Saturday, January 29, 2011



We are going to sweet talk
give em sweets that are
ummm goood
take their money
give it to research
are going Away
Might as well leave NOW

Good morning
Great morning it is
As a matter of fact

It's Mom's birthday too!
Happy Happy Birthday Mom!
Wishing you a year of
wonderment, of joy, of happiness
wonderful Latin ZUMBA
laughter, love and all the
greatness you dare to dream!

We've shared many a
"Magical Time"
Mom and I
Here > at Disney with our
Boys and Angie!
Wow it's going to be quite the day it is!

It is also the birthday of
Landon Korbek

A young man
who died this past May 7, 2010,
unexpectedly and suddenly.
Gone too soon at 17 years old.
Landon's Mom and Dad will celebrate
this day when their precious child came into this world
and remember his life
his love and all he gave those17 years of life shared.
friend of many
lover of music and avid guitar player
a Bob Marley fan of the finest.
His now famous legacy
"One Love"
special bracelets now worn by all who loved him
his Martin classic guitar restored in time for this
will be played by his Dad today
he plans to play some wicked cool blues for his
beloved wife Susan
to honor their beloved son
to soothe each others hearts along the way
and surround themselves with the loving support
of those who join
"One Love" for Landon.
they plan to start their day with a walk on the Dunedin Causeway where Landon loved to walk, to be near the waters, to possibly see the dolphins jump,
then to come to the bake sale
to get that
death by chocolate cake
made for this day
Dark chocolate fudge, cooked pudding, 3/4 pound of
semi-sweet chocolate chips
all put together with love
Susan and Greg Korbek are going to come to
Bethel today
and get that fantastic cake
to honor
remember their precious son
and then celebrate that he lived
with friends of his who plan to stop over and visit
with those who have loved him.
They are learning to live differently now
while embracing a life lived fully
a child gone too soon.
Happy Birthday Landon,
you are missed by so many,
you live in the hearts of so many and will forever.
Later the Korbeks will attend a music concert to listen
to one of Landons favorite muscisians
(they may need ear plugs) for that
they will honor their precious child
they will do that together
they will continue the
the long and often ardous journey
and perhaps
they will get a message, a gift, a touch
along the day along the path

Meanwhile in Southwest Virginia
there will be something going on there
maybe something delightful
to celebrate
Mom, *aka* the COB, *aka* The General
she will be "feeling the love" of the "fam"

It will be a blessed day for many
that is the chosen path.

The cars are being loaded up
the sugar and raspberry smells and lemon and did I mention
is in the air, making thoughts of energy and laughter possible already in the day.

It is a GREAT DAY...

Crafts, fellowship, perhaps a prayer or twenty.
People will gather together, friends will laugh
folks will catch up!
Oh what a day is starting already.
there will be a raffle!

Just thought of that this week...
Laura has fixed up a
"Laura style butterfly plant"
good ole baker extraordinaire Dorothy
has designed a most exquisite silk arrangement
that some lucky person will win in the raffle of the day.

OH my
it will be a grand day to be certain:

Now really
who could resist buying
Raffle tickets
for this arrangement of flowers
designed by
I ask you???
A one of a kind indeed
sure to draw some
big bucks for
Thank you Dorothy,
you are
I am honored that you are always here to
"stand by me"

Laura has MS
MS will never "have" Laura!

will Never Give up!

you might as well just throw yourself in
the Gulf of Mexico today, sink and be done.
We will not stop.

We have Warriors all over you,
from Spain, to England, To New Zealand, To Australia,
 to VA, to MD, To PA, To CO, To TX, To CA, To MN, To GA, To SD in lodges, 
and everywhere else

Before I end,
I will share
Laura;s comments from last night that I saw on this page,
she was baking and loading her car when I last heard from her before falling in bed to prepare for this day after a long week at hospice working.
She is amazed once again at the outpouring of support from readers and Warriors here, and emails
to drop her a line!
Laura posted here last night:
"The hand of MS, attached to the rest of MS me... is excited to put another bite in the fate of MS! Baked what I could wihout too much damage (ie burnt ones!) and now draggin' my weary buns to bed! But I can't go to bed without thanking my earthly angels, my fellow warriors! You have all been a solid rock for me, helping me stand tall when my legs feel weak, helping me see the bright side of a mean disease when things aren't quite right. As I go to bed, God Bless the fallen officers, and their families. Beyond sad, so many sad things going on I feel guilty somethines if I ever feel sorry for myself, MS is little in the big scheme of things, and I plan to use my energy to end MS! So others don't have to deal with this frustrating disease...and it is a disease. But so many things that can be worse. I am blessed more than most with the love and support I have always, and in all ways! Thank you all for the heartfelt words of support, the hard elbow grease, and the constant friendship I feel from each of you! Happy BIRTHDAY tomorrow COB! XO "

So there ya go,
from my dearest friend, my family of choice
oh boy, I sure did make a "grand choice"
my heartfelt thanks to
all who gather here
those warriors
ANDREA (sing me A)
Chris (Breast CA Survivor)
Irene (usually first to comment)
Mom (for her MS contribution from VA)
Dotti B (contribution from PA)
sissy 2 wolves (lodge blessings in SD)
and others
for your emails of support from all over the world
for our success today

The fires are burning, embers are hot, the sage is fired up with thoughts on the wind.
Intentions are set, and the energy is high...
Thoughts and prayers to sustain and to remind you
We are together with you...

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Great blog doc, don't know how you find te time day after day to do so much for so many, but so glad you do this for us. The blog starts my day off on the right doot. An attitude of gratitude! STOMP, MS here we come... AGAIN! You are so being ratted out, RUN MS, we will not soften our efforts as long as it takes to find a cure! Will be with you all in spirit today as you bust it at the bakesale. Wish I could be there with you.
To Landon's family,what a wonderful testiment to the love you shared as a family, to continue to celebrate the life of your son on the anniversary of his birth. My thoughts are with you today. To the families of the fallen officers, we will hold you in our hearts. Be gentle with yourselves, life deals us some bad hands, know that all who gather here send love, support and strength to you as you begin the journey to healing the heartache of your loss.

Irene M said...

M S : we are coming to get you in the form of
$$$$$ and sugar highs.
Great day for prayers, reflection, Pirates,
parades, privacy and poofs of white powder sugar.
Gotta run to the church ! Irene

dotti said...

Birthday Blessings to Sherry's Mom (oh that I could meet HER one day♥), and pure energy from the sunny and bright snow-covered hills of Pennsylvania headed South to all at the Bethel Church today. Did you have to show that Death by Chocolate bundt again?? Oh the cravings it instills ... not JUST for the sweet fragrance and flavors I can almost taste, but also for the love and companionship I can nearly feel through cyberspace. Ms Cure, are you ready? My dear friend Gary has MS, his mother died from complications thereof, and a few years back, he had his daughter tested. Although she has no 'signs', she indeed has MS. Genetics - such an integral part of each of our lives good and sometimes not so good. But because of Laura, and Sherry and Gary and Kati and Home Depot and a legion of other fervent warriors, the HOPE and the work for the CURE continues...

I will be thinking of you all down in the Florida sunshine as I STOMP my way through the snowy woods in search of peace and maybe even a feather or two. Wishing you success in the endeavors of the day!

chris said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y --COB aka Mom aka Grandma--hope you have a wonderful day!!
Just came back from the bake sale -it was awesome the tables were loaded down with so much stuff-That "bunny" is sure a great baker..It took several trips from car to table-I thought it would never end! we were tired at the end but Laura was still going-she shows us up all the time-it's hard to keep a good woman down!! even her Grandmother was there and said she can't get Laura to sit and rest a spell. Boy, it's so true-she has MS but she sure won't let it have her!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! talk to ya soon...

Irene M said...

Oh, what a bake sale.
Laura, Sherry, Andrea, Chris and even me....
We did our best, had a good time and made some money. DLB: I sampled, WOW..... my birthday is July 2 nd. ( just kidding.. )
Bye for now. Sugar high, Irene

Anonymous said...

Hey, I missed out on the bake sale. I would have loved to be there. Hope you sold all of the goodies and what you didnt sale you ate, cant get enough sugar. I am sure you all did the best job ever. So glad about the celebration of Landons life. He was indeed a very special son, friend and family. A handsome boy he was. Glad to hear his friends were still coming over, in some cases afterward the friends and neighbors quit coming. I think it is wonderful to get together and remember the good times. So glad the sale was a success. I bet MS. Rhoda was still going strong all day long. What a special way to be at the beautiful Church and raise money to stamp out MS. Grateful to see the beautiful window and all of the wonderful treats, I could visualize smelling them in the air. The flowers was beautiful, hope someone bought them and will remember what they were there to help. God Bless the USA. Thank you for all the gifts and kindness. Keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

helloooo. what a sweet day ! In my view.
sure had smooth sailing at the bake sale..
Funds raised to fight doubt about it,
Laura is a strong and determined warrior... my
pleasure and honor to have had the opportunity
to lend hands and spirit in the fight for a cure,
One more step forward was made today along with
alot of fun.. thanks all....
I would like to wish a peaceful heart kind of day to Landon's dear family. you are now your son's legacy and it's awesome to honor him with such love
on his birthday, I surely know he has spent each
minute of the day right with you ~
Well, I think I'll call it a day,
and the special moments from the day will stay
with me for a long time.. happy sunday to you !!
sign me, hugging my angel, with ONE LOVE,

to fighting for a cure,

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It's me the ever grateful one...finally day is nearly done except for thet dang shot! I can't even begin to find the words to express the appreciation I feel in my heart and soul! Dorothy, the baked goods were not only OVER the moon, but there was enough to get to the mpon and back! Sherry, Chris, Andrea, and our ever adorable Irene (who could probably talk you into buying your own shirt you are wearing), and my really awesome Grandma (2 huge pans delicious cookies!) thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU, each and everyone of you! This has been an awesome day, and I had the honor to meet others in my shoes, and offer hope for "our future" of uncertainty. As YES MS- GET OUTTA HERE! We are all over you! Over $300.00, and I didn't look like we even had much of a dent in our baked goods! So we'll plan for more bake sakes...soon...maybe the calories will evaporate!
I also had the honor of meeting Landon's mom while she picked up her cake. What a wonderful person, tender, but strong. This world just gets smaller and smaller as you listen to the who knows who, and yes there was an undeniable "one love" presence there. Including those 7's from Jaron. Signs are everywhere, love is everywhere, we just have to hold tight to that, and appreciate..I know I do.
COB, hope your day was as good as mine! Thanks for your long distance magical donation!
I just got to tuck my lil grandbaby Ben in bed, and with that, I will remain grateful, he's a really good reason to make sure MS will NO LONGER EXIST! (Along with 5 others) I am the pioneer in my family, and I want them to stop those genetics! When I was diagnosed 8 years ago, "MS wasn't supposed to be genetic", for me, it was a fluke. Well, it's real, it's genetic, but with the help of all my friends, it will be just a bad memory someday...