Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Hell, That was HAIL ON THE LANAI!!!

Good morning morning!
Coffee is good and hot
The thunder rolled
and then
lightning across the skies
more Hail...
the rains came.... and came....

Oh my did it ever rain
I'm thinking
The Creator was crying
for the Tragedy our
Nation is suffering
by the needless
and sorrow of Arizona
Congresswoman Gabbie
fights for her life
and the families
of the victims
still wonder how one beautiful day
could have turned out the way it did.

Since living here in Florida I have never seen such
as this.
The Hail that fell just was remarkable,
its sounds were amazing

The temperatures were above 50 degrees
and it pounded.
Most caught on the screen of the lanai
but this quickly gathered on the gutter.
And that lightening streaked across the sky
with the rolling thunder making its sounds

The little 4 leggeds were unsure at first what was happening, so their first inclination was to give it all a piece of their little minds; off around the pool they went barking their heads off, only to return soaked and more confused, looking for safety on my lap!
A joy that was for my lap as I then had to find a towel for both of them!

Taking them inside, I thought it a great day to snuggle in with some T.V., but quickly realized the day would be one of T. V. coverage of Arizona and the many opinions of ways to "tighten up" security for politicians, congressman, a day to talk of this murderer and the great idea of his obvious mental illness and wonderings of how and what might have triggered him and how society may have let him down along the way.
Somehow cartoons seemed a better option, or even pay preview movies at that point.

At times I grow weary of hearing about how systems and situations lead people to lash out against the world and innocent people. Bad childhoods and awful things that happen to children who make it to adulthood and all of a sudden, purchase a gun and after walking their dog or eating a sandwich,
pull out their gun
and then decide
to go out to a town square or their jobsite
or to the Presidents house
or to anyone's house
on a sunny day
take out their pent up feelings and randomly kill a successful person, a person they don't know
or just a dog walking along a yard catching a frisbee
 and random others who are out
 and about
somehow after all of this...
 it just doesn't pull my heart strings.
 Maybe I am growing hard in my old age
having seen just too much ugliness in the press and on the streets.
We all are born and live through
some rough times
we all
have choices
to make
in life.

There are many, millions in fact who have had less than a stellar childhood and grow up, get dogs, walk dogs, and are loners.
  Life has not been fair to them.
they do not go out one day and take a gun with them,
even if hungry or dissatisfied with government or people or situations and open fire at point blank range
and kill.

Many are victims of horrible terrible things, and at some time live to tell the tale:
child abuse, rape,beatings and mistreatment,
many have been diagnosed of mental illness, some have emotional scars that would boggle the mind,
many have been treated in ways unimagined,
mans inhumanity to man can be cruel
without prompting without reason.
many or most, rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes
and go on to live productive lives.
They have families of birth and of choice
leaning, learning, living and ultimatley
struggle through the same hard times
we all are now doing
and make choices.
Not all are enchanted with the things that are happening in our lives now,
but they choose to embrace the many gifts that are ours.

The Creator wept I'm sure on that sunny day in Arizona,
 and today here in Florida
with the thunder rolling, the lightning striking and making a tremendous light show across the sky
Hail that was unlike anything I've ever seen
since living here,
I have to wonder,
Was the Creator
letting us know ~
It is time to re think
how we process such tragedy, and what we focus on.

Maybe it is time to take a closer look at how people are able to acquire guns so quickly and easily along with bullets you can buy with a basketball at Walmart.
Maybe it is time to take a closer look at the
"swiftness of justice" and the system as a whole.

I can't help but wonder where we are on the process of that piece of trash that is sitting in a cell on our tax dollars that was witnessed as he brutally killed
 Tampa Bay Police Officers Kocab and Curtis.
As a matter of fact,
we haven't heard about that for awhile,
what a terrible tragedy that was here in our area.

2 young men making a "routine traffic stop"
shot dead, their families and fellow officers still reeling.

Now we have  9 year old Christina who wanted to become a politician, an advocate for change when she grew up;
 a baby born on 9/11
who has died at the hand of someone who had no value for life, along with a Federal Judge, and other valued members of the community.
A Congresswoman who is loved in her state and by all who have been honored to meet her ...
fighting for her life.
5 others who are hurt, some critically.
By one person who could care less of his actions.
And yesterday
in Florida
the Hails fell with fury from nowhere.

And I can't help but wonder.

We have families that cannot get along, countries that have warred for so long that it is ridiculous to think that they will ever stop, we have folks who like to fuss and cuss and just plain out stir in it til it stinks.
Perhaps it is just what they do.

Choices friends, it is all about the choices we make.

We have to be able to have access to those in positions of power, to authors, to speakers, to those who we adore and want to know.
But at what cost?
At what risk?

Those who do bad things must "get it" that we have a
zero tolerance level for behaviors that are not acceptable.
This behavior was and is not acceptable.

I do not really need to know his "story"
I have heard folks stories for a long time
their history, their reasons for acting and being out of their minds.
I know many who have great reasons to be discontent with things.
Many who have lived their lives with promises broken,
the First Americans?
Remember the "welcome our Vietnam Vets"
received when they came home?
Do you know what our soldiers
are receiving and not receiving
when returning from
overseas NOW?
The pain, the carried trauma, the availability of and access to mental health follow-up, jobs and health care
with re-entry transitional jobs and care with families?

Can we even imagine what
Congresswoman Gabbie and her family
her home, her desk
might be looking like or those who love her
might be feeling as they walk into
her space as she left it on Friday?

Do we really need to know the killer's story and what he ate for breakfast before putting his hoodie on and then
having a shooting spree too?
I'm not so sure that is on top of list of
what I want to know.

