Monday, January 10, 2011

POINT BLANK ~ Life is So Fragile

Gabbie Giffords
We are surrounding you all
in prayers;
Along with the families
of those whose lives have forever been changed
by the horrific deaths
Our Nation sees tragedy once again.

My heart aches for all who are now feeling the secondary trauma of hearing and seeing the accounts of what has happened in Arizona
at the gathering of
"Congress on the Corner "
over the week-end
with a young and vibrant woman
who believes in the power of connection,
the love of her community
enough to get out there,
A little 9 year old wanting to meet a congresswoman, who had a love of politics and laws, and perhaps would one day want to be a change agent, a woman of greatness.
After all she was one of the babies born on a day
when the wold stopped,
when we all had to dig deep to find hope
she came into this world
and reminded her parents and those who loved her
The World is still here
look at me!
a baby girl
born on 9/11/2001
the day the world stood still
shot dead.

We hold this child and her families in prayer, in thoughts, knowing the Creator now holds her safely.
once again
the world is standing still united in shock
over the unthinkable once again
happening, this time
in Arizona
 and across our world people are reeling,
wondering how this could happen.
We need a healing ceremony
We Need to believe that HOPE
in healing is happening right here right now.

Many were injured,
all innocent
, 6 were killed 
on a beautiful day in Arizona:

These people were just
out living their lives,
In their community. They have probably made great impacts on their families, their communities and will be remembered for those things.
All were probably just out there having a great day,
just doing what people do
some off to gather around the vibrance
of a woman
admired by many
who believes in the power
connection in her community
and the importance of connection.

Congresswoman Gabbie is a woman of strength, of character. She loves motorcycycles (even if it is a BMW), her family, her beloved Astronaut Husband, riding horses and feeling the wind in her hair, of love, of family, or connection and of the American way.
In a heart beat and the pull of a trigger,
BAM, it can change like a firefly in the night,
She fell into the arms of a 20 year old intern,
who knew instinctively to protect and cradle her gently but firmly. He did not falter, he did not fail, he was there to protect, to comfort wih a gentle but strong command of what needed to be done.
She is now fighting for her life, with
 a "guarded but hopeful prognosis".
The Nation is shocked, in disbelief once again
that such an ugly and horrific thing could strike
and we are United once again.
We are fighting with her, with her family and the families of the fallen.
The bullet was at "point blank" range;
a "through and through" her brain, in above the ear, through the brain,
but out her forehead,
it is remarkable;
she is a remarkable young woman of tremendous strength
A Warrior
with a loving family
and strong spirit.
Flags are at half-staff
our President has asked
that we have a gather in silence
It will be Poweful
embrace it with all you have,
send out to those who need it

As a Nation, we will once again demonstrate our
resiliency, our strength, and we will

This beautiful and powerful woman has to fight,
 she needs the strength and prayers of our Nation.

Yes, there will be many questions... they have already begun.
So many will find that their systems have been shaken to the core;
faith will be challenged as will belief systems,
this kind of inhumane action goes beyond human understandings.
Our systems are on overload as reason does not makes sense, our nerves are raw, our hearts are heavy and mixed and torments feelngs are in the way of reason.

A murderer,  22 year old often seen walking a dog, a loner and one who recently purchased a "Glock" just because it is a free country and all can purchase a gun unless they are a known felon; then they have to purchase their weapons on the streets...  has willfully done this. He was determined, he had focus, some say he was on a mission. That word does not fit what he has done in my mind...
He was in my thinking out to do harm, malicious and crude harm with no remorse of his actions.

He now has had his moment of fame.
America stood up,
it was a woman who took him down, who wrestled his weapon from him; and then was joined by a young man we saw interviewed on t.v., he who also was carrying a gun, but did not pull it from its holster...
 yet he joined her in holding this murderer down.
This young man remarked to the press, with a tear in his eye that he could not help but notice the pain, the cries all around him...
 and that yes he got involved, it is after all post-9/11.
He also commented on the "look of satisfaction" on the murderer's face... He wiped a tear from his eyes several times as he described in detail the blood, the faces of those around him, of the helplessness he felt.

And, sadly at taxpayers expense, there will be long and drawn out psychological exams, we will hear all about his "psychotic break", insanity pleas, the troubled life perhaps led by this killer, his discontent with the government and all that jazz.
 We heard such tales of the same when or brave Tampa Policemen were murdered at point blank range recently as well and we continue to await the trial while he is provided 3 hots and a cot on taxpaxers dollars too.

This one, will also will receive "3 hots and a cot"
and some paid attorney will have to question his own sanity as he is appointed the public defender for him and fights to the death that this 22 year old is innocent by reason of......................... sometimes I cannot imagine that job.. I would rather do about anything than that job I think. I can't help but think something is terribly wrong with our justice system at times like this. This 22 year old also killed a 9 year old, 5 others including a Federal Judge, along with people with important lives and familiy members who fee them just as important...

And meanwhile,
a community is in shock,  nation is in shock
many are grieving
more are devastated, some will feel the effects of
secondary traumatic stress,
some now walk in fear
those who are in the public eye
do not know what to do.
Professionals who are in the public eye are often
fearful at times, often receive harassment from others
just because they are out and about,
therapists have been victimize, threatened for years,
some have even lost their lives ...

