upset after having a bad dream the night before; and having to get up in the middle of the night just to go to his Brother and give him a kiss and jump in bed with him for awhile. Kamryn adores his big brother...
Oh how he wished his school was out yesterday for snow reasons so he too could have been waiting at the hospital. Kamryn had a basketball game last night, he played his heart out to win it for "brother" and he sure did that! Proud he was, and ever so anxious to get home to check on and wait on big brother.

Now is the time for healing.

with Little Star Hawk loving his big brother,
with Dot and her sister Linda helping
Mom Angie
D'Vante will have everyone there
to help him
as he starts healing.
The task will be keeping him still,
him learning patience,
learning to
rather than do.
A hard lesson at 16, but one that pain will surely help with probably.

And from a distance, I will stay in touch, will offer prayers and support.
Knowing me, I will want a consult with the surgeon, want to talk about the surgery and the after effects...
I do want to know how we will address this issue of arthritis in a 16 year old with plans of football and issues of pain.
Too many youth become addicted to prescription pain medications.
MY Godson will not be one of them, he will not become
one who is dependent, addicted or worse
a statistic.

As for those pain meds; Now his body is using all'
 as it needs all to heal and to administer to the pain of this ...
 and I of course go in my mind to other things, years of experience - can't avoid such things.

But for now, it is a time of healing,
just as in Arizona
it is a time of healing.

The ceremony of remembrance last night was poweful, it was intense and it was the beginning of great healing.
All who spoke did so with their hearts, their very
souls were shown with honor, integrity and truth
althought their numbness and pain was
almost too real to witness at times.

I was moved by the memorial service held on C-Span last evening; from the opening remarks to the closing.
I was especially riveted at the number of people who spoke and appeared a bit "de-tached" by the trauma of the actual pain and suffering of the day, in order to speak so clearly with such clarity. The numbing is there
as I figured it would be, particularly seen in young intern Hernandez as he stood, he spoke and seemed not of this world quite yet. The reality not yet set in for him of his courageous and outstanding heroism.
What a marvelous gift we received to learn that Gabbie opened her eyes at the end of the visit with our President ...
We continue to send prayers for her and her family,
we surround her with the white lights of healing ways
along with her family and those who love her.
Our Nation is with you.
As we remember, and honor those who were slain, and wrap our arms around their families from a distance, let us remember we need to be better to each other, we need to STAND UP, to rise up and be better ...
To be all that we are capable of being to ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbors.
those we call fellow Americans.
We can always be better.
We are the heartbeat of Mother Earth
we are her children.
WE are United in this.
Together we are so much more
for the greater good
in good times,
times of profound grief
are Survivors.

It is indeed time for healing
rather than pointing of fingers.
It is also time for many to just not speak at all.

Some politicians and those who put the "cross-hairs" on Gabbie and her state would do well to just be still/to be silent on the issue now. Give people a break.
We need a break, people need to grieve, to have respect.

As for those idiots who continue to show up, and demonstrate with no respect for funerals and hold rallies and protest, in a few words:
"Shame on you"
and bless the Vets who stand up and protect those who are grieving, and keep them safe along the processions and entries of their journeys of dignity and final goodbyes at memorials and funerals.

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." -- Tori Amos

And it is in healing that we allow ourseleves to also enjoy humor for balance, so look for all...
courage, humor, and healing.

You may have to look deeply, invest energy, and go out of the comfort zone during times such as this,
there is always comedy in tragedy
always humor in heartaches.

We just have to dig deep to have the courage to find it.

The Fire Is Burning brightly with
HOPE on the winds to all who gather here.
The sage is fired up, the prayer bowl and those who know who they are are being remembered along with many who have no idea that they are being thought of today, and many thoughts are on the winds
of hope in healing, strength, energy and all that you need.


We need Healing Today

Walk In Beauty


Anonymous said...

great to hear that D'Vante is home, now to the healing doc: "Dvante, stay laying low, remote in your hand son, and just enjoy the attention frojm those who love you... do all that is required of you to get that knee in top form #51 I know it will be difficult" great pictures too doct looks like a fine time was had by all! Time for healing it is.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL BLOG DOC. Give our love to D'Vante as he lazes around recovering from surgery.
We are all sending healing thoughts and lots of tenderness his way. Hope you feel better soon too. Rough season for all. Flu, colds, surgeries.... What a busy start to what is soon to be a wonderful 2011.

Irene M said...

Oh, yes, D'Vante. Hope this finds good news about your healing and REST which that knee needs to support you for the rest of your active life. Also, hope the voice is coming back, Dr. SES, ahet ahem......
Nice day today, just c o l d, keeping firm.

chris said...

and now for healing-so glad the godson is home with family-but I do hope they allow D'Vante to do a few things for himself.
Also, I was watching the news at work and they showed a group of people dressed as angels blocking the view so that the mourners would not have to put up with the sickness of that church. I am greatfull that there are people out there who would dress up as an angels just so a family can mourn in private.
Bless all the families and peace in their hearts.
Hope everyone out thee has a nice warm robe to wrap themselves in--I know i do-an angel gave it to me!! talk to ya soon! it's really cold down here!!

Anonymous said...

many thoughts today in my mind,
purpose, healing, peace and mostly gratitude.
Wishing all a night time full of much needed
rest and carefree dreams. I am so very thankful
for all I have, all that I once had and all that
promises to be... sending lots of positive
healing energy to D'Vante, omg, he is sooo
handsome... and also prayers for all the folks
in Arizona.. goodnight to all, may your
hearts be a bit lighter and get some zzzzzzzzzzs.
Hugging my angels, sign me,