What I do know is this:
The feelings of vulnerability are always at a peak after a National Tragedy,
people always feel "fear", "uncertainity", and become somewhat "glued" to the events via the television.
As a Nation, we become rather trauatized from a distance and wonder,
"could this happen to me, in my town".
It does hapen, it allows doubt to rush in and settle.

It may be a good time for some media black-out,
to rest your hearts,
to center yourself
on YOU
what you can do to feel safety in your home,
your community

Want to be proactive?

Send your President a letter and share your thoughts on ways to improve our justice system,
send a card of support to those who were affected in
Arizona, or to the Congresswoman and family.


The Fire is Burning Brightly here, its embers are hot...
The Hail.. is now gone!
The Sage is filling the air, with HOPE,
with prayers for Gabbie, her family, Christina's family, all those in Arizona
and those who gather here
along with those who know who you are.
One tragedy >affects all.
Blessings to all<

May you know peace today
Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

We are on the same train this morning friend. This is what I wrote in my fb in the wee hours...is only five something here:

"Ever sat up in the middle of the nite and watched it snow..the first snow especially..soft fluffy beautiful snow flakes and the world is so serene and peaceful. Our nation needs that...serenity peace healing...our Lord must cry at all the ugliness, hate, fighting and killing going on in a nation that is supposed to be so civilized."

The balance is out in our nation. When the mistresses of famous people, the breakfast of murderers, what psychiatric facility stars are using, etc...becomes what our media focuses on..the balance is off kilter. We have to remember...the media plays what gets the watchers, so it is up to us to tell the media enough.

It isn't enough to talk about peace, one must believe it.
And it isn't enough to to believe in it, one must work for it.
- Eleanor Roosevelt"

It is time we worked for peace within our own nation.

As always friend...great words of wisdom on your page. Am putting you on my on FB..for all my friends to read. :)
hugs on the wind

Anonymous said...

Another perfect message doc. It is true, easy to get tired ofthe Media take on the "back stories" of people who are evil, and ignorant, make stupid choices etc. I for one refuse to watc. It shrinks my world to the darkest, ugliest moments possible. I feel for those injured and killed innocently while going about their day. Our justice system is not about truth, justice and swift results. It is about fat cat lawyers that see $$$$$ in taking years to do what could be resolved in days.
Who cares what kind of cildhood he had. He is an adult now and we as adults must be responsible. Don't think that all the vitiolic discourse of our politicians dosn't support the twisted thinking of violent people out there. When we govern by taking, bullying, wars, and hateful retoric, the governed mimic the tools of the idiots who rule. I am quite satisfied to d no harm in my own life, to reproduce love, warmth, caring and light. To turn from evil and hate. I am the change I want to see. Thank you doc for once again, your sage perspective.

Irene M said...

I am sitting back, reading your blog and comments for a few days. Not much to say, just want to digest a while.
Otherwise, all is well.


Anonymous said...

There are not many more words to say, as it
has all been spoken by you dod, as well , as yhe insightful views of all above.
The victims of this tragedy.. oh, with all
my heart I hope for them a moment of peace and
faith.. their pain, has got to be devastating
and horrific.There are no excuses for those who
are now adults, and continue to use the
" bad childhood " cop out for unnacceptable
behavior .. we are far too lenient as a country
on those who commit crimes, in particular, murder. There does not seem to be a quick fix..
lots of work needs to be done on the current
" justice " system.. as it seems to me , the
innocent ones seem to never get a fair shake,
while those deserving of punishment seem to
get pampered and let off the hook way too easily. I also feel we need to have much tighter
gun conrol laws... another problem without an
easy solution.. yep, our nation is in deep trouble. Economy, health care etc... action
must be fast and furious, as we are heading into
this new year. Hopefully our " honest and unselfish" government will soon step up and begin to do the right thing..
Thanking you Sherry, for allowing us a forum
to express and vent our deep concerns. I will
continue to believe there is more good than evil, there is always room for hope and faith.
There can "never be enough " compassion.. but
our efforts must be directed to those of us
who are truly deserving, not the scum of the
planet who will never " get it ".
I did not mean to jump on my personal soapbox
here... but the wisdom and passion of all
on this page, warriors, evoke such a stream of
useful emotions I could not keep it to myself..
I wish for all a great day, positive energy flows so strongly here.. very wickedcool..
sign me,
Praying for peace...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, the above blogs and DRSES message says all that needs to be said. This happens over and over and the news media has to repeat and see who can do the job with the most ugly, glorified statements of what happened. Let it go all of you money hungry news media. What about the 8 marines that was killed in war, what about their families? Why not write about them and have some of the families on TV and find out their feelings. I do not know much about the Marines, I do know Nancy Grace was furious the news does not honor these young men and women who are giving their life for our Country. Yes Arizona needs to be talked about there is a time and place lets let go and honor these service men. My heart goes out to Gabby, her family and the families of the Judge and the others who was hurt and killed. My prayers are with them they will soon heal. My prayers are with the service men and women who give their life each day. God Bless Them and God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add another tidbit.. did I forget to
mention how awesome all of your faithful readers are ? I am proud to "know" such a great group of peeps...please excuse all the typo errors.. really can't type when I'm pissed off..
sign me again..

Anonymous said...

Taking time for me now, reading your blog late today and understand♥ Do not know what to say, or do except keeping positive thoughts for the Congresswoman and others' recovery, and asking for peace for those who lost a loved one in this senseless murder. Is "an eye for an eye" wrong, for me to be thinking right now? I think the swift justice handed out in the "old days" would be better for everyone. And I think there should be a 'good news' only station piped into every home, free of charge, telling the stories of all those who care, who live every day in peace and in love for their fellow man. I was thinking early today of the MS event. So many people live with such dignity and courage ... they are to be celebrated.