I've already heard on the news that congress folks are talking about enhancing security...
whoaaaa a minute.
Let's take a breath.
Let's focus on Gabbie right now, let's focus on a community in Tuscon that needs our energy, our
HOPE and our prayers
and goodwill.
Let's let them know
we are Standing With YOu
as you try to make sense of all of this.
Know we are with you.
From a distance we are sending you light
love and the ongoing support

Some will blame the President of the US,
others will blame the Republicans/Democrats/
Tea Party/Coffee Pot/the weather
some will blame ole' whats her name,
Sara Palin... isn't it Sara Palin who put a bead on this young woman's back with a bulls eye
just a few days ago with a bullet marker?

I would suggest that we put
ENERGY into the family of all
in Arizona
for the losses suffered there
Healing and HOPE for
Gabbie, Mark Kelly and family
as she FIGHTS to recover and heal.
She is a Warrior with many who love her,
her fight will be intense, recovery will be arduous with the need of continual prayers
could take time.
prayers we are good at,
and Faith can move mountains,
she is married to a man
that has traveled on the Discovery
he knows the power of belief
and ability
of Desire
and dedication.
Let's gather to send all that is needed to the physicians that are working with their hands and hearts there.

Let's send gratitude to the men and women who
acted rather than reacted in those moments of crisis
and fear
with action and the responders.

I would suggest that it is time
as one Nation
and stop the ridiculous and splitting of parties
of separations that make people act ridiculous.
I would think it is time
to re-evaluate the ability of anyone over the age of eighteen to walk into a store and buy a gun that has bullets to take out a city block of innocent people.
No one has yet asked for my opinions on these

I ask that we do not spend a lot of time on the replays of this horror, spend even less time on the scum that had the gun and the intent of doing such harm to so many,

rather that you take best care of yourself;
scenes of trauma, of horror have a way of getting to you, and fear settles in. It is hard to imagine how those out in Arizona are doing right now... but I remember well how we as a Nation and how many kept replaying the scenes of 9/11 and the "sniper of DC" over and over...

So as this day begins a new week
Let's take stock of all that we do have to be grateful for
while remembering
Life is so very fragile.
you can never ever ever
have or give enough
generous spirit
and enough Blessings
and Self - Care

Take best care of you
those you love.
Extend kindness to each one you meet
prayers, thoughts and best wishes out there
to those in Tucson.

"Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster."  Dalai Lama XIV

The Fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot. The Sage is filling the air, with hope, with healing thoughts in the winds to all who gather here, to those in Arizona and you who know who you are.

Oprah should have her autographed copy of
Healing Heartaches now... so, expect to see that on her
"Best Read List any day now" right?
Hello Oprah? Are you feeling us here???
just keepin it real friends, always keepin it real.

Now go...

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Another sad and outragous event. Prayers for the families of all those involved. heartfelt thanks to the docs, medics, and other medical staff that were there to provide care. Thank you for the thoughts you have shared with us doc. Tragedy strikes again. Are wegetting numb to all the violence we experience? I am exhauseted by the anger, the uglines of man against man. What kind of society have we created? I want to start over....

Irene M said...

So very sad, these past 2 days following the senseless shooting. I am saturated with doubt, depression and grief, scared at what is becoming of this nation, world, people.
It engulfs me with such intensity, that I cannot shut the t v off. FEAR is an aweful place to be in. I will use your blog today, to lift me up, gain some strength and focus on sending prayers and good wishes to those in AZ.
Otherwise, I will just be another emotional cripple. Silence at 11 a.m. Irene

Anonymous said...

oh my, such a very tragic occurrence,
how does such a young man become so filled
with hatred and fear of humanity that he
lashes out in such a senseless and horrifying
way ? Have we as a society taught him that
his behavior is acceptable ?
He is one sick and demented creature...
I , too , will focus on sending healing and
hopeful prayers to all the innocent victims,
I will not turn the t.v. on, nor contribute for
even a second to the " 10 minutes of Fame "
STOMP... to keep the faith and the knowledge
that there are many , many, good people in
this world...
sign me, hugging my angels,

Anonymous said...

Hello to all, I think yesterday and today the world as we see it as stood still. Such a sinful act to human beings that was giving something to our society, something so precious and a little girl, judge and those people who have families all over who are hurting. To Gabby and her family we are all with you and we are praying real hard for all who was the heroes and those whose family members are gone and no goodbye. There are people all around us who are suffering because of some petty argument or disagreement. Trying to make others suffer for their inability to love and say I am sorry. It can happen to any one of us walking down the street, the mall or just staying at home. The kids suffer so much in life and now it is the parents, friends and family. We should all get down on our knees and pray for all of these wonderful people who are struggling to stay alive and for those and their families who has gone on. Yes, the justice system needs a big over haul and soon. Too much is given to the criminal and too many years. God bless the families and God Bless USA. Pray for our soldiers and their families. Thank you DRSES for all you do and your words of wisdom, hope and love for all.

chris said...

Hi everyone, I too have sent healing prayers to all especially the families who are suffering at the hand of this very sick person. I hesitate to call him a man..a real man would not do this. What concerns me is that some people are calling for more guns, more security--blah,blah, blah--violence brings violence-what are we going to do? start another war? -this time on our own people! enough already! time to re-work the system. and to pray that we can still find some thing to help our own. God help us all.
There was silence at our office with prayers for all. with an extra prayer for peace.