Monday, January 17, 2011

Cloud Riding

I'm riding the clouds to
for three days and three cities
of speaking there.

Whew, buckle your seat belts
here I come to a chilly state I'm thinkin'.

Coffee is hot, the four-leggeds have noticed the suitcase by the door ... They are staying close as I enjoy them and the coffee preparing to leave for the airport.

Thinking this morning of the only constants in life,
that of CHANGE...

Change is constant. As we live life richly, we are changed. Growth can be a painful process. Sometimes we change on purpose. Sometimes circumstances, events, life experiences change us without our consent. We may not like to admit it but, change can sneak up on us. While we are busy living, subtle influences impact us. The people we spend time with, colleagues at work,
family, friends, attitudes and situations.

Each influence our behavior, our beliefs, our habits.
This is a bit of a quagmire. We want to allow only the changes we choose or cause, yet there are times when we reflect on who we are, and what we have become and find ourselves perplexed.
When did this “happen?”
What has brought me to this place in time?
Who am I?
What happened to the me I used to be?
"Most people can look back over the years and identify a time and place at which their lives changed significantly. Whether by accident or design, these are the moments when, because of a readiness within us and a constellation of events occurring around us, we are forced to seriously reappraise ourselves and the conditions under which we live and to make certain choices that will affect the rest of our lives".

So, are we really making conscious choices? Are we even aware of these subtleties in ourselves? I see this most clearly as I observe usually buoyant people lose their resilience. Kind and caring people become jaded and less unselfish. I think we must pay attention to these changes in ourselves, no matter how small. We owe it to those we love to probe a bit and reflect the changes we see in them, whether good or not. If we speak with kind words, to ourselves, and the people we care about, we can explore these changes. We can make choices for ourselves. Perhaps we will readjust our attitudes, or become more self-aware.

If we make a choice to change, to grow, we can work toward that end. If we allow ourselves to change without purpose, we may become less or different than we desire.
Know that while change is inevitable, we prefer mindful change when it comes to the person that we are. The values we hold dear, the behaviors we like and admire in ourselves.

Even purposeful change can be a bit bewildering. Sometimes we set out to make one change and find that many shifts in our thinking or behavior has taken place. This change may be what we were after, or, well, something altogether different.

But change we do.

 So lets do it with the intent that we will arrive exactly at the place we want to be.

Yes, it may be a journey.

 It may be a challenge. But remember who we are. Take charge of who we intend to be. Be aware of the changes, the influences, and there consequences and rewards. It goes both ways.
Growth and change can be the wings that allow us to soar. Life does indeed change us.

Sometimes without even a bit of help from us. Sometimes for the better.

Sadly, sometimes for the worse.

 Let us be sure that the change we desire is the change we allow. Our brain is remarkable, it likes consistency...
"A brain that receives mixed messages will leave you with mixed messages"... Be clear and consistent in your messages that you give that brain of yours!

We are meant to be all that we intend. We are capable of causing the changes we desire. We are stewards our own lives. We must govern the changes, or be governed by them. Purposeful change is invigorating, is uplifting, and in fact, marvelous. These are the changes I wish for us all.

STep UP, be your best, in all that you desire, want, and dream ... >YOU are worth it... The change(s) are yours, buckle your seat belt... Life is quite the ride!

The fire is burning brightly with thoughts on the winds to all, all who gather here, and all who know who they are.

STOMP > rejoice, minute by minute that you are here.

Walk In Beauty,


Angie said...

Good Morning Cuz...I am so proud of you~~Going to good ole cold PA...better break out that fur you have been saving!!
Change is a good thing and is much needed to be happy~ God changed my life almost 3 years ago and I thank Him every day~I know HE has a plan for me and I am just following HIS steps and HE will know when I have completed the change I have been waiting for a long long time.
I hope you have an awesome time in PA~Those people will leave that conference in Awwww after listening to DR. SES speak the speak!!
I hope you all have a great blessed day~
I love you Cuz~~

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DRSES, I hope you are feeling stronger each day and your voice is clear. You say you are going to cold Pa.. congrats on your speaking engagements just take warm clothes and stay well. Here in Va. just heard we are going to have some more snow and ice tomorrow. Dont like that at all. Thanks for all of your words of wisdom this morning. Blessings to all. God Bless USA, God bless our soldiers and their familes and bring them home safe. Have a bright beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

Raining hard where I am,Hope you are flying well above the storm. Maybe Fl no raining yet.
Up and out early this AM. Planng on a wet but wonderful day! I am creating the change I desire in my life, day by day, thought by thought and action by action. Purposeful change... thanks for your thoughts. Be safe and celebrate the change your speaking will bring about in those you reach.

chris said...

Good Morning, Doc I do hope your throat is up to all that speaking! Change is all around us everyday--It's doesn't matter if we want it to or not.! Purposeful change, unfortunately those who don't like change or won't change become jaded. There are many people in the world who don't realize that decisions we make everyday affect us our whole lives. I think even the thunder god is agreeing with you! Wow we haven't had a day like this in a long time. Kinda nice tho-I do hope your plane leaves on time! talk to ya soon!

Irene M said...

WOW, what an intense and great blog from the doc this A.M. I wish you a safe and dry flight today, as we are flooding with rain.
Your change subject really hit me like a train.
It is a struggle each minute of each day, but to learn how and to keep the tools on board is the REAL key. Voice to speak in PA, they will be forever " changed " after you are done.
Love & blessings to all. FIRM

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Change, is a wonderful thing. Me, I have to work at the plan each day, each hour. When I have the blues and are thinking thoughts I should not have I get a good book, call a good friend and talk it out. Life can be very stressful I now know how to handle it much better. Your words of wisdom has sunk in and I think what would DRSES do or say. What can I do to change it, do something and go for the wonderful gifts we are given each day. Practice random acts of kindness. The smile and hug works wonders for me. I am so blessed and I remind myself each day of my blessings. Life is wonderful we just have to remember the good things and not dwell on the others. Thank you and have a wonderful flight and a wonderful session with those who need help and guidance. God Bless the USA

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, Have been working on baking today and freezing for the big bake sale. Got a hitch in my giddy and forgot a tray of cookies in the oven until I smelled the "too done" aroma. Just an ace short of burnt. So sad....
Hope you are to your first destination doc. I just know this entire week will touch many lives. You are an awesome teacher, with sage guidance. Love to you. Travel safe, rest along the way, and baby your throat. We wil look forward to anupdate on your travels.

Anonymous said...

be safe, have a wonderous time,
fortunate are those who will have the honor of
listening to you speak...
change IS a good thing when we take the reins
and guide ourselves to positive places..
forced changes in our lives, the ones in which
we have no say... may we learn to find the inner strentgh to make it all good in due time.
Been there, done that. Still working on changing
my day to day outlook to looking always on the
birght side, where the eagles soar and the
rainbows lead...
Have a great trip ! Hoping you feel much better,
Hugging my angels,
sign me,

Anonymous said...

just now got to read this. Yes change is inevitable. Sometimes we grab it by the bull horn and go with it, sometimes it swoops us up and carries us off and sometimes the change is out of our control and that is the kind we dislike the most....for we all like to be in control. :)
Am sometimes change takes away the very dreams of our heart without our consent and we must forge new paths and it is like going through a bramble bush, full of thorns and tears. Life is not always easy friend...but one thing for certain life always "is".
Be safe on the journey, the creator is speaking thru you.
hugs on the